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Devialet Phantom wireless speakers have the best bass as compared to any other wireless speaker. Buy Devialet Phantom Wireless Speaker Online in India, we guarantee the Best Offers on Devialet Speakers available in the market. Call Now! ✓Best Deals ✓No Cost EMI.

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Devialet is a French audio technology brand that started developing a range of speakers and amplifiers based on the Analog Digital Hybrid Technology invented by Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel. The company was established in 2007 in Paris.

Being one of the fastest-growing acoustic technology companies, Devialet produced a wide variety of wireless speakers known as ‘Phantom‘ and amplifiers known as ‘Expert Pro‘ using new technologies. The brand has set itself to give an unparalleled listening experience to people. Devialet’s speakers have been made after decades of research.

Types of Devialet’s Products

Devialet manufacture products using unique, radical, and revolutionary technologies. All the gadgets are wireless with high connectivity and emit clear sound. Traveling with music has never been this easy; the portable size helps you carry the wireless devices anywhere.

Here are some of the renowned Devialet’s products:

  • Devialet Earbuds
  • Devialet Wireless speakers
  • Devialet Amplifiers (Stereo, Dual, Mono, Multi-amp)
  • Devialet Audiophile system
  • Devialet Accessories (Devialet Treepod, Tree, Gecko, Stand, Remote, Arch, Cocoon, etc.)

Devialet Speaker and Amplifier Series

Devialet offers a range of speakers and amplifiers. Devialet devices are the result of brilliant engineered minds. Each series has impressive specifications that make them one of the most remarkable speakers and amplifiers of all time.

Here are the most Devialet’s Speaker and Amplifier series:

  2. Devialet Phantom

    Devialet Phantom I

    Devialet Phantom II

  4. Expert Pro

    • Expert 140 PRO
    • Expert 220 PRO
    • Expert 250 PRO
    • Expert 210 PRO DUAL
    • Expert 440 PRO DUAL
    • Expert 1000 PRO DUAL


    • Devialet Phantom Gemini

Benefits of choosing Devialet

When we talk about a wireless speaker, one of the main concerns is whether it will produce good sound. Devialet manufactures the highest quality speakers with detailed attention. The sound produced is a thousand times better than the speakers of the same price. The speakers are in great demand as they have set a standard for wireless speakers with their tremendous performance.

Here are some of the best qualities of Devialet speakers:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage
  2. Subwoofer Properties
  3. Omnidirectional
  4. Accurate Sound
  5. Great Precision
  6. high-performance Density Ratio
  7. Zero background Noise
  8. No Distortion
  9. Unsaturated Audio
  10. Implosive Bass
  11. Pure Audio Quality
  12. Ultra-dense Sound
  13. Portable
  14. Visually Appealing
  15. Compact and Elegant Design

Devialet’s Aim

Devialet aims to produce high-quality sound through their speakers to give the listeners an exceptional soul-satisfying, body-chilling, and realistic experience. The brand aspires to deliver enhanced acoustic sounds with incredible accuracy from a wireless device. Taking you into a new dimension of sound is all Devialet wants.

Why we love Devialet?

Devialet has spent decades producing extraordinary wireless speakers that defy the laws of physics, stating that an implosive sound cannot be achieved in wireless form. Every speaker is designed with fineness, just one look, and it has your heart. The speakers also come with gorgeous accessories and stands on which they can be mounted.

Want to experience reality? Buy a Devialet speaker today and learn what actual music sounds like.


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