Foyer area the most paramount area of the house is the focal point to any one entering your home. Hence you ought to add an exclusive element in the foyer to make it look alluring. Your foyer area has to be the best and here are 5 best foyer mirror ideas for you.

Mirrors are always a go to option in the foyer area. Mirrors always reflect light and make the area look bigger and brighter. Wall mirrors at the entrance of a house will serve both for decorative purpose and for you to look in at the last minute before you leave. Mirrors come in various design and sizes.

The general question usually people ask is how big should a foyer mirror be? Usually when you are placing it above a console table or a sideboard it should ideally be 8 inches less than the console.

Oval Wall Mirror

If you are installing only the mirror , then it can be a huge mirror in modern, venetian, contemporary or abstract design. Here are 5 best foyer mirror ideas for you to choose from:

Oval mirrors
Oval mirrors

The above venetian mirror style oval mirror, you can place it over a console or without. Anyways it will make the space look grand. Opt for this option if your interiors are venetian or contemporary.

Oval mirrors usually occupy less space so if you are having limited space then this oval mirror is ideal for you.

Rectangle Wall Mirror

You can also place a rectangle mirror in the foyer area of your home if your entrance wall is big enough. Rectangle mirrors being wider reflect more light and will make the room appear bigger and brighter. Opt for this type of mirror in the picture above if your interiors are modern.

If your interiors are venetian and contemporary there are many designs available online.

Round Wall Mirror

Round Mirror
Round Mirror

Round Mirrors also occupy less space and make the wall look decorative and appealing.

There are various types of mirrors like metal mirrors, venetian mirrors, decorative mirrors available. Entranceway mirrors have to be attractive and decorative as one sets an eye on it first on entering your home and it has to reflect your beautiful house.

Square Wall Mirror

Square Mirrors
Square Mirrors

Instead of just placing one mirror on the wall, combination panel of mirrors can be put in various pattern and designs. These simple square mirrors when placed in a combination of 6 look appealing and elegant yet adding a luxurious feel to the foyer area.

Once you get bored with this design you can also change the setting pattern of these mirrors.

Designer Wall Mirror

Designer Mirror
Designer Mirror

Adding designer mirror like this which is abstract in design with a modern look gives the small area of the foyer a wider look. These wall mirrors also create a wall art effect with the zig zag design on it. You can also place these in your living room for decore purpose.

Hope these 5 foyer mirror ideas help you in deciding the perfect mirror for your home

Sleeping is very important for our body and soul to maintain perfect health. 6-7 hrs a day are spent on the bed sleeping, so its important to ensure that you have the right bedding collection to ensure comfortable sleeping. So here is a buying guide for quilts, bedspreads and throws.

As a customer when you are browsing our bedding collection you will be seeing categories like bedspreads, quilts and throws.

We will help you to find the right bedding collection for your bed by briefing you about the categories.

So here is a buying guide for quilts, bedspreads and throws. What’s the difference?


white intricately quilted bedspread cum quilt

Bedspreads are bed blankets which are usually single layer (quilted) bedding which covers the bed and hangs till the bottom of the bed. So usually the four sides of the bedspread is fancy with scallops or beautiful designs at the edge. They are thinner than a quilt or a comforter. The quilted bedspreads are usually quilted with thin layers of cotton. They serve the purpose  by placing it on top of your bed with bedsheet underneath. The most widely used bedspread are the solid colour ones but many people prefer embroidery ones too according to the bedroom decor.

Some people can only go to sleep when they have a sheet on top of them. So bedspreads are the best choice. You can also use it for decorative purpose in your bedroom. There are reversible bedspreads also that are available.


A quilt has a filling of cotton or other fabric or feathers inside . There is stitching in various patterns and designs and this is the quilting method. Quilts main purpose is to provide warmth . They are usually thicker than a bedspread.

The traditional quilt usually have patchwork where pieces of fabric are joint together to form a quilt.


