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A ground-breaking journey of THE DALI RUBICON is another way of quality in experience and home style. For over 30 years of fine craftsmanship, Dali speakers have proven to be the most reliable and most searched music system for homes on Google.

Let us sneak peek into its new series consisting of five unique loudspeaker models which possess more detailed features. Interestingly, you can buy this indelible experience of DALI Rubicon series speakers online from AHL.
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Audio Experience That Takes You to A Different Universe

When it’s the weekend, we all seek our comfy blanket and a super amazing home theatre experience. Home theatres have become a more preferred choice as stepping out is not possible these days. But what is a home theatre with no good surround sound system?

We get you! A home theatre is all about the audio experience it gives. The more real the support sound system is, the more you forget where you’re sitting. If you are seeking such a real-time home-theatre experience, then Dali Rubicon speakers are the perfect choice for you. These speakers have constantly proven their mettle to genuine music lovers.

DALI RUBICON series – Amid the reality

With its motto of ‘In Admiration of Music’, the technicians explored a finer way to create a reality with low distortions. In this pursuit of sound greatness, DALI speakers (RUBICON) are another milestone in DALI’s journey. Hailing from Denmark, RUBICON based on the shoulders of the EPICON series; building on the innovative driver technology to bring a room-filling sound audio experience to the wider audience. Features to score are basic, smooth, upscale design, the sensation of a live performance, and an ambient flavor to your home.

What features should I look for in loudspeakers?

If you’re wondering what you should look for in loudspeakers, then here are some features to check before buying your sound system.

  1. First, you should consider the design and whether it will suit your interiors and the space of your home.
  2. Second, you should check the specifications and features of the set of speakers. Also, listen to the sound quality of the speakers before buying them.
  3. Also, decide the type of speakers you’ll need. You can choose from floor-standing speakers, in-wall speakers, bookshelf speakers, or in-ceiling speakers.

Dig into the Rubicon Series of Speakers

  • Dali Rubicon 2 Review: The compact-sized speaker gives an experience much larger than its size. It has a small size and fits in any interior perfectly. The bass response of Dali Rubicon 2 is amazing. Dali Rubicon 2 specs include light and soft tweeter and low-loss driver. The small speaker is a performance powerhouse.

  • Dali Rubicon 5 Review: If you have ample space in your living room, then Dali Rubicon 5 is the speaker for you. Its superior sound fully fits into the living space. These floor-standing speakers enhance the aesthetics. Rubicon 5 has a Dali signature ribbon dome hybrid tweeter module that extends the frequencies for perfect bass response.
  • Dali Rubicon 6 Review: The packing dual-inch wood fiber woofers of the Dali Rubicon 6 speaker deliver powerful bass. Dali signature ribbon/soft dome hybrid tweeter pumps audio that fills the room.
  • Dali Rubicon 8 ReviewDali Rubicon 8 speakers are the king of the bunch. The trio woofers kick at different frequencies giving a powerful performance. You can enjoy a high-end performance at an affordable price with these speakers.

  • Dali Rubicon LCR Review: The Dali Rubicon LCR series is stunning in design. The in-wall speakers take no space and fill the room with high-quality sound.

  • Dali Rubicon VOKAL ReviewDali Rubicon Vokal is the center speaker that you’ve been looking for. It has a perfect balance of performance and looks. Its woofers and tweeters match any speakers to give the best performance.

Commendable features of DALI RUBICON Series Speakers

  • SMC Magnet System – A simple structure completely made up of SMC was born after rigorous experiments from the R&D from DALI speakers, maximised sound deal is achieved using a copper cap enclosed within a large ferrite magnet.
  • Hybrid Tweeter Module – According to DALI speakers’ sonic definition, designing the tweeter with a voice coil which is extremely light made it a beast rendering high frequencies but a firm hold of movements. The hybrid tweeter module is a DALI trademark and for the RUBICON series, it is built in Denmark.
  • Cabinet Construction – To maximize the woofer output DALI speakers has their own bass port to minimise internal disturbance. Constructed out of MDF (Medium Density Fibre Board) and uniform integration, eliminated external vibrations.
  • Weight – Ranging from 8 kgs. – 27 kgs., DALI speakers have always believed in ultra-light weight modules. Wood fibre cone is responsible for the light and rigid membrane. A great possibility for even piston movements and greater surface resonance.


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When you plan to build a home theatre, audio technology plays a critical role. If you are someone who loves high-quality audio during your favorite action-thrillers, then you need to invest in the best audio system. Dali Rubicon series have the best speakers at reasonable prices to fulfill all your audio needs.

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