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The DALI MENUET is a small set of speakers with genuine audiophile quality, giving you an extraordinary sound. The DALI MENUET speaker is your #1 trusted companion. Buy this outstanding pair of bookshelf speakers online from AHL in India.

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DALI MENUET Series Speakers – A New Standard of Compact Speakers

DALI cannot change physics, but with attention to detail and design, they have pulled off a remarkable feat of sound reproduction with the Menuet Special Edition speakers.

DALI MENUET is a small set of speakers which will bring your music to life. This set will become the new standard for sound and execution in compact speakers. The new DALI Menuet series is coordinated with the new Rubicon series. It has a flawless and clean design, and its small size makes it simple to place the Dali MENUET in any corner of the house. You can also combine them with different speakers in the acclaimed Rubicon series for the best sound system or home theater setup.

In view of the DALI Mentor MENUET, the Special Edition has a few internal updates in addition to the awesome looking exterior. The hybrid includes premium Mundorf capacitors and a circuit board which can limit electrical interference.

DALI’s speakers create a feeling of scale that is out of keeping with their small size. This could be the ideal music system for your home. They have an attractive appearance and will look good in your home. In addition, they produce a superior sound quality.

DALI’s speakers online as they are pictured online are dynamic and generate a sense of scale that’s out of keeping with their tiny dimensions. They’re attractive, and they produce a high-quality sound that rivals some much larger speakers. DALI MENUET is a small dimension home theater speaker which includes Dali Menuet SE High Gloss Walnut and Bookshelf Speaker and Dali Menuet – Bookshelf Speaker. Both of these are bookshelf speakers and come in pairs.

Products in The DALI MENUET Series

  • DALI MENUET SE – The DALI MENUET SE is a special edition of the popular and compact DALI MENUET.
  • DALI MENUET – The DALI MENUET is a very compact loudspeaker with real audiophile quality. You get great sound from small boxes.
  • DALI CONNECT Stand M-601 – The DALI CONNECT M-601 speaker stand offers an updated cable management system which has been optimised for active speakers.


  • Integrated Bass Port – The bass port is united in the terminal tray the DALI Menuet series gives you and perfect option in wall placement.
  • Cabinet Design – The dense cabinet design of DALI MENUET enhances the volume of the cabinet. The oval shape creates an amazing finish.
  • Dome Tweeter – The DALI MENUET has an oversized dome tweeter which creates perfect fusion with the woofer
  • Woofer – The low loss woofer is equipped with an extra-strong magnet system which enables it to create a massive sound.


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