When you choose bedding, make sure you choose cotton. Our sleep experts tell you why.

It’s so frustrating when you’ve been tossing and turning all night. You wake up feeling groggy, stay groggy the entire day, make bad choices when it comes to food, and you ache to just get back to bed.

An easy way to ensure you get a good night’s sleep is to make your bed the most comfortable. Other than the size, the mattress and the pillows, making sure you have a bedspread, quilt and pillow covers made from cotton is essential. When it comes to your bedding, cotton is the absolute best. We tell you why.

It lets your skin breathe

cotton bedding

When we sleep, our body temperature increases. We sweat at night. You know that feeling when you wake up in the middle of the night feeling hot, sticky and yucky. Ugh. You don’t want that. Cotton bedding helps because cotton is a natural fabric. This means that it lets your skin breathe. Cotton absorbs heat from your body during the night, making sure you stay cool and dry. Cotton bedding is also the best for winters because it keeps you warm by retaining your body heat.

It lasts longer

Blue Cotton Quilted Bedspread

High quality cotton may cost you more, but it’s cheaper in the long run. Because it has a longer lifespan. Cotton is a strong, durable material. You can use it for years. Not replacing your bedding frequently saves you money. And lowers your cost-per-use. Also, cotton becomes softer with use. So good quality cotton bedding is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Lower chances of bacteria and allergies

kids bedcover

Manmade materials have a higher chance of collecting dust, bacteria and allergies. Synthetic materials like polyester attract more dust and hair, and can irritate sensitive skin. With cotton, you have a much lower chance of bacteria causing allergic reactions since it’s hypoallergenic. It’s great especially if you or your children have sensitive skin.

Wash and go

washing bedding

Cotton bedding is super easy to wash and use again. Just throw it in the washing machine and you’re good to go! This makes it a low-maintenance item that doesn’t need a lot of care and instructions. It’s one thing less to worry about! Make sure you wash your cotton bedding alone and not with other clothes. If you’d like, iron with a steam iron to get a few creases out.

It feels so good!

We saved the best for the last- there’s no better feeling than freshly washed cotton sheets. Cotton feels so great against the skin. It makes you feel relaxed and happy. And that’s exactly how you want to feel when you get under the covers each night, after a long stressful day.

At Quilting Tree, all of our quilts and bedcovers are made of 100% cotton. All of them are handmade in India. Because you deserve the best. Check out our massive collection at AllHomeLiving.com, pick your favourite, and get it delivered to your doorstep. Happy zzz’s!

Over time, your speakers will gather dirt and dust. If you’ve got kids, their sticky hands could make your speakers grimy. And you want to clean them, but you have to be careful. They’re not like other items of furniture or decor in your home. You can’t ask the bai to pocha maro them.

You have to use the right tools and clean different parts of your speaker correctly. No one wants to damage their expensive speakers and soundbars

For your convenience, in this article, we lay out a few things you can do to clean your speakers the right way. To make sure they look great, AND sound great. So read this to know how to clean different parts of your speakers.

What You Need

Here are a few things you’ll need to properly clean your speakers:

  • 2 microfiber cloths
  • A can of air
  • A lint roller
  • Warm water

Before you start, switch off and unplug your speakers.

  1. Using your can of air, blow away dirt and dust on the outside and inside of the speaker case.
  2. Wipe down the entire outside and inside of your speakers with a damp microfiber cloth. Use warm water and apply gentle pressure when wiping.
  3. Using the dry microfiber cloth, go back over the same area and dry the speaker.
  4. Now use your lint roller to wipe the grill. This will remove any dirt, grime or pet hair that’s stuck.
  5. Give the speakers some time to dry. It shouldn’t take too long as we didn’t use a lot of water. Make sure they’re totally dry before plugging in and turning them on. 

lint roller for speaker

Remember to never use harsh chemicals on your speakers. They could damage both the case and the electronics. 

How often you should clean your speakers

Speakers don’t accumulate dirt and dust like other furnishings. It’s okay to dust them off once a week, or once in two weeks. A light dusting using a microfiber cloth or a feather duster won’t hurt them. 

