The curation of this 3 BHK home by Sarah Sham of Eesajees Atelier is an elegant mix of style, texture, and pattern. A punch of custom-made Bharat Floorings is the highlight of this project and the redesigning of each room is uniquely utilizing these. Elemental and ethereal furniture coalesce well with the medley of tiles in this home.

Shahid Datawala Photograph adorning a sleek console – Click on Photo for Zoom

Greeting you at the entryway is a monochrome click by Shahid Datawala. The sleek black console and Photo frame fuse together to give a classic and artful appeal. Augmenting this appeal are fluted glass panels that serve as a partition to the dining area.

Living Room – An Artful Olio

Artsy decor selection by Sarah Sham makes for a tasteful Living Room – Click on Photo for Zoom

Terrazzo cast in-situ flooring leads you to the Living Room which is a mélange of tasteful decor. Adorning the textured wall is a photo series by Shahid Datawala. Against which is set an opulent white sofa with brass detailing from Eesajees Atelier. A cluster coffee table makes for a statement piece in this living room on a surreal rug.

Dining Room – Simple & Eclectic

Captivating elements of the Dining Room – bottle green sideboard with hive tiles art – Click on Photo for Zoom

The terrazzo flooring continues into the dining room which includes a simple glass table with eclectic seating in black and white. A bottle green sideboard with a touch of brass is a captivating feature in the dining room. Adorning the walls is a vibrant hive shape art done on tiles by Thukral and Tagra that wonderfully unifies with the sideboard.

Master Bedroom – Eccentric Tile Play

Eccentric use of tiles on the wall in the Master Bedroom – Click on Photo for Zoom

The master bedroom features an offbeat styling of the Terrazzo tiles. Innovatively using them on the wall Sarah Sham induces a striking aspect to this space. Custom bed and side with luxurious upholstery complete the look for a calm and fresh bedroom.

Daughter’s Room – A Fresh Visage

Pastel Tiles and a mint green head board giving a fresh vibe to this room – Click on Photo for Zoom

A beautiful pastel palette in the daughter’s room conveys a sense of serenity. Sham has made the small space to appear larger with a floating bed suspended from the ceiling and contiguous tall mirrors . Custom-made terrazzo lights by Jade studio adorn the bedside. Getting the pastel act together are the hexagonal pattern terrazzo tiles and fluted full-length mint green headboard. A hint of mint is also seen on the shelves above the sleek study accentuated with Eesajees scissor accessories.

Son’s Room – A Pop of Color

Nordic Tiles and elemental furniture with just the right pop of red – Click on Photo for Zoom

You can’t miss the Nordic pattern tiles in the son’s bedroom that perfectly team up with the simple and clean furniture. The son’s love for red has been mindfully incorporated into the headboard and blueberry upholstery adding a dash of color across the light-hued room. A custom-built bookshelf and desk in a dark wood finish with a pendant light above add a functional zone to the room.

The artistic curation of this 2100 square feet abode by Smita Thomas of Multitude of Sins hinges on the client brief of creating a stylish cosmopolitan weekend pad. In order to reflect the personality of the adventurous jet setter client and his intriguing brief, Smita decided on a city-inspired look. While the rooms envisage his favorite cities London, New York, and Sydney, the Living and Dining area seem like meandering the streets of these iconic cities.

Foyer Area by Multitude of Sins
The velvety green foyer with an array of mirrors and dual tone flooring

Vivaciously greeting you at the entrance is a sea-green wall with an array of mirrors and dual-tone flooring. The long passage leads you to the Living and Dining Area that derives inspiration from life-size street murals.

Artist Shunnal Ligade’s painting that depicts London during the ’60s is a captivating feature in the Living Room. And the Dining Room takes a hit with a lovely street sign tile art that takes its inspiration from the mosaic murals of the NYC subway. The rough and concrete finish of all rooms with elemental furniture and contrasting hues are enticing.