Tassel Knitted Ball Blanket Woolen Blanket Office Air Conditioner Leisure Blanket   Features:  100% Brand new and high quality. Quantity:1PC Material: acrylic fiber Features: Made of durable materials, comfortable, lightweight. It will create a warm and holiday mood wherever they are placed. Modern fashion style design, easy to match your sofa and other pillows. Suitable for every season Perfect for sofa, chair, bed, decoration and everyday use Occasion: Living room, Study room, Commercial, Home

Throws are usually knit ones, faux fur, fleece, cotton ones. We use throws for decorative purpose for adding colour and  texture to your room. You can ideally place them either on your bed ,couch or sofas. You can place a throw at the foot of your bed like a runner or lay it stylishly across the bed. For sofas you can frame it on its arm. One can also keep them stored in a basket for easy accessible use when the temperature drops.

Throws are usually smaller than a blanket. They provide you with that extra warmth and comfort when you are relaxing on the couch or chair.

The Victorian era got its name from Queen Victoria, who ruled England from 1837-1901. Queen Victoria was an emperor of the worlds largest empire. This era was known for its development in technology and productivity. Victorian homes are usually 2-3 stories with wooden or stone exterior. The victorian style of architecture and furnishing is very intricate and elaborately decorated. Here are few decor pieces which can be integrated in your home decor to spurce up your home in victorian style.

Bed Linens Or Bedspread

frills floral patchwork in pink bedspread cum quilt
Bedspreads with frills from Quilting Tree

Victorian bedspreads are usually in subdued pastel colours . The bedspreads are in laces, frills and lots of cushions on the bed . The victorian style of decor is flamboyant. To make your bedroom look victorian in style yet simple and easy to maintain. You can place a quilted bedspread with frills all over like the image above. The most important part of victorian styling are the bedlinen or the bedspreads. A beautiful and an attractive bedspread will give your room a complete cosy and vibrant feel.

Decorative Victorian Style Frames

Victorian Photo Frame

The victorian style of decor is usually more elaborate and stylish. So decorate your home with stylish frames which have beautiful carving and embossing on them. The victorian style of frames make the room look more luxurious. You can place a photo frames in a cluster on empty walls. You can also place a Photo frames on the bedside table beside your bed. Photo frames gives an instant feeling of a complete luxurious room.

Decorative Victorian Wall Mirrors

Mirror Venetian
Victorian Style Venetian Mirror

Mirrors are an all time favourite. Victorian style wall mirrors are the ones with bevelled edges and intricate detailing and carving on the edges of the mirror. Wall mirrors instantly glam up a room and makes the room look bigger. You can also use a victorian style wall mirror to decorate your wall. You can use it as a wall art piece. A victorian style mirror can also be coordinated with a matching dressing table design for your bedroom.

Victorian Furniture

Victorian Style Furniture

The victorian style of furniture is very elaborate in its designs and curves. For your home you can go in for lighter shades of colour in furniture with simple designs which are easy to clean and maintain in todays busy schedule. To make your room look more luxurious you can add upholstery of velvet, satin or brocade.

Here were few simple ideas which you can execute to spurce up your home in victorian style.

Thinking of imparting any of your rooms a makeover? You should always consider placing a statement show piece or wall mirror to hook attention. Wall mirrors have this marvellous ability of reflecting light back and making a space look colossal.

Few stunning round wall mirrors to decorate your wall.

Modern Round Mirror

A perfect modern mirror ideal for your living room , bathroom or bedroom. Mirrors add a glam quotient to any given space. The perfect selection of the most suitable wall mirror according to your decor is most ideal.

Venetian Mirror
Venetian Round Wall mirror

These venetian mirrors are handcrafted designer pieces. The venetian wall mirrors always give the room a royal and a classy look and feel. So if you are the type who loves everything venetian and classy then this one is for you..

Spikes Round Wall Mirror

Adding a metal bronze wall mirror to your home decor is a great idea as it will make the room more opulent. If your room is small, mirrors always make the space look massive.