Cleaning the speaker cabinets

Your speaker cabinets can be made of different materials like MDF or vinyl. When cleaning them, always use a cleaner designed for that material. Avoid using all-purpose cleaners whenever possible. 

You can use two soft, lint-free cloths to clean the speaker. Keep one cloth clean and dry. Dampen the other with the cleaning solution. Start by testing your cleaner in an area you can’t see. If everything goes well, go ahead and clean the rest of the speaker. Wipe the entire cabinet down with the damp cloth,then use the clean cloth to dry it. Leave it for a few minutes to dry completely before reconnecting it to the system.

Cleaning the grills

Like the cabinets, always make sure you use a cleaner that’s appropriate for the material of your grill. Your grill could be fabric, metal, or even plastic. In most speakers, the grill will pop off the front. If your grill is made of fabric, remove it and lay it flat on the ground. Using a vacuum cleaner with a dust attachment, suck up all the dust and then replace the grill. If the grill is made of metal or plastic, you can use a cleaner designed for the material. Or even soap and water. Just make sure the grill’s dry before you replace it.

Cleaning the connectors

The connectors on your speakers are made of strong material, but that doesn’t mean they won’t need a little cleaning every now and then. In most cases, they’ll just need dust removed from them so nothing interferes with the connections. For this, use your can of compressed air to blow the dust off. You can also use a little alcohol and a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe them clean.

Cleaning the cones

This is the trickiest bit when cleaning speakers, as the cones can be made of very delicate material. It’s easy to punch a hole in them when you’re cleaning. Use a can of compressed air to blow out any dust or dirt. For a deeper clean, use a makeup brush and gently brush away any dirt that the air couldn’t take care of.

Final thoughts

A few times a year, try to give your speakers a deep spring clean. This will make sure they look great and function exactly as you expect them to. And with the right tools, it’s easy to do and will only take a few minutes of your time.By looking after your speakers, you ensure they stay in good shape and deliver great sound for many years to come.


Add beauty and depth to your living space with these stunning mirror furniture pieces.

There are so many reasons why mirror furniture is the best. It’s unique. It goes with everything. It brings better energy to your home. And with All Home Living, it’s customizable. 

Here are our top 5 picks of stunning mirror furniture for Spring Summer 2021. These furniture picks are for different rooms, in different price ranges, and in different sizes. Maybe you want to change up your bed this season. Or you don’t want to splurge that much. But you want something new and small, like a coffee table. We’ve catered to all tastes with these 5 picks.

And of course, if you want more, explore our full range of mirror furniture designs on the AHL website. All our mirror furniture is handcrafted in India, in our factories in Nagpur. We deliver these exquisite pieces all over India. 

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Top 5 mirror furniture picks to refresh your home this Spring Summer ‘21:

Nimble Stainless Steel Nesting Table

Nesting tables are so useful. They look clean and minimalistic standing together. And when you need them in different places, they’re easy to move and use. Pop one next to your sofa for your drink while watching TV. Add a cushion on top of one to rest your legs as you read on your favourite armchair. Line them up all together for snacks on occasions, for guests and parties. 

mirror furniture
The Nimble Nesting Table is a set of 3 pieces. The design is super clean and minimalistic, to give it that ultra modern look. It has a stainless steel frame and tempered glass top. The tables are sturdy, in varying heights. They look incredible and are super useful. 

Parisian Mirrored Storage Cabinet with Drawers

We all love a great chest of drawers, don’t we? They’re the perfect extra storage you need, in any room. Even better then, if they’re mirrored. Bring a little bit of Paris home with this Parisian Mirrored Storage Cabinet. It’s a wonderful combination of style and functionality with 4 drawers and 1 door cabinet with antique marble effect mirror panels. The geometric circle design sets it apart. 

mirrored storage cabinet
If you love vintage themes, Parisian mirrored furniture gives you that antique-y feel. Apart from the vintage vibe, this type of mirrored furniture is a great statement piece for modern and contemporary interior designs.