Velvety Green Bar with Mirrored Cabinet curated by Smita Thomas
British Pub appearance bar with Mirrored full-height cabinet

Weekend pads are all about fun and entertainment. To perk this up is a bar influenced by the traditional British pubs. The focal point of the bar is a full-height mirror cabinet that adds grandeur.

The NYC Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom depicts NYC with a bold and industrial look. Statement leather furniture against concrete gray walls with bespoke pendant lights and neon lamps deck up this NYC bedroom. Steel elements with artsy decor and a subway map on the wall are a highlight of this bedroom.

Sydney Inspired Bedroom
Aesthetic Sydney inspired Vintage Bedroom

The Sydney Inspired Guest Bedroom

Giving the Guest Room a Sydney spark is the Sydney harbor bridge toll ticket imprinted on weathered grey timber. Distressed finish doors in Bondi blue with sleek furniture and ornate glass lights complete the decor of this simple yet stylish bedroom.

Guest Bedroom Influenced by London

Stirring up the spirit of London is the second guest bedroom that features vintage furniture with olive green, mustard, and gold upholstery. Brass lamps and a traditional rug add a vintage touch to the bedroom while the printed chair and modish chest of drawers add a happy vibe. The dark grey palette of this room with an offset of muted tones is a classic interpretation of The Beatles in their iconic Sgt. Pepper Pantsuits.

The Big Jet Plane project beautifully reflects the personality of its owner and makes for a perfect weekend pad to unwind yourself. You can get in touch with Smita Thomas of Multitude of Sins to create an abode that will tell your own story.

Instagram: @MultitudeofSins

Eshita Marwah’s conceptualization, the Happy Haven is a 1700 square feet abode for a young couple in Surat. Breaking through walls and making enormous civil changes to revive and modernize this 25-year-old built apartment was an intriguing challenge for e-Aesthete.

The naturally lit Living and Dining Space with aesthetic furniture

An entrée into The Happy Haven

The bright blue entrance instantly sparks your mood inviting you to an open plan Dining and Living Room. The arduous civil changes by e-Aesthete has given the home a lavish appeal. The subtle integration of spaces with walnut wood finish, featuring eclectic furniture reflects style and comfort.

Coordinating Living and Dining Area
An asymmetric wooden table with elemental stools

The Dining Room features a beautiful Asymmetric wooden table with elemental stools. A wooden paneled window gives access to the kitchen in the vicinity. The living room coordinates with the dining owing to the pair of beautiful wooden folding chairs. The highlight of this home is the vibrant and rustic storage trunks utilized as decor pieces by Eshita Marwah. Painted in bold colors these trunks occupy different corners of the home and give the home a quirky charm.

The beautiful space curated by Eshita Marwah
The folding door is an alluring partition to the inner space

Set Foot into the Inner Space

Having the wherewithal of an open plan layout the home features a huge folding door that connects to the other areas of the home. The kitchen is done in white with checkered walls, and an island table with high chairs for a quick breakfast or tea makes for a classic appeal.

Kitchen with island table
The kitchen island with bar chairs

The doors open up to a tastefully curated space with rustic and modern elements that blend in perfectly for a young couple. Accentuating the home are different styles of light fixtures in every space.

Alluring light fixture by e-Aesthete
Eclectic and vibrant trunks as home decor

The Lounge area captures sunlight in abundance. Dressed in neutral hues this space is marginally elevated from the rest. Floor seating with cushions elevates the comfort factor of this room making it the perfect space to relax and unwind watching your favorite Netflix series.

Naturally lit lounge area with full length curtains
The cushy and comfy Lounge Area

Remodelling the bathroom into a chic and elegant space with dull gold fittings and an over all marble finish has given the bathroom a royal touch.

A royal touch to the bathroom using marble and gold fittings
A royal touch to the bathroom with dull gold sanitary fittings.

e-aesthetes designs do not follow a particular style yet offer the best timeless aesthetic designs conforming to the requirements of the client. Loving the space? You can create your dream abode too by e-Aesthete.

