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Epson is a Japanese electronics company and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer printers and projectors. Buy Genuine Epson EcoTank colour printers and B/W printers online. ✓Best Deals ✓No Cost EMI.

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Spectacular viewing experience at affordable rates

Buying a projector is a huge investment for most people. After all, it is a considerably expensive purchase for homes or offices. The projector must ideally score high in terms of design, performance and adaptability to different ambient lighting. What if you get all these advantages at surprisingly affordable rates? This is exactly what makes Epson the favored projector brand all over the world.

An excellent example of Japanese technology and craftsmanship, every Epson projector is testimony to the intensive research, development, and innovation involved in the creation process. While the seamless performance of these Epson projectors 4K make it exceptionally popular for intensive use in offices and schools, the extensive network of service centers ensures reliable maintenance services.

Over the years, Epson 3D projectors have amassed an unprecedented its customer base in India. Now All Home Living brings you an exciting opportunity to bring home Epson projectors and enjoy delightfully vibrant images. Browse through the website to choose from the most advanced Epson projectors India ideal for both home and offices. Make your purchase now to avail our seasonal discounts and own Epson projectors short throw the lowest ever prices in India.

Looks, performance and more

There are many aspects that customers look for while purchasing an Epson projector 4K. Here is a look at some of these factors:

  • Design: The first thing people expect is a stylishly designed projector that looks sophisticated in home or office settings. Epson projectors 3 LCD feature aesthetically sleek design in different classic shades. The attractive design makes these Epson projectors 1080p look stunning in any setting.
  • Performance: The second factor people look for is of course its performance. The projector must be capable of projecting clear and crisp images with vivid colours and sharp letters. Epson features a wide array of full HD, ultra HD and Pro HD projectors designed to offer captivating images in amazing clarity.
  • Different picture modes: The various picture modes in the projector enables you to easily switch to the ideal settings for different viewing requirements. So while the movie mode in Epson projectors for home brings alive your favourite movies with bright colors, sharp images and fine details, the sports mode offers highly realistic sports action with vivid contrasts.
  • Brightness levels: It would be an added bonus if a projector works great in ambient light as well. While you may mostly prefer a darkened room for a theater-like movie experience, there may be times when you would like to leave the lights on. Epson projectors with WiFi featuring brightness levels of up to 3000 lumens work great even with ambient lighting.
  • High-end lens technology: Epson projectors are renowned for its brilliant design of lens that translates into powerful projection of images. Complete lens control offers options such as zoom and focus. Top-notch versions also consist of advanced functions such as lens memories.
  • All Home Living now brings you an extensive range of multi-functional Epson projectors wireless that offer amazingly realistic images and bright colour display. Visit today to discover the latest features of these projectors and buy your choice of Epson projector India at discounted rates.


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