Moroccan Gold Mirrored King Size Bed

If you’re looking to give your bedroom a major makeover, we suggest the Moroccan Gold Mirrored King Size Bed. Part of the sophisticated Sahara range, this mirrored design is inspired by the ornate glitz of Morocco. It brings a sumptuous feel with an ethnic retro flourish. 

mirrored bed design
This bed is the height of luxury because of its size and looks. The headboard is a soft button tufted fabric in muted gold. The end board has Moroccan motifs in a marble effect with gold trim.  The rest of the bed frame is completely mirrored, down to the legs, to add to its regal look. You’ll definitely be bringing Arabian royalty home with this piece in your bedroom.

Venetian Mirrored Diamond Squares Coffee Table

Your coffee table is the heart of your living room. Making a change to this piece of furniture changes up your entire living room. Switch it up this spring summer with the Venetian Mirrored Diamond Squares Coffee Table

coffee table design
In a modern Venetian design, this piece will add a contemporary touch to your living space. Made from the best quality, clear beveled mirrors in a diamond and squares design, it’s a statement piece that’s sure to draw a lot of attention. 

Mirrored 2 Drawer Vanity Set with Stool

If you’re not up for making a drastic change to your bedroom, here’s a piece to liven it up. The Mirrored 2 Drawer Vanity Set with Stool will add a touch of elegance to any bedroom. 

Dressing table
With its classic clean lines and mirror panels, it’ll go with all bedroom decor themes. A brilliant reflection of your glamorous style, this vibrant vanity set lends luxurious elegance to your bedroom ensemble. A perfect mirror furniture for your bedroom.

Those were our top 5 mirrored furniture picks for the season. Which ones were your favourite? How would you decorate your home with these pieces?Don’t forget, we offer easy EMIs at 0% instalments and deliver all over India. Stay home, stay safe, and bring happiness home. 


AHL’s top home decor experts roundup the best picks in furnishings and tech for summer 2021. 

Blue waters in a swimming pool, the sun shining, and bright candy colours . Do you picture this when you picture a happy summer? So why not have these summer feels in your home, too? 

A few tweaks to your home decor items will make it feel bright and refreshed for the summer. Here are AHL’s top home decor picks for those summer vibes home decor ideas. 

Cotton bedspreads in cool colours 

pastel colour bedspread  cotton bed cover

Rejuvenate your bedroom with cotton bedspreads from Quilting Tree. Get them in soothing pastel colours or floral prints for that soft but fresh look. The cotton will make sure you have a great night’s sleep. And the pretty colours will make your entire bedroom feel light and summery. Cotton bed covers will always make your bedroom look perfect and complete. Always prefer a bed cover design which is machine washable so that there is hassle free maintenance. The bed covers tops our list of the most essential home decor picks.

A powerful juicer to stay refreshed 


There’s nothing like homemade juices and smoothies during the sweltering Indian summers. Having a powerful juicer like the Hurom H – AI Series Juicer with enhanced pulp expulsion function and smart control makes sure you can make whatever you like, whenever you like. The best part? Blending juice at home to freeze as ice lollies. Yum. A must in all the kitchen essential items.

Colourful pendant lights 

home decor ideas pendant light

It’s incredible how changing the lights can transform a room. Add more colour to your living room and dining area or your bedroom  by installing hanging pendant lights. Colourful ones in authentic Murano glass like these from Casamotion will add a great summer feel to the heart of your house. Hanging lights in the living room adds as a decor element making your living room more attractive and glamorous. Adding an attractive hanging light is our most best idea for home decor.

Change your cushion covers 

home decor itemsYes! It’s as easy as that! You don’t need to change your entire sofa or even your sofa cover. Changing your cushion covers will change the look of the room. Try these stunning ones in different shapes from our Talisman Collection. For a fun and quirky style that brings positive vibes in the summer. 

You can place these cushion covers on the sofa in your living room or on your bed in your bedroom. Just placing one of this cushion cover adds a style statement to your decor.