Contact e-Aesthete

Good vibes and positive energy is all that you want in these hard COVID times. Everything around us is made up of energy, when you walk into a home with vibrant paintings on the wall don’t you feel energized? Doesn’t a perfect bedroom with lots of indoor plants bring tranquil vibes? I believe even the very thought of it does. Lets bring positive energy home by beautifying our abode with these exquisite and sprightly picks from All Home Living.

1. A Vivacious Wall Art

canvas painting
A vibrant canvas art painting on the wall can instantly energize you.

The wall art in your room not just speaks about the style of your home and the personality of its inmates but it also exudes energy. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, a vibrant painting on the wall is sure to invigorate its viewer. An ethereal wall clock like a black forest cuckoo clock will also enliven your spirit. And how about motivating yourself with some inspirational quote frames on your bedroom or study room wall? Hang on to the positive energy once you implement these easy wall art ideas.

2. Vases blooming with flowers and greens

flower vase
Colored Glass Vases for indoor flowers and greens

Nature as we all know is the strongest source of positive energy and since we may not have all the time to spend time outside amidst why not bring nature into our homes. Indoor plants can give life to your room and refresh you too. Place these indoor plants in vivacious pots and planters to add more energy. Flowers and greens can calm your thoughts and energize your spirits. Drop them in some colored glass vases to enhance their appeal. and surround yourself with positive energy.

3. A Statement Piece

Large Evil Eye Pillow positive energy
Eye catchy Evil Eye Cushion Cover to ward off negative vibes

Some pieces in a home can instantly bring a smile to your face. A mirthful family pic that is placed in a decorative table frame or hanging on a wall can instantly de-stress you. Evil Eye is also an attractive talisman that wards off the negative energy in a home. The huge round discs are available all over the market but for an aesthete exquisiteness is key and the evil eye design cushion covers from the Talisman Collection are worth a buy. The elegant cushion can add charm, good vibes, and positivity right away

4. A colorful and patterned Quilt in the bedroom

stripes patchwork bedspread cum quilt
A colorful bedspread to enliven your mood

Colors and Patterns can positively change your mood. While changing upholstery or wall colors is not simple as ABC buying a pretty patterned and colorful quilt is! The color and print revitalize your room and the cushy quilts offer extreme comfort.

5. A good quality Bluetooth speaker

bluetooth speakers bring positive energy
Music to soothe your soul. Bluetooth speakers from marshall

Sometimes good music can get you through everything. For good music you need state-of-the-art speakers that can deliver some great quality music. The speakers today offer great style and functionality and are a must have in your homes. You can begin and end your day with music you love or meditate with music that soothes the soul. Positive vibes in abundance I say!

Mumbai, the city of dreams and the wealthiest city in the country is home to the highest number of millionaires in India. Undeniably it is the land of the most expensive homes in the country, homes costing not less than a billion. Leaf through this post to discover the owners and specifics of these palatial residences which happen to be important landmarks of the city.

1. Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia

An Indian billionaire businessman and the 10th richest man in the world as of March 2021 Mukesh Ambani moved into Antilia in 2012. We are all aware of this skyscraper mansion which is one of the largest in the world, and the second-most prized residence after Buckingham Palace.  Located at Altamount Road, Cumbala Hill this magnificent private home has 27 floors (equal to 40 storeys because of extremely high ceilings)  and is spread across 40,000 square feet. A temple, spa, swimming pool, health centre and terrace garden is imaginable in this palatial house, but the mind-boggling amenities include 9 high-speed elevators, three helipads, a 50 seater theatre, and a garage capacity of 168 cars. High-maintenance indeed, this deluxe home demands 600 staffers. Antilia can survive an earthquake with a magnitude of 8. The conceptualization of this luxurious home takes inspiration from Lotus and Sun and utilizes marble, crystals, and mother-of-pearl.  The world’s most expensive private home Antilia is valued at $2.2 billion as of May 2020.