Modern Mirror
Champagne round wall mirror

This is a small round wall mirror yet classy one. These small mirrors can be easily used above the washbasin to create a chic look to your space. Use it in your foyer as well just above the console to give a sumptuous look to your home.

Round Mirror
Venetian round wall mirror

Venetian mirrors always look stunning and classy. The baroque detailing in them makes it unique giving your home a grandeur look. Placing exclusive wall mirrors can be of multiple uses too. You can place these fancy wall mirrors in any of your rooms. You can use it as your bedroom mirror, living area mirror or your bathroom mirror.

These are few stunning round wall mirrors in metal ,venetian and modern style.

Home is a place where you spend the maximum of your time at, during this pandemic. But have you ever thought, how does your home decor makes you feel? Does it pass out a cheery environment when you are at home? Or its always a bit sour. Do you know an ambience of the house is sure to affect your personality and behaviour quite particurly. So if your house makes you feel gloomy during this lockdown, we come up with several ways to boast up your mood and how to make your house a vibrant home.

It’s no confidential information that your surroundings effects your mood, which is why it is so essential to ensure that your house decor ideas are full of positive and jolly atmosphere at all times. Many people listen to music to uplift their mood but have you ever thought of decluttering some items from your home décor and updating them with new ones or adding colour to your room wall arts or rugs?

When it comes to interior décor, there are various factors which contribute to uplift your mood in your house. So here are few decor ideas for a vibrant home with a ebullient atmosphere which could possibly be:

Modification of your room’s lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in interior design. You should always make sure you are making the finest use of artificial light present in your room to convey vibrancy and warmth in your living room, bedroom dining room or kitchen.

To achieve the optimal lighting in your home decor you can use a lighting lamp next to your bed which gives out a European modern look with maximum lighting next to your bed thus creating a vibrant home enviroment.

You can place a cluster of lights in your living room in a corner, to lighten up that dark space or draw attention to that space.

Sound To Create Vibrant Homes

This Phantom Speaker Stand Looks like a Tree Trunk

We believe that music can affect your mood vastly from uplifting your mood to when you are feeling low or want to vibe with your family or friends. Music doesn’t always need to be extremely loud while playing it on a speaker therefore we introduce you to Devialet Gold Phantom. This is a beautifully crafted piece of French engineering who guarantee to provide you with the unmatched clarity, depth, bass and silence. Music with the correct speakers do make an impact in creating vibrant homes.

Lose the bad vibes by amplifying your room with brighter and vibrant colours

The study of colours reflects that they not only affect our mood emotionally but even physically. Colours make a lot of difference in creating vibrant homes . As when the colour is transmits from the eye to the brain, the brain releases a hormone affecting the emotions, mind clarity and energy levels. Strong, bright colours and neon colours can have a powerful effect on emotions and you can do this by decluttering you old bed sheets and switching to quilts. Which consist of colours like bright pink, bright red, bright yellow and neon green this gives out an energizing environment to your home decor and make you feel more alert.

So here were few decor ideas for vibrant homes hope these were useful.

With the advancement of technology do you think the traditional style of seeing time has been replaced ? Certainly not !!! wall clocks are still popular in everybody’s house. By adding unique and exclusive wall clocks to your home you also create an additional style statement to your wall decor. Modern technologies like computer, cellphones and tablet may have made people look up to them for time but i still feel that the wall cocks will always remain.

Here are few unique and exclusive designer wall clocks designs which you can add up to your wall to create a wow factor in your house.

Hoashi Sparrow Clock

This Haoshi sparrow wall clock with a modern twist acts as a wall decor as well. These beautiful sparrows are of resin wood with utmost finesse. The grey and yellow hands of the clock reveal the passing of dusk to dawn with the passing of time.

Seiko Melodies In Motion

Seiko Clocks Melodies in Motion QXM371B

This melodious wall clock by Seiko is embedded with swaroski crystals. And every hour the dial parts open up and rotate playing 18 melodious music. There is also a light sensor in it , which stops it from playing music at night. This wall clock is readily available online. It is from a well known clock company Seiko.