Bookshelf speakers for superior sound 

bookshelf speaker

Bookshelf speakers are designed to maximize sound in small to medium sized spaces. Get a pair like the Dali Opticon 1 which are small but powerful. And come in a cool summer white. 

They’re great for those smaller rooms like the dining area or your bedroom. Because what’s summer without great music filling every corner of the house? 

Final Thoughts 

vibrant food canvas art print

Remember, go bright and colourful in summer. Making changes in smaller pieces of your home furnishings like wall art, showpieces and cushion covers can make a huge difference. 

Browse through All Home Living’s vast collection of top home decor, furniture and home technology. And pick what you’d love to make your home summer ready. We deliver all over India. 

Let us know your favourite summery pieces in the comments from our top home decor picks above! 

 We break down what you need to know before choosing wall decor.

What you display on your walls can elevate your room’s decor, or make the entire room feel off. Here are a few tips from our interior designers on making sure you pick the right wall art design for your walls. Here are few wall art decor ideas. Ideas for wall art can always be creative and exciting which purely depends upon your liking and taste.

The size of the wall

metal wall art

How big the wall is will be the first factor you have to consider before choosing what wall art to display. A bigger wall will mean that you can either display one large piece of art, or a collection of pieces. They can even be in different sizes. A small wall may be more restrictive. One medium sized piece or a row of 3 will suit smaller walls better

The Aesthetic of the room

metal horse

Look at what furnishings are in the room. You’ll want to follow the same theme for your wall art, otherwise the room will feel cluttered. Pick a design element in the room and find something that matches that. It’ll pull the entire room together. And if the wall has any furniture resting against it, make sure what you hang above it goes with the furniture. Be creative in your wall art ideas when planning something for the wall.

Type of wall art 

black and white monochrome wall art

Don’t limit yourself to wall art paintings. You can choose from metal paintings, 3D metal art, canvas prints and more. And don’t forget that an oversized clock looks amazing as wall art. And if nothing else works, mirrors are the answer. Mirrors like the ones in the AHL collection aren’t just for your reflection. They come in intricate and unique designs, so they serve as pieces of beauty. And of course, they go with all types of wall decor themes. 

Mix n Match 

ceramic bowl1  ceramic bowl

Why not display a mix of pieces on your wall? Mix up photo frames, prints, paintings and other items like this unique piece of ceramic bowls. Keep a mirror as the focus point. Make it colourful or monochromatic. Be creative! That entire wall will become the statement piece of your room. 

Of course, the type of wall and colour also need to be considered. However you decide to dress up your walls, don’t overthink it. Let your personality and eclectic taste shine through. Art is all about your interpretation of it. So have fun and make your walls as unique as you are. Wall art designs can always be according to your taste and the room decor.Make your wall art simple yet creative!!

Save time and effort by sending these gifts online. And delight your loved ones when they get them.

By now, you’re used to shopping for yourself online. In this article, we give you a few great ideas to send gifts to your loved ones, online. All you have to do is put the address of your gift recipient, and they get an amazing surprise. 

Giving online gifts from All Home Living is super easy because we deliver all over India. And we won’t judge if the person you want to give your gift to, well, is you. 


Quilted bedspreads 

purple ruffle quilt

Everyone loves their beauty sleep. Why not make it better with a quilted bedspread? Quilting Tree has the largest collection of quilts. All of them are handmade in India, using pure cotton. With embroidered, solid colour, luxury and even kid’s quilts to choose from, you’ll love picking out the perfect bedspread for your family and friends. 

Hand blown Murano glass vases

Hand blown vases

We know what you’re thinking- vases, really? How unoriginal. But hear us out. They’re unoriginal when they’re just common vases. But at AHL, you’ll find THE most stunning vases in THE most stunning shapes and colours. Because these aren’t your ordinary, everyday vases. They’re hand blown vases from Casamotion, made in Murano, Italy.  So you’re gifting a piece of art, made using a decades old European art style.