The most expensive home in mumbai

2. Ratan Tata’s Retirement Home

An epitome of poise and humbleness Ratan Tata’s plush home facing the Arabian Sea is a true reflection of his personality. 20 minutes away from Bombay House, the headquarters of Tata Sons the luxurious and serene white bungalow covers 13,350 square feet of land and is valued at Rs. 150 Crore. The white walls and ceilings with all-embracing glass windows give the best view of the Arabian Sea making this paradisiacal and tranquil home the best for post-retirement. The 3 storeyed home’s highlights include a well-equipped gym, state-of-the-art media room, a sun deck, an infinity pool that accommodates 50 people has a bar and barbeque space. The basement can shelter 10-12 cars at any given time. Befitting Ratan Tata’s graceful personality the colonial architecture and tranquil interiors of this retirement home are simple yet opulent.


Ratan Tata's All white cabin house at colaba

3. Kumar Manglam Birla’s Jatia House

Kumar Manglam Birla, the fourth generation head of Aditya Birla Group was the highest bidder for the lavish Jatia House in Malabar Hill which was originally built in 1950. Agreeing at a whopping Rs. 425 Crore Birla outbid 5 of his rivals for the sea-facing 30,000 square feet Jatia house, one of the most expensive homes in Mumbai. With lush greenery surrounding the home and bedrooms facing the sea, this house is veraciously luxurious.


Jatia House bought by Kumar Manglam Birla

4. Isha Ambani & Anand Piramal’s Gulita

Acquired by the Piramals at Rs. 450 Crores from Hindustan Unilever the Gulita stretches across 50,000 square feet. Post their wedding Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal moved into the diamond-themed Worli sea-facing bungalow which was built by 1000 people working relentlessly for 24 hours. The upscale home is currently valued at Rs. 1000 Crores and accommodates a swimming pool, three basements, several lounge areas, and has space to park 20 luxury cars.

Piramal's Worli Sea facing Gulita House

5. Gautam Sanghania’s JK House

Jk House is an iconic property in South Mumbai’s Breach Candy area. Owned by the chairman and managing director of Raymonds this 37 storeyed building is the second tallest private residence after Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia.  Another amongst the most expensive homes in Mumbai, the home shelters a museum, two private swimming pools, a recreational center, a gym, spa, and a helipad. The highlight of this tall palatial building is the 45-ft high marble canopy of his grandfather Lala Kailashpat Singhania that sits outside the JK House.

Gautam Singhania's JK House

6. Cyrus Poonawalla’s Lincoln House

Bedecked with the most luxurious amenities the Lincoln House was originally built by British Architect Claude Batley for the Maharaja of Wankaner. Mumbai’s most expensive property, the Lincoln House was purchased by Pune based industrialist Cyrus Poonawalla for a gargantuan value of Rs. 750 Crore. Spread across 50,000 square feet the property includes an open land with sea-facing backyard.

Poonawalla's Lincoln House

7. Shahrukh Khan’s Mannat

The King of Bollywood’s abode is yet another amid the most expensive home in Mumbai and is currently valued at Rs. 200 Crores. The plush sea-facing mansion in Bandra is certainly fit for a king. Shahrukh eyed this bungalow since the shooting of Yes Boss in 1997 and purchased it in the year 2001. A grandiose black gate entry to the 6 storeyed mansion gives you a glimpse of the white heritage villa with neo-classical elements. Housing multiple bedrooms, a gym, pool, and a personal auditorium along with a host of studios and offices this home is one of the most popular in the world.

Shahrukh Khan's Mannat

8. Amitabh Bachan’s Jalsa

Of his five plush houses in Juhu, Mumbai, Jalsa was a ritzy gift by Director Ramesh Sippy to Amitabh Bachan post the completion of his movie Satte pe Satta. This 10,123 square feet bungalow is priced at Rs. 112 Crores and has impressive interiors. For more than three decades Senior Bachan has been practicing the ritual of greeting his fans every Sunday from his Royal Residence.

