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The DALI PHANTOM series is the natural choice when seeking a true Hi-Fi install audio experience.

The speakers in DALI phantom series either in-wall or in-ceiling speakers which are built according to traditional speaker design with DALI’s low loss technology. Buy these incredible speakers online at the best prices from AHL.
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Experience a New Class of Quality Sound with Dali Phantom Speakers

We all wish to spend a weekend relaxing on our couch and watching our favorite movies at the ease of our house. Well, streaming movies is no fun without a perfect sound system to support it. You cannot enjoy your favorite action thriller with low-quality audio. To make your movie night memorable with high-quality sound, Dali Phantom speakers are all you need. 

Dali Phantom speakers offer ultimate performance with their top series of loudspeakers. Dali understands that houses today do not have space for those traditional boxed speakers and so, Dali phantom in-wall speaker range offer high-quality sound without occupying any of your room space.

The Dali Phantom in-wall speakers can be discreetly hidden, yet provide home theatre enjoyment and top-quality audio. It uses proven best speaker technologies with many unique features. 

What are the unique features of Dali Phantom speakers?

Dali phantom aims to offer its highly acclaimed sound quality to the users. Dali’s custom install speaker range allows the customer to place the speakers as In-ceiling speakers or on walls speakers without compromising the room’s real estate. Dali Phantom S series gives its buyers the choice for in-wall audio taking over the huge traditional boxed speakers.

Dali Phantom M series of speakers feature a sleek and compact size. The Phantom E series steals the show with some varied features. While the phantom h series offers the best square in-wall speakers, the workhorse range of the phantom E series is suitable for in-ceiling applications.

Dali in-wall speakers and in-ceiling speakers have a wide-dispersion design. The off-axis optimization of the audio reproduction is one such feature. This feature ensures that the listener will hear very high-quality sound from any part of the room. Moreover, the Dali Phantom is super-easy and quick to install with the speaker’s dogleg mounting system.

Dali Phantom Review of Different Technologies

Dali Phantom speakers come with a wide range of innovations and technologies to give the listener an unapparelled experience. The advanced Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) that makes the core of the magnet motor system reduces distortion to a minimum. There are many Dali phantom series to choose from.

How should I choose the Best Dali Speakers?

  1. Dali Phantom S Series: Dali offers three models in the S series providing incredible performance. Its uncompromised, fully-enclosed, in-wall audio system suits every household. The speakers offer a high-frequency solution by combining a soft dome tweeter with a ribbon tweeter. This awesome rendering and dispersion of the high frequencies outperform any other technology.
  2. Dali Phantom M Series – These sleek and versatile Dali in-wall speakers are the ultimate customer choice. In addition to the features of the S series, this series of speakers present a more slick and compact appearance like bookshelf speakers. They fill your room with quality sound at affordable prices.
  3. Dali Phantom H Series – These four square in-wall speakers have the custom Dali signature wood fiber woofers. The high-grade tweeter offers real full-range performance. This series does not need an additional subwoofer for bass support.
  4. Dali Phantom E Series – The classic four in-ceiling speakers feature a booming build quality. The angled polypropylene woofer offers the amazing sound quality, orientation, and enhanced sound distribution


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Dali Phantom in-wall speakers are the only thing you need to amp your interiors. The hassle-free functioning and innovative technologies make them the best choice. Plus, they do not take any space and fit in all types of interiors. So, experience high-quality audio with a classy ambiance with this set of speakers.

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