Victorian photo frame set

victorian style photo frame set

These photo frame sets are the perfect no-brainers when you don’t know what to give. Because everyone loves displaying photos in their home. But displaying them in a frame set with the trademark design of the Victorian era, in pastel colours or gold, is super unique. Every set comes with 3 frames and an adorable trinket/ jewellery box. It looks gorgeous displayed on any console or dressing table. Your loved one will love it (pun intended).

WiFi Bluetooth Speakers 

bluetooth speaker

Here’s another idea for a unique gift that’s sure to delight. A wireless Bluetooth speaker. Music has become so important for us all nowadays. And being able to carry a portable speaker on which you can hear your favorite tunes in the best sound quality at an optimal sound level? Even better. We love the Denon Envaya Mini DSB-150BT Bluetooth Speaker. It’s waterproof, durable, with superior sound. This will be a gift they’ll never forget.

Evil eye cushion covers 

positive homes

Have a friend who has an exceptional taste in interior decor and whose house always looks incredible? Make sure nazar na lage. With an evil eye cushion cover from our new Talisman Collection. Jokes aside, these cushion covers will look great in any room. With their sequined design and bright colours in different patterns like round, waves and hexagon, they’re sure to be a hit. 

Soft Throws 

Green Woollen Luxury Throw

Throws are so versatile. You can drape one on your sofa in the living room. Keep one folded on the end of your bed. Or on your favourite armchair. Not only do they make a room feel cozier, but they’re also so useful. It’s so nice to throw one on your feet while watching Netflix. Choose one from Quilting Tree‘s collection for that friend who loves to be cozy. 

These were our picks for gifts you can easily choose and send in a few clicks. Head over to All Home Living’s website to browse your favourite home decor and home technology goodies. 

Let us know what you love to gift online, in the comments below! 


Highlighting 5 of the best and unique home theatre packages in our wide range of home theatre systems.


If you really want that cinematic experience at home, you need a home theatre system. There are many benefits to a home theatre. It gives you incredible surround sound, dialogues are crisp, movie soundtracks are clear. You can hear deep bass and low notes with equal clarity. They’re great for watching your favourite movies and TV shows. They make your gaming experience come alive. 

At All Home Living, we carry a wide range of home technology. From home appliances, to speakers, all the way to cables and accessories. In this article, we highlight 5 of the best home theatre packages for your consideration. This is a list of different price ranges and international audio brands to suit all homes. 

These home theatre packages are not only available in India, but we deliver all over India with FREE shipping. AND we have a 0% interest EMI instalment program. Let’s get started.

For the Home Cinema Enthusiasts: 5.1.2 Focal Aria 926 Speaker Package

focal aria

This home theatre package has everything. A pair of tall 3-way floor loudspeakers. Two-way centre speakers. Two-way in-wall loudspeakers. In-ceiling loudspeaker with a 6,5″ (16,5cm) flax woofer. And an amplified sealed, compact subwoofer. 

All of this means you get remarkable results, guaranteeing you a truly outstanding Home Cinema 5.1 system. Recommended for rooms measuring from 215ft2 (20m2) and for a listening distance of 10ft (3m).

Price: ₹776,000.00


The Mid-Range Ultimate Performer: 5.1 Dali Oberon 7 & 3 System with AVR

dali oberon

The DALI OBERON 7 5.1 Speaker Package is the ultimate performer in its price range.

It includes:

  • Dali Oberon 7 (Tower Speaker LR)
  • Dali Oberon Vokal (Center)
  • Denon X2700H (AV Receiver)
  • Dali Oberon 3 (Surround Speaker)
  • Dali Sub E-9F (Subwoofer)

The two 7″ woofers and one oversized 29 mm ultra-lightweight soft dome tweeter delivers the very best in deep bass and large room performance. Despite its size, this speaker is surprisingly delicate. It impresses with its ability to render any music style natural and lifelike.