Amitabh Bachans home Jalsa

Located in Hyderabad – the city of Nizams, here is an unconventional design of a boutique jewelry store. The ideation and conceptualization of this 3-floor luxury store by Vaishnavi of VAL Atelier is a quintessential example of exquisiteness. A design of refined taste, every fraction of this store spells grandeur. The outset of metallic gold, which is a key feature of the store’s design, can be seen right from the entrance. The name board along with the logo which also forms the door handle design.

All Home Living walks you through this classic design by VAL Atelier.

First Floor – The Celestial Look

Ethereal Design in marble, velvet, and leather

Each floor royally invites you with its Grey Italian marble flooring. The cynosure of every eye on entering the 1st floor is the magnificent black St. Laurent Marble that anchors the pretty logo in Gold. The element of gold is not just found in the beautiful brass and metallic light fixtures but also in the hardware of every piece of furniture designed by VAL Atelier. From seating to the coffee table, to countertops, to the little ottoman at the corner.

The first floor imbibes an earthy hue with Sacramento Green and beige complementing the marble. Marble countertops are adorned with leather and cross-stitch detailing. The floor looks ethereal with grand velvet, suede, and leather upholstery. Each piece of furniture has its own distinct style but combines to form an admirable celestial look.

Second Floor – Bringing in Nature

Stepping onto the next floor of this VAL Atelier design is surely going to give a surreal vibe with beautiful blush pink upholstered furniture. The spotlight on this floor is definitely the nature inspired green wall that augments the look of the precious jewellery displayed on it through glass window boxes. Another creative jewellery display is on the other corner of the space with pretty blush pink pedestals of varied heights holding the jewellery designs.

The floor also accommodates a lounge area overlooking the road. The mix of coffee table and chair designs in dusky pink creates an alluring corner to relax.

Third Floor – A Private Affair

The last floor entertains VAL Atelier clientele who wish to shop in privacy. A chic and ornate space with artsy metallic gold lights of every form. The pretty pendant light hanging on the countertop, the standing light at the corner, and the geometric wall fixture embellish this floor. A cushy lounge is made to relax and make your selection.

The separation of spaces is beautifully done through wooden bars and mirror panels. A modish office is also put up on the last floor.

Val Atelier’s conceptualization of this luxurious boutique is a sure design inspiration for retail stores. Explore their work and design @val__atelier

Within the hustle-bustle of Mumbai, Kasturi Relekar designs a private, calm, and aesthetic dwelling for the creative inhabitants and their young son. A contemporary space with a streak of Indianness, art-deco style, and biophilia represent the look and feel of this house that is truly inviting. The conceptualization of this 1650 sq. ft. apartment at Rustomjee Paramount was done keeping in mind the likings of each of its occupants, and still and all creating a unified style.

An expansive Living Room combined with dining at the heart of this residence has a vital spark. Exhibiting great style with its artistic wall accents and simple furniture that has traces of gold in different forms. The traditional bench swing provides an elegant partition to the living and dining area. This room is a perfect welcoming space with multiform seating for the comfort of all. The subtle hued upholstery with a profound use of colors is timeless, and evince the cheerfulness of the family. 

Home theatre decor with neutral hues and minimal furniture
A chic Home-Cinema experience with classy interiors

A walk into their home theatre unfolds an esthetic room with exquisite wall paneling that creates a perfect backdrop for an impeccable home-cinema experience. With just the right amount of natural lighting penetrating into the room, this space with its sheer minimalism defines elegance.

Powder Bathroom design with stone washbasin
Stone washbasin enriching the look of a basic Powder Bathroom

Replacing the mundane ceramic washbasin with a stone washbasin has done a resplendent transformation to the Powder toilet. It has given the space an admirable charm. 

Bedroom for the elderly designed in an elegant fashion
Grandma’s bedroom designed with clean lines and simple motifs

Grandma’s room is infused with a blend of subtle hues and simple motifs. The clean lines of the wardrobe with a pristine toned wall and basal wall decor blend modern eclectic style with a classic touch. Trifling factors like the comfort of the headboard, the traditional rug, and a quick reach to storage relate well with the elderly in the house.

