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DALI OBERON is a breakthrough. It’s an entry-level speaker which integrates with DALI’s patent SMC innovation. This reduces non-linear magnetic distortion, so you can hear your favorite music as you’ve never heard it before. Buy these amazing DALI speakers online in India at the best prices from All Home Living.

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DALI OBERON Series – The Best Speakers for Audiophiles on a Budget

The OBERON includes two compact stand-mounts, an in-wall speaker, two floor-standing speakers, and a centre speaker. The DALI’s OBERON range offers something for every need. Each DALI OBERON series speaker model is ideal for home theater use and can fill any space from small apartments to large living rooms with rich sound. DALI makes it easy to integrate your loudspeakers into any room.

DALI uses careful engineering and a refined design. This line has offered different models like EPICON, MENUET, and FAZON over the years. The current models are honed to get the best performance at the best price. The OBERON series also offers a brand-new front grille design with rounded edges that add a lighter and more contemporary visual appearance to the series. The bold but still balanced treble output of the DALI OBERON series blends seamlessly with the sound. The OBERON speakers are best fit for home theater sound systems.

The DALI OBERON speakers have set a new benchmark in affordable audiophile speakers. Music lovers and audiophiles presently don’t need to compromise on sound quality.

The DALI OBERON series speakers have new larger than average tweeters, wide-scattering wood-fiber woofers, and a striking Danish cabinet design. They are the ideal opportunity to explore the magic of music.

The DALI OBERON series offers affordable audiophile loudspeakers, and it features six options: DALI OBERON 7, DALI OBERON 5, DALI OBERON 3, DALI OBERON 1, OBERON ON-WALL and OBERON VOKAL.

Features of DALI OBERON Speakers

  1. Contemporary Design – The round edges and simple fibre of the DALI OBERON front grilles add a light and modern visual appearance to DALI’s OBERON series. The elegantly shaped aluminum base mounted on the two floor-standing speakers are an upgrade from DALI’s other series speakers.
  2. Patented SMC – Iron pole of the OBERON woofer magnet is induced by a patented SMC disk – minimizing the negative effects of the iron. The main benefit of the SMC disk is reduced mechanical distortion, which reduces third-order distortion. This permits for a longer listening pleasure, a relaxed midrange, and a surprising amount of detail for its price class.
  3. Easy to Position – The material and drivers in the OBERON series speakers are applied to achieve the wide desperation pattern. This ensures the most incredible sound. Even when the speaker is in place at the off axis-angle.
  4. Wood Fibre Cone – The OBERON woofer features a wood fibre cone with a blend of fine-grain paper pulp, reinforced with wood fibres, which creates a stiff, lightweight structure.


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