Price: ₹350,600.00


The Best Compact 5.1 Home Theater System: Gallo Acoustic A’Diva SE with TR-3D Sub 5.1 

gallo acoustic

If you’re looking for a compact 5.1 home theatre solution, this is it. The A’Diva SE takes the 5” A’Diva design and includes a brand-new driver. This gives the speakers a performance level that’s unmatched anywhere in the micro-speaker industry. Included is a powerful 300 Watt TR-3D subwoofer, which gives plenty of “floor” for the rich, patented A’Diva SE sound. If compact is your goal, there is no finer 5.1 Home Theater system available than this one.

It’s a powerhouse Home Theater speaker system, surrounding you with a vivid, clear 3-D soundstage that remains stable regardless of your listening position. The sound is so full, and so rich, that you’ll think these speakers are 10x larger than they really are. 

Price: ₹234,000.00 – ₹501,000.00

The French Designed Miniature: 5.1 Focal Dôme Polyglass Home Theater

focal dome

Dôme is a high-end system made in France. It focuses on miniaturization as much as on high-tech. Dôme’s sleek and timeless design makes this 2-way loudspeaker suitable for all living spaces. Whether on a table, mounted to a wall or an optional stand. The lacquered finish gives Dôme a trendy look which blends in perfectly with a flat-panel display. Thanks to its near-unlimited power handling, Dôme produces a rich and detailed sound. Comparable to that of much larger and bulkier speakers. 

This package is composed of 5 Dôme polyglass loudspeakers and Dôme subwoofer.

Price: ₹175,000.00

Minimailistic & Stylish Speakers At A Great Price: Monitor Audio MASS 5.1- Home Theater System

monitor audio

Designed to deliver full-scale audio fidelity from compact, stylish speakers and a discreet subwoofer, MASS combines all Monitor Audio’s award-winning expertise with sophisticated looks. The result is a new level of performance for music, gaming and movie sound alike.

With the MASS 5.1 Home Theatre System, you can enjoy your own home cinema surround sound experience without breaking the bank or compromising the look of your room. Despite its size, MASS is capable of dynamic, room-filling sound. 

Price: ₹89,999.00

Which one of these home theatre packages caught your attention? Tell us in the comments below! 


How many speakers you need for your home, lifestyle and other scenarios ?

There are so many different types of speakers, surround sound systems, home theatre systems, bluetooth and wireless speakers. The Home Tech division at All Home Living boasts a massive collection of speakers from international brands. Looking through our range itself might overwhelm you. (Sorry, not sorry?).  

So what’s the right number of speakers for each room you will need? Our sound experts break it down. 

Movies and Television In Your Living Room

living room speakers

Television shows and movies today almost always feature surround sound. This means that to get that authentic sound and experience a full cinematic experience of movies, you’ll need more speakers for a home theatre experiance. Your best bet is a home theatre system with a full surround sound system, like the Dali Oberon 5 & 3 (5.1 System) with AVR. Because these home theatre packages have left and right speakers for both the front and the back, a centre channel speaker, and a subwoofer for low notes. This way you can be sure that you enjoy your movies and TV shows to the fullest. 

Music In Your Bedroom or Hall

in wall speaker

To enjoy your favourite music in its full clarity and glory, we recommend at least two speakers in your room. This is because some tracks make use of both channels- right and left. On-wall speakers are great for music as they provide high-quality sound without cluttering up your decor. They’re meant for medium to large rooms, and they disappear into your space. We love the Focal Aria SR 900 – On Wall Speaker (Pair).

You may also want to add a subwoofer into the mix to really feel that deep bass. If you have a larger room, you can add a second pair of left and right speakers, like the JBL Stage A 120 – Bookshelf Speaker (Pair). This will ensure the entire room’s drenched in sound. 

Parties In Outdoor Spaces 

If you’re having an outdoor party on your terrace or in your garden, you want your guests to hear the music clearly without it being too loud. A standard two speaker system won’t be enough. Especially if the area is big and you want the music to reach all corners. 

floor standing speakersWe recommend a minimum of four floor-standing speakers placed strategically around the party area. This will ensure your guests can hear the music without it being super loud in one particular area. And if you have a dance floor outside, (you lucky thing, you) keep your speakers close to it as you’ll want the most sound concentrated in this area.