Master Bedroom in Earthy hues by Kasturi
Earthy hues with an attractive Teal Wall to magnetize the space

The master bedroom is interestingly designed. Complementing the black and brown veneer is a beautiful wallpaper behind the bed. An abstract headboard with colors from an earthy palette is a huge turn-on. The teal wall grabs your attention and breaks the monotony of the neutral hues. The rocking chair, bench, and sleek finish from end to end give this room a tranquilizing feel.

Boys Bedroom with sporty decor
Son’s Room dominated by Royal Blue

For his love of sports and reading, the son’s room has an edgy design. The upper bunk to his bed serves as a cozy reading corner, while the little passage beside the bed accommodates his sports interests. A lego effect wardrobe shutter resonates with his affinity towards the game. The brown veneer balances the royal blue, imparting a rich and elegant look to the room. Simple detailing in wood has resulted in smart and practical handles to the storage. Innovative use of linen, pillows, and curtains augments the style of this space.

While each room in the house is custom-designed the continuation and cohesiveness of the space is splendid. This house greets you with a lot of thoughtful layering, styling and use of soft furnishings that reflect the personality of its inmates.

Kasturi Relekar - Interior Designer
Kasturi Relekar

Kasturi Relekar has design experience of over 15 years. “We create spaces understanding Indian sensibility and soul while giving the user a unique experience. I believe in minimalism, where well-thought details serve function without losing their aesthetics. I appreciate clean and sleek design where form defines beauty, but I also believe that layering of materials and patterns is the key to achieving ultimate luxury”, expresses the lovely and creative designer.

Designed by: Kasturi Relekar Designs ( @kasturirelekardesigns )
Executed by: Racheta Interiors
Photographed by: Prashant Bhat

Gestating eclectic designs with refinement and responsiveness irrespective of scale and domain, are key to the projects he builds. Featuring in top national and international magazines for his impeccable style of design, his projects range from sprawling townships to urban scale master plans. Bringing more than 460 projects to completion under his able tutelage, he is the founder of the globally acclaimed Interior Design and Architectural firm AUM Architects. AHL Lounge has a dialogue with Ar. Manish Dikshit, whose passion and dedication for Architecture & Design are truly inspirational.

Living Room with Wall Gallery
Classic Living Room with an eccentric Coffee Table

This inspiring designer acknowledges Ar. Ravi Sarangan of Edifice Consultants to have been his greatest source of inspiration for his sheer magnificence of design and work ethics.

Colors and Shapes adorn this vibrant bedroom corner

Signature Style

Manish Dikhshit’s signature style has been evolving over the years owing to travel influences. Paying prime focus to innovation his inclination has always been towards classical and art deco style. He defines his style of work as “global Indian design”. An eclectic fusion of form, color, and materials helps in the creation of bespoke and diverse designs.  

Aesthetically Designed Bedroom

Pandemic Challenges

“The current situation bought with it a new set of challenges. Our firm would take pride in the timely completion of projects. But, the paucity of labor and material hit timelines once work commenced post lockdown. This was veritably a challenge we faced for a few months”, expresses Manish.  

A huge canvas - Manish Dikshit's favorite Project
Every Corner of this space exudes style

Favorite Project

“Fashioning the look of a chic 10 bedroom apartment was intriguing for the sheer volume of the canvas. Leveraging the immense faith and liberty bestowed by the client we collaborated with multiple artists and vendors to tailor an impeccable apartment utilizing quite a few mediums”, says Manish

Chic Bedroom Style
A simple yet charming Bedroom

Immersive technology is changing the face of design, assesses Manish. Today, the client can view his built and furnished space much ahead of time. This beforehand experience helps understand client’s requirements more effectively and brings out the best in designers too. Devising a sustainable lifestyle by infusing smart home technology is not just trendy but also the need of the hour, advices Manish Dikshit.

