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DALI OPTICON is a range of seven speakers standing a metre high and capable of seriously sonorous sounds. The DALI OPTICON series offers a striking sound that can both soar and soothe. Buy the DALI OPTICON series speakers from AHL.

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DALI OPTICON SERIES speakers: A Master of Music

Striking sound that can calm is at the heart of the DALI OPTICON series, in addition to the freshness of the sound at any volume. It’s designed for great music lovers. All models OBERONEPICON, etc. include DALI’s own unerringly accurate woofer and tweeter models, in addition to DALI’s exclusive SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) pole piece.

From the entry-level Zensor 1 speakers, to the high-running Epicon 8 and the Opticon 1 and 6 models, these speakers define a good time.

DALI says, “We wanted to be in control of not only the design, development, construction, and manufacturing of the DALI OPTICON speaker series but also to develop as many of the parts in-house as possible and thereby have even tighter control over the quality.”

The Opticon series speakers are characterized by their very balanced performance that is a result of the quality materials and engineering design. If you have the room and the budget, then you should definitely add them to your list of considerations.

The speakers are intended for medium to huge home film and living rooms that have sufficient space for a good home theater setup. It’s important to set the speakers at a distance from the walls. The OPTICON series speakers are the best music systems for home and entertainment rooms that have enough space for good placement.

With a name like ‘OPTICON’, you may expect us to be all muscle and authority, and these are indeed attributes. DALI opticon series includes DALI OPTICON 1, DALI OPTICON 2, DALI OPTICON 5, DALI OPTICON 6, DALI OPTICON 8, DALI OPTICON LCR, and DALI OPTICON VOKAL.

Best Features of DALI Opticon Series Speakers

  • SMS Technology – The technology in the OPTICON woofer motor system are totally built by SMC. They have the unique ability to deliver high magnetic conductivity along with very low electrical conductivity. This offers all the required qualities of a really good speaker magnet without the traditional downsides.
  • Hand Assembled – All aspects of the assembly are handled by Danish factories. This includes the mounting of the drivers and the final tests and approval on every speaker.
  • DALI Drivers – All the components of DALI Speakers such as drivers are designed, produced and manufactured in house by DALI.
  • DALI MDF Cabinet – All OPTICON series speakers are manufactured by DALI by utilizing their big and efficient woodworking facility in Denmark. They handle everything including cutting out the medium density fiberboard (MDF) cabinet.


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