Bluetooth/ Wifi Speakers & Headphones For Smaller Rooms & Travel

bluetooth speaker

For the rest of your house or for when you’re travelling, you want a speaker that’s powerful yet easy to carry. You can carry a portable Bluetooth speaker like the Dali Katch or the Denon Envaya Pocket DSB-50BT Bluetooth Speaker that can play music in any room of your home or your hotel room. And of course, make sure you have your favourite pair of wireless headphones for when you’re travelling. Or for when you’re out of doors and just want to shut the world out. 

Final Thoughts

So the number of  speakers you need will depend on the sizes of your rooms, how often you listen to music and watch TV, and how particular you are about your sound. And let’s not forget- your budget. 

And because we know just how unique you can be, we carry a wide variety of speakers in every category- from sound bars to ceiling speakers to integrated stereo amplifiers. From top-notch brands from all over the world

What’s more, we deliver all over India. And we provide easy instalments at 0% interest. And if all those choices confuse you, you can contact AHL Customer Support on WhatsApp number (+91) 9607929864/66/68 or email us at [email protected]

Getting the right sound for your lifestyle has never been easier.  

With these steps from our interior design experts, getting your balcony to look like the ones you covet on Pinterest is as easy as 1-2-3! 

Let’s all agree, it’s the Age Of The Balcony. The lockdowns made balconies the most important place of our homes. They’re the best way we can feel like we’re outside without having to step out of the house. 

And because of this, a lot of us redecorated our balconies. We stopped looking at them as a place to store old things and started looking at them as a vital part of the house. We made them look cozier, prettier. A space where we can spend a lot of time. 

balcony decor

At All Home Living, we’ve always thought that balconies are one of the most important places in the home. Done up right, they can function as many things. A home office, a garden, or just a cozy outdoor space to spend some downtime. And the size of the balcony doesn’t matter. Like any other interior space, it’s how you decorate it

In this article, our interior design experts show you the steps to make your balcony your favourite space of your home. 

Step 1: Make the Floor Comfortable

The problem with balconies is that the floor becomes dusty too fast. Then you don’t feel like stepping out into your balcony. It remains unused and a place to store old things. 

grass balcony

So then, your first step should be to make your balcony’s floor comfortable and clean, like the rooms of your home. You can either put fake grass as a full carpet in the balcony, or you can add rugs. The fake grass will make the space look green and vibrant. The rugs will make it look warm and cozy

rug balcony

Try a rug from Quilting Tree. They’re made of pure cotton, they’re machine washable, and they have sticky pads under to make sure they stay in place. Once your balcony’s floor is sorted and easy-to-clean, you’ll find yourself stepping into your balcony more and more. 

Step 2: Magical Lighting

Your balcony needs to be usable at night, not just during the daytime when there’s plenty of light. And lit up with beautiful lights, your balcony will be a joy not just to you, but to anyone outside your building, looking at your balcony. 


To light it up for the coziest ambience, we suggest hanging pendant lights from the ceiling. These will not just light up the balcony for relaxing evenings, but also look amazing. If it’s not possible to hang pendant lights, keep one or two big table lamps on a small console table. Hand Blown Murano glass pendant lights and lamps will add colour and beauty to your balcony. Make sure you have bulbs with warm yellow light in the pendant lights or lamps.

fairy lights

Once you’ve taken care of the major light source, you can think of decorating the balcony with fairy lights. This will add a magical touch to the space.


Step 3: Decorate!

Now that you’ve got the floor and the lighting sorted, it’s time to make your balcony as unique as you are. Remember that furniture is not just for your rooms. You can add furniture to your balcony, too! 

A comfortable armchair in one corner if you have the space. And a coffee table in front of it so you can have your tea or coffee while watching the sunset. Here’s a tip- use mirrored furniture because this will be the easiest to clean dust off of. 

decorAdd furnishings and decorations to your balcony once you’ve added seating. A wall mirror will make the space feel bigger than it is. Plants will make it look lively. Place pretty cushions on the armchair and on the floor. 