Modern Designer Wall Clock

This metal and brass beautiful modern wall clock is a stunning piece to make any room look attractive. This modern wall clock has a german mechanism with a double frame and the hands of the clock are of calabo wood and the inner structure is of brass.

Koziol Silk Wall Clock

A very modern and stylish wall clock which you can place in any of your rooms be it kitchen, living room, bedroom or dining area. This designer wall clock is of plastic material of very high quality and finish. This is a german clock from a reputed company called koziol.

Modern & Round Station Wall Clock

This is a wrought iron finish wall clock in aged iron which can complement any room decor. The finishing of the wall clock is in antique and gold finish on the roman numerals. Youcan hear a ticking sound on the movement of the hands. The manufacturer of this clock Howard Miller founded in 1926 pays attention in detailing in these artsy timepieces.

Modern Cuckoo Clock

These classic white wooden cuckoo wall clocks from Kairos are perfect timepieces for all your modern homes. The cuckoo comes out every hour and makes a cuckoo sound which has a night mode. The cuckoo clocks are an all time favourite wall clock master pieces.

Traditional Wooden Cuckoo Clock

This traditional wooden cuckoo clock reminds everyone of the blackforest in Germany from where it came to be known. These German cuckoo clocks are always a delight to watch. They specialise for the intricate detailing in wood. These traditional cuckoo wall clocks is suitable for any colour room decor.

The kitchen is the most important room in the house, especially if you are the person who loves cooking. Perfect lighting makes all the difference in your kitchen. Lightings sets the mood and the perfect ambience of the room that you would like. From pendant hanging lights, cabinet inbuilt lights to ceiling lights are the various lighting ideas to illuminate the kitchen.

There are basically 3 types of lighting in a room:

  1. Ambient Lighting
  2. Task Lighting
  3. Accent Lighting

Ambient Lighting For Kitchen

Ambient lighting or top lighting is the main source of lighting in a room and plays an important part in indoor lighting. An ambient light diffuses equally throughout a room and not in one specific direction. Ambient light should not be the only source of light in a room. It can also be used as a decorative element also.

Ambient Lighting

Task Lighting For Kitchen

Task lighting implies lighting to a specified area of the work space in Kitchen. You can place task lighting right on top of the island table, lighting above the sink, Lighting just above the stove. So by adding task lights you can properly illuminate the area which is in use. So the various forms of task lightings are:

Pendant Lights or Hanging Lights

Table Lamps

Floor Lamps

But for kitchen purpose only pendant lights can be used.

Accent Lighting For Kitchen

Accent Lighting is also known as mood lighting. They are usually used to highlight few architectural features or can be set according to the mood and the environment. You can also use it to draw attention away from the objects that are not pleasing.

The accent light is the type of light that many people forget to install in their homes after task and ambient lighting. If you are not keen in installing extra lights you can use you already installed pendant or hanging lights and chandeliers as accent lights by installing dimmable switches in your kitchen.

Accent Lighting

The above mentioned were the three basic lighting ideas for the kitchen.

Add these elegant trendy home decor range by Ozel Homes to glam up your space. Ozel Homes is a premium home decor brand that includes stylish designs in mouth-blown vases and hanging lights (pendant lights), Venetian, and modern mirrors which you can also customize according to your requirement. They also have exclusive mirror furniture and it also showcases trendy bedding collection by Quilting Tree.

Here is an insight of the collection at Ozel Homes which is also available online.

Exclusive Mirrored Furniture

These mirror furniture will definitely glam up any space. These mirror furniture are suitable with any colour wall or furniture. These are exclusively designed at Ozel homes keeping in mind the minute detailing and perfection. These are all multipurpose pieces which are designed beautifully. The console table above is ideal for any foyer area whereas the chest of drawers is a multipurpose table which you can also use it a a dressing too. Mirror dressing table in modern or victorian design for bedroom will make your room glamorous.These are perfect home decor masterpieces.

