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DALI EPICON loudspeakers are the declaration of audiophile greatness and art from the Danish loudspeaker expert. Buy the incredible DALI EPICON series loudspeakers online in India at All Home Living.

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Tune in For High-Frequency Performance Speakers

Some musical experiences in life are so magical that you wish they would never end. Music creates moments so amazingly overpowering that every beat and sound experience touches your heart. If you’re looking forward to getting lost in a world of superior audio quality, then Dali Epicon loudspeakers will take you to a different world of music.

A pioneer of audio technology, Dali has been ruling the market for three decades. Dali’s quest for the perfect audiophile experience can be compared to live music concerts and cinemas. The Epicon series is designed as a step ahead to relive the sound sensations.

How to choose the right loudspeakers for your home?

Finding the perfect sound system for homes can be a tiring task. With so many options and so many factors to consider, one feels baffled about the best loudspeakers for their home.

If you’re confused about shortlisting the perfect sound system for your home, then here are some points to consider:

  • First, you need to survey the space of your home. You need to check the room size and the location where you’d like to put your speakers. The size of the room will determine the power and audio capacity of the speaker that you’ll need.

  • Second, you need to evaluate the interiors of your home. You will never want your speaker to look odd in your space. Dali Epicon speakers are designed in a way that perfectly matches the furniture of your interiors and looks stunning anywhere.
  • Third, you need to choose the type of speaker you need. You can either go for in-wall speakers or in-ceiling speakers. You may even select regular bookshelf speakers and floor-standing speakers. It will also somehow depend on the space and type of audio you want.

Dali Epicon Series: The Refinement of Technology

The right set of speakers will change your audio experience forever. There are many surround sound speakers available in the market today. However, everyone wants to choose the best loudspeaker for their home.

The Dali Epicon series of loudspeakers are designed to perfectly fit your room and enhance its interiors. You can choose from the wide options of the Dali Epicon series.

  • Dali Epicon 8 Review: The best of the Epicon series, Dali Epicon 8 speakers deliver the highest quality sound that captivates your senses. The speakers are also extremely captivating to the eyes and can grace any home. The stunning loudspeakers produce the most satisfying sound.
  • Dali Epicon 6 Review: The Dali Epicon 6 speakers give a fantastic sound experience while you enjoy your favorite movie lying on your comfy couch. The speakers are stunning in looks and enhance the aesthetics of your house. The immaculate high frequencies and voice reproductions make you feel like you are in a live concert.
  • Dali Epicon 2 Review: The Dali Epicon 2 speakers are the most diminutive speakers. The speakers are sleek in size but produce three-dimensional that hits the right chords. The speaker performs way better than its size expectations. If you want your room to turn into a home theatre, then go for these.

  • Dali Epicon Vokal Review: The Dali Epicon Vokal speakers is centre speaker come with two 6.5” bass drivers and Dali’s hybrid ribbon module. Epicon Vokal perfectly forms the focal point of your home theatre. The sound quality has ultimate clarity. You may pair them with any other Epicon series speakers for an extraordinary experience.


  1. SMC Technology – Build with Advanced Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) which makes the music come alive inside your living room.
  2. In-House Made Woofers – DALI EPICON woofers are not only developed – but also manufactured at the DALI headquarters in Denmark!
  3. Multilayer MDF – Constructed from six individual layers of MDF glued together to form a rigid construction that reduces cabinet resonances.
  4. Low Signal Loss – By using only DALI designed and custom-built drivers, the need for frequency correction in the crossover is eliminated.


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If you are someone with an absolute love for fascinating sound experiences, then the Dali Speakers is the perfect choice for you. The stunning speakers look luxurious in the interiors and fit in any room. Give your house and sound system a new transformation with Dali Epicon speakers overall.

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