The Last Step That No one Thinks Of: Add a speaker! Whether it’s a wireless bluetooth speaker, wall speakers, or floor speakers, you’ll transform your balcony into a wonderful haven with your favourite music filling the space. 

And there you go! You have a stunning balcony done up in no time. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Make sure you add a few of our pieces from the Talisman Collection. Because you know, nazar na lage! 


Top factors to consider when choosing bedspreads and quilts for yourself and your loved ones.

In one of our recent articles, we talked about how a few tweaks to your home decor can aid in better sleep. Because like food, sleep is one of those essentials that contributes majorly to living well. When you sleep better, you function better. You’re happier, you make better decisions, and what’s more, you look good. Then, what you sleep on is one of the most important furnishing items in your bedroom. Because that has a direct impact on your seven hour REM sleep.

The design experts at All Home Living know the value and importance of good sleep, which is why we have a dedicated brand for bedding and furnishing called Quilting Tree. Keep reading to know how you can make better choices when choosing your bedding, and why the right bedding makes the perfect gift, too.

Bedding Material

When choosing your bedding, the first thing to look at is the material. Make sure you’re choosing bed linens in natural material. 100% cotton sheets are the safest because cotton is a breathable fabric with low chances of allergies. Man-made materials like poly cotton attract more dust and can cause skin allergies as they have chemicals in the material.


At Quilting Tree, all our quilts, bedspreads and pillow covers are made from 100% cotton, handcrafted in India, to make sure they’re healthy and safe. This means that you get a restful sleep because you have a natural cotton sheet under you. And you’re covering yourself with a comfortable, fluffy quilt, which is all natural and lets your skin breathe at night.

When To Change Your Bedsheets 

It’s important to change your sheets and pillow covers regularly. An average pillow can have more than 350,000 potentially live bacteria colonies on them. Change your 100% cotton sheets anywhere between one to two weeks.


If you’re not using 100% cotton bed linen, then you should be washing them every week, if not twice. Using the same sheets for a longer period of time without washing can give rise to toxic bacteria that can make you sick.

Did you know that because Quilting Tree bedspreads are made of unadulterated cotton grown in India, the sheets get softer with each wash? And those fluffier cotton sheets feel so good!

Styling Your Bed

It’s not just about how your bedding feels, but about how your bed looks. Because your bed is the focal point of your bedroom’s interiors. The bedding you choose affects how your bedroom looks and feels, and how YOU feel. Let your choice of bedding reflect your unique personality and taste. So when you go to bed or even enter your bedroom, you breathe a sigh of contentment at the sight of your gorgeous bed.


And because all of us have such unique tastes, preferences, room sizes and living arrangements, Quilting Tree has one of the largest collections of bedding in India. To satisfy every type of Indian out there. From elegant solid colours to pretty florals to luxury quilts to simple manly prints and patterns, choose what makes you happy.

The Price Factor 

Of course, price is one of the main factors in choosing a bedspread and quilt set. Maybe you find high quality bedding, or Quilting Tree bedding to be on the pricier side. But remember that buying good quality sheets which you use every single day, is not an expense. It’s an investment.


Because of your cost-per-use. You’ll be using your bed linens for several nights a year. Maybe 100, maybe 200 nights a year. Your per night cost is very low. You get better sleep, and that luxury hotel feeling every single night. Now that’s worth a lot!

Gift The Gift Of Better Sleep 

Once you’ve experienced the luxury and comfort of Quilting Tree bedding, you’ll want to gift them to everyone you love. Everyone uses bedsheets, so they’re a safe bet for gifting. Choose a bedsheet or quilt based on your loved one’s personality, and we guarantee you that your gift will be thoroughly appreciated.

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Are you ready to gift yourself and your loved ones the gift of premium sleep and a gorgeous-looking bedroom? If yes, explore Quilting Tree’s collection of bedspreads. And let us know your favourite ones in the comments below!