Simple and Elegant Bedroom Design
An Alluring Bedroom with geometric headboard

Aum Architects is a Mumbai based firm and you can build an elegant and timeless home by reaching out to them @aumarchitects or Email: [email protected]

Swati Goorha acquired the love for designing by dint of her travel diaries from an early age. Her creative work of aesthetically designed residences and commercial spaces are concentrated all over the US. A member of the prestigious American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), she actualized her goal by concluding her studies with an MS in Interior Architecture and Design at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

Swati strongly believes in attaining a sense of joy by giving back to the community. She donates her time to several nonprofit organizations and also volunteers to serve at charities.

Mix of Prints and Patterns
Grace’s House by Swati Goorha

AHL Lounge meets this designer with a creative vision to unleash her thoughts on everything style and design.

Interior Designing as a Career Choice

Architecture, color, art, and the environment intrigues Swati profoundly. Observing these elements at historical cities and sites while traveling with her parents would fascinate her as a child. This fascination soon transformed into a career choice as she grew older. The verity that interior design utilizes these aspects to create a space that affects the inhabitants inspired Swati to become a designer.

Interiors Images licensed to Swati Goorha Designs use only

Swati treasures becoming a part of her client’s lives while understanding their lifestyle and personality to conceptualize and create their space. “Each client has an individualistic style, and I respect that,” says Swati Goorha. The lessons she learns from each client are unique and give her a new perspective on building homes that suit the client’s personality and style.

Swati’s Design Inspiration

Extensive traveling is Swati’s greatest inspiration for her designs. She travels across 2-3 countries each year. “The more I travel, the more I learn, and the more I expand my perspective. The vernacular nuances in architecture and adaptation to local climate, culture, and geographical needs move me deeply. Be it an abode built of brick and mud in Morocco or the awe-inspiring Palace of Versailles in France, their functionality equally intrigues me”, expresses Swati.

Kitchen with Green Interiors
Classic Green Kitchen

Travel being an integral part of her life, Swati finds herself inculcating the historical information that attracts her in the most utilitarian and straightforward form in the modern homes she designs.

A Favorite Project

“Picking a favorite project is like picking a favorite child. You love all your children equally”, connotes Swati.

Bar Area with Eclectic Seating options

Swati meticulously makes her project choices. “The clients approaching Swati Goorha Designs firm are aware of our strengths and work style, and we take ample time to understand their requirements,” she says. This collaboration with their client helps them deliver timeless styles. Swati ensures that No design elements are repeated or replicated, and each of her creations is unique and spell individualistic style most aesthetically.

 Key Aspects in Designing a Home

“I like to create design narratives that tell the story of the people who live in the house,” says Swati Goorha. Some of the key considerations she mentions are the architecture and location of the building. The site also informs the design. “Mid-century modern interiors cannot be set in a Victorian house that would be incongruous,” asserts Swati.

Natural Sunlight in Dining Room
Utilizing Natural Light effectively

Each City and Country has its nuances based on climate, vernacular architecture, and distinct style and energy. These aspects are also taken into consideration while designing a house.

But as emphasized earlier, the most important aspect of design remains to be its inhabitants. The requirements of owners play an essential role as designing a home for singles or young couples is very different from designing a home for people with young children or empty nesters. We design for our clients, and we create a space where they can create beautiful memories and call home.

Midway Artsy Wall Accent

“We, as a firm, do not believe in following trends; good design is timeless. If you observe spaces created by designers like Alberto Pinto, Henry Samuel, Adolf Loos, they are still pertinent and eclectic although they were created ages ago”.

Stylish Working Desk

Design Advice for AHL Readers

“Invest time to adorn your space. Your home should always be a work in progress and change with you as you go on the journey of life. Nothing is constant. Your needs change, your taste changes, and your home should also change with you. Small-scale efforts like changing the wall color, adding new art, changing window treatments can add a lot of personality to your space”.

