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Anthem amplifiers and audio/video receivers offer the most advanced tools to connect, control, optimize and power your home entertainment system.

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Anthem Electronics: A Transformation from Your Audio Experience

When we talk about top electronics brands, Anthem holds a position. From pre-amps to amplifiers, Anthem products give you the most advanced technology and engineering. All their products are optimized to power all of your entertainment systems. All their devices are easy to connect and control.

With the experience of more than 20 years, Anthem offers hands-on design and cutting-edge audio engineering. You can freely rely on Anthem products for functionality. One of the highest performers, Anthem electronics is chosen by trusted and knowledgeable audiophiles and professionals around the world.

Anthem uses advanced technologies like Anthem Room Correction for optimization. It makes the sound more accurate and gives a profound listening experience. Moreover, the interface is easy to use and performs well.

Anthem products are engineered by controllers to deliver a robust performance. All Anthem electronics are offered at reasonable prices to fit everyone’s budget. You can add a new vibe to your home theatre with Anthem audio devices.

Anthem’s Exclusive Range of Products

Amplifiers: Anthem has a wide range of amplifiers for its customers. MRX Series of Receivers by Anthem is a great investment if you are an audiophile. These amplifiers maximize performance and enhance your audio experience. Anthem keeps on adding new models to its audio products.

MRX Series or The Anthem A/V Receiver: Receivers are a blessing for the audiophiles. It is an economical solution for home theatres. Anthem Receivers include processors and amplification into one unit. Anthem receivers select the source and decode the multichannel cinema surround format. It also performs room equalization and manages bass signals. An Anthem receiver is a perfect investment in your home theatre system.

AVM series or Anthem A/V Processors: Processors by Anthem select the source and decode the cinema sound experience at home. These control volume and manage bass signals. Moreover, these use a subwoofer to send video content to the display device and audio content to the amplifier. Anthem has a wide variety of processors.

Anthem Integrated Amplifiers: STR Integrated amplifiers by Anthem was a revolutionary product. It introduced a completely new technological platform and offered a true benchmark performance. These integrated amplifiers had more power, control options, and more connection options. These amplifiers are crafted in Canada and combine the power of a massive amplifier and processor. These amplifiers come with features like a high-resolution preamplifier section, high current, and output amplifier section. It also uses ARC to optimize for a perfect sound. Two subwoofers, mono or stereo are used to manage bass.

MCA GEN 2 Series Anthem Power Amplifier: Anthem Power Amplifier amplifies the power of any audio signal to the levels suitable for driving speakers. The number of channels is two for stereo systems and more than 5 more multichannel systems. Power amplifiers by Anthem are divided into different series like the MCA Gen 2 series,STR series, M series, and P series.

Anthem STR Preamplifier: The preamplifier is a new kind of audio component that gives you more control over the audio. It is a refined technology with more connection options and easy to use interface. Preamplifiers combine the benefits of advanced pre-amp and the power of a processor. It includes new generations of audiophile-loving innovations.

Top Products by Anthem

Anthem AVM 90: AVM 90 by Anthem is an innovation in the Anthem flagship. It has an upgraded audio circuitry and four independent 32-bit DAC’s. It offers one of the best expressions of audio performance by Anthem. With new features and capabilities, the AVM series is a perfect addition to your home theatre.

Anthem Gen 2 Series: To complement the new AVM 90 series of amplifiers, Anthem introduced the new Anthem MCA 525 and 325 GEN 2 series of power amplifiers. It comes with multi-channel configurations and efficient power. This series of amplifiers use total harmonic distortion to deliver a clearer and pure sound.

Anthem MRX 1140: Anthem’s MRX series has reached its fourth generation of products. The high-end multi-channel A/V receivers come with unique ARC (Anthem Room Correction) technology to produce clear and powerful sound. This receiver brings premium audio to your home and works perfectly with smart TVs or projectors.

Anthem M series: The manual amplifiers by Anthem have won many awards. It comes under statement class-AB amplifiers and employs the advantages of Class D amplifiers. These amplifiers are highly efficient and compact. It has a quick cooling system that moves the heat from the interior to keep it cool. There is no noisy fan, or noise floor that ensures noise-free listening.


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