AHL Lounge

AHL Lounge | Conception to Creation with Sonal Bhatia

By 21centuryweb | Updated December 1, 2021
AHL Lounge | Conception to Creation with Sonal Bhatia

Sonal Bhatia Interior Design (SBID) is a boutique firm indigenous to Mumbai. Named after its Creative Designer Sonal Bhatia who established this venture in 1998. Her finesse and expertise in design roll in with an experience of over 23 years in the field of design. She owes her skills of planning, space utilization, and site management to the firm she began her career with – Talati &Panthaky.

Beautiful Printed Wallpaper

An art, fashion, and Design Enthusiast. Sonal Bhatia’s prime focus is to create tailor-made spaces that resonate with the client’s personality which she integrates with her ideas and lookbook. Sonal adds that her frame of mind plays an integral role in the design process. She is currently intrigued by Emerald Green and has done one of her projects in Emerald Green and Grey. White is her all-time favorite and she confesses using a characteristic white marble in just about every project she designs.

Balancing Prints and Patterns

In cities like Mumbai utilizing minimum space to attain maximum functionality is paramount. Sonam vouches on massing and giving a unanimous look to the space in consideration. Giving a single color finish to the entire room will help enlarge the space and lend height too. But, things are a bit different when you are styling homes in Delhi where you have a lot of spaciousness. Your styling can be a bit more bold and dramatic.

Simple & Stylish

Evergreen spaces are winsome, and this is achieved through flexibility in design. She suggests the use of sturdy furniture and subtle walls that you can easily experiment with. White is the most beautiful canvas, and it is always versatile to style. It gives you numerous options to design during festivities. To add opulence and bling she suggests using quirky cushions and accessories. Look for longevity in design and create eternal interiors.

Swanky Glass House Design with Naturally Lit interiors

Sonal derives her inspiration from the look of a home, it’s planning and layout. Her primary focus has always been natural light. Allowing natural light and biophilia to enter rooms is necessitous as it is the key to peace and harmony. Blocking or masking of windows is a strict NO!

A beautiful bath area with a classy entrance

Lockdown had its own restrictions and collecting new accessories was way out. Sonal created this cute Dining wall with everyday things that she possessed in her kitchen. Check this one out for a quick dose of styling.


Sonal Bhatia and her team strike the balance between design, space, and color having designed various projects – From office spaces to private residences and niche studios to holiday homes. Harmonizing aesthetics with functionality is indispensable and it truly reflects in their projects. According to the Founder Sonal Bhatia, “Design impacts all our lives, in ways subtle and overt. From our phones to our coffee pots. every object is a function of design, which is more than just good aesthetics. It is also about how we use a product or design”.

Appeasing Spa Interiors

The SBID team is 10 members strong. The firm has associate partnerships in
Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi which allows them to execute assignments outside Mumbai as well.

Elegance Personified

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