Swati genuinely believes that people should surround themselves with things they love and things that tell a story. Objects that you pick during travels, your grandfather’s antiques, or something truly unique. These objects will narrate stories each time you look at them.

Kitchen &  Island
Kitchen with Island

Swati does not believe in matching items and sets of furniture. “You don’t want your home to look like you stepped into a store and bought the products home,” says Swati. Spaces should be eclectic and curated. Furniture should be inviting and comfortable. Swati advises on selecting pieces, not just for their aesthetic appeal but also their practical use.

Swati insists on having fun and enjoying the experience of building your homes. Proceed leisurely and build your nest one straw at a time.

Know more about Swati Goorha Designs at:

How many times have you and your spouse brainstormed on what gift to buy for your little niece or a gift for your 10 yr old nephew? Hasn’t “best gift for boys” or “creative gifts for girls” been a perpetual phrase on your Google search every time a birthday for kids pops up?

Toys and clothes are bromidic gifts and you might even end up buying something that the kids already possess. If not something they already have, there are chances of you and his best friend turning up with the same toy or dress. Although the kids are really excited to see toys as birthday presents the excitement doesn’t last too long. And the greater reason being that the love for the toy fades away in a day, a week, or maximum in a month.

How about gifts that are everlasting, and the kid will cherish them for a long long time. No, we ain’t asking you to rack your brains! Here we are listing out some of the best ideas for gifts for kids of all ages. Things that may not last a lifetime but unconventional gifts that are interesting, distinguished, and will be unforgettable for the child.

1. Quilts & Bedspreads

Quilts and Bedspreads happen to be the most thoughtful gifts as they are utilized every day. Apart from being purposive, these are long-lasting too. If you are seeking these vibrant and comfy kid’s quilts then you ought to look at the wide range of bedspreads and quilts at All Home Living. The mixed bag of quilts for boys and girls are a treat to the eyes. You can select an airplane quilt or a football quilt as a gift for boys. And for the girls go in for their castle patchwork quilt or the pretty fairy bedspread.

2. Playmats and Comforters as Newborn Gifts

If you are hunting for a gift for an infant then playmats, comforters, and blankets are a great choice. In fact, you can buy neutral colors of the same even before the baby is born so that you surprise the Mommy with a beautiful and practical gift on the very first day of childbirth. Check out this attractive collection of baby playmats and comforters.

3. Cartoon Cushy Pillows

Have you seen kids cuddling and snuggling their favorite soft-toy, doll, or pillow for years and years? Wouldn’t it be nice if that curl up partner was gifted by you? If you give them one of those cliched toys it might not turn out to be one of their favorites, but something which is enticing and eminent will surely become their hugging buddy. Pick some creatively striking pillow designs from AHL.

4. Bluetooth Speakers for Kids

It is the generation of tech-savvy kids. And this gift befits all age groups. Gift the child a Bluetooth headphone or speaker which will not just excite them but also serve the purpose of reducing their screen time which the parents are trying hard but failing to achieve. You can gift the kid with funky cartoon print headphones for their online classes, or the newly launched Saregama Carvaan Mini kids Speaker which is preloaded with rhymes and stories, or if the child is older then go for the electrifying color and design speakers stone 260 which will positively lift the child’s spirit. You can also go in for the best brand Bluetooth speakers if you are searching for a gift for your own child who is an ardent music lover.

5. Interesting Books

Books have always been a great gifting idea. But remember, not all kids are excited to unwrap books as their birthday present. Even for other occasions make sure that you buy books for a bibliophile and he will certainly love you for the thoughtful gift that he will cherish to pile up in his book library for years to come.

6. Offbeat Table Lamps for Kids

Funky Table Lamps can be a great gift option too. Especially for that Bookworm kid whom you last gifted a book as a present and now want to pick something different. A wide range of creative Table Lamps are available in the market which will undoubtedly adorn a kid’s bedroom and the alluring designs will attract the kids too. Superhero for a boy or the girl’s favorite Unicorn Table Lamp will up your gifting game for sure.