Stylish Flower Vases & Hanging Lights

These gorgeous mouth-blown vases and attractive hanging lights top our list of favorite home decor items at Ozel Homes. You can decorate the flower vases with dried flowers or fresh ones from your garden. Flower vases are an ideal decorative element in any home. The beautiful hanging lights are perfect for any living room and also perfect for your island table lighting.

Beautiful Bedspreads

Perfect bedding is what makes the room look beautiful. We love these attractive bedspreads by Quilting Tree ( A premium brand in bedding) which is readily available at Ozel Homes. Perfect bedding has to blend with your bedroom and has to be in perfect combination with your room interiors thus making your room decor perfect. It also houses some cute bedding collection for kids as well. A necessity and an essential for every home decor.

Serving Wooden Trays

Serving Trays are a must in every household and also serves as a part of home decor too. Ozel Homes offers an exclusive collection of these handcrafted wooden trays with their exclusive designs. These are also an ideal gifts for your friends and family.

Cuckoo Clocks

Cuckoo clocks are an all-time favorite. Ozel Homes caters to almost 50 plus designs in cuckoo clocks. They are the leading sellers in cuckoo clocks in India today. These cuckoo clocks are also available online and are delivered PAN India.

These were few of the trendy home decor range by Ozel homes.

The Cuckoo Clocks originated in Germany, in an area called Blackforest. So the cuckoo clocks are said to be made from the wood of the Blackforest, so from there comes the name Blackforest cuckoo clocks. The cuckoo clocks are clocks that operate on a striking pendulum and a cuckoo bird comes out every hour with a sound like the common cuckoo’s call. Here are a few best cuckoo clock designs worth looking. Cuckoo clocks will always remain in vogue.

This is a beautiful colorful cuckoo clock with a couple figurine. Cuckoo clocks usually have the dial, the hands of the clock, and everything carved in wood. This cuckoo clock also has dancing couples dancing every hour. This also has a night mode so that the cuckoo doesn’t make a sound at night.

Cuckoo clocks are clocks that will always remain evergreen. The cuckoo clocks are known for their intricate craftsmanship. There is utmost importance given to the carving of miniature pieces in a cuckoo clock.

This is an elegant classic cuckoo clock with a bird on top. The cuckoo comes out every hour with the authentic cuckoo sound. This cuckoo clock operates on a battery instead of the traditional method of winding the clock.

This chalet cuckoo clock gives a classic and vintage look and feel to your room. You can place this cuckoo clock anywhere in the house like living room, dining room or bedrooms. Wall clocks are an essential part of our home. They also add a style statement to your room.

Cuckoo clocks will always remain in fashion they are evergreen clocks. The beautiful and the intricate design of these German clocks with minute carving are what makes it special. These cuckoo clocks has been favourite for ages.

So here were few cuckoo clock designs that are worth looking!!! So if you wanna check out more designs of cuckoo clock click here.

Wall mirrors in the bathroom are essential and a must-have accessory. Here are few very low budget bathroom mirrors for people who are always on a move. Like people having a transferable job and require low budget accessories.

Here we have shortlisted few wall mirrors for bathroom under INR 1800/-

This is an arch shape wall mirror with a minimalistic design element. This is a beautifully handcrafted designer wall mirror piece that will surely add glam to your bathroom. This frameless wall mirror has perfect finishing at its edges.

Adding glam to all your minimalistic bathrooms. This simple and elegant curved edges wall mirror has a clean cut finish. There is more visibility and clarity in this oval shape mirror. An ideal wall mirror for bathroom.

This is an evergreen design in wall mirrors for the bathroom. This egg shape oval design wall mirror gives more visibility when you hang it above a washbasin. And in a bathroom mirror, people usually look for total or full visibility only.

This is a regular rectangular wall mirror but comes with a twist as it has a wavy edge on one end. This wavy edging gives this mirror a designer effect. This wall mirror will give a designer feel for your bathroom. It will look perfect once you place it above a washbasin.

So here were few wall mirrors for bathroom under INR 1800/-