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Gallo Acoustics

Gallo Acoustics loudspeakers are sold in over 30 countries worldwide. For over 20 years the Gallo name has been synonymous with spherical loudspeaker design.

Gallo Acoustics manufactures the world’s finest ‘small’ speaker systems, blending real hi-fi performance with installation and decor-friendly design, delivering exceptional, expansive sound to living spaces large and small. ✓Best Deals ✓No Cost EMI.
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Gallo Acoustics Speakers

Gallo Acoustics is one of the world’s most remarkable loudspeaker manufacturers. Based in Scotland, UK, the brand was founded in 1994 by Anthony Gallo with its first most exquisite Nucleus Reference Speaker.

Gallo is famous for making compact spherical speakers with unique designs and high audio quality. With over 20 years of experience, the brand has achieved its target of manufacturing the best compact hi-fi speakers. The brand exports its speakers and other audio devices in more than 30 countries today. Made using innovative technologies, the speakers give the best output possible at an affordable price.

Types of Gallo Products

Gallo manufactures both indoor and outdoor speakers in different shapes, sizes, designs, etc. Each speaker has unique characteristic features that make it different from the others.

Gallo Acoustics
Gallo Acoustics Speakers Multicolor. Source: Gallo Acoustics

In the list are mentioned some of the most immeasurable Gallo Acoustics’ products:

  • Gallo Acoustics Speakers
  • Gallo Acoustics In-Ceiling Speakers
  • Gallo Acoustics On-Wall Speakers
  • Gallo Acoustics Pendant Speakers
  • Gallo Acoustics Floor Standing Speakers
  • Gallo Acoustics Center Channel Speakers
  • Gallo Acoustics Weatherproof Speakers
  • Gallo Acoustics Outdoor Speakers
  • Gallo Acoustics Home Theaters
  • Gallo Acoustics Subwoofers
  • Gallo Acoustics Accessories

Gallo Acoustics’ Speaker Series

Gallo has an extensive range of speaker series. Every speaker is made with a vision to make the customer happy and satisfied. You can pick the speaker of your choice from loads of available options.

Gallo Acoustics Speaker
Gallo Acoustics Speaker Series. Source: Gallo Acoustics

In the list are mentioned some of the worth buying Gallo Acoustics’ speaker series:

Benefits of choosing Gallo Acoustics Products

Gallo Acoustics produces the most stylish and powerful speakers. It is the most trustworthy brand and is recommended by users, music enthusiasts, experts, and distributors worldwide.

The exemplary design and beautiful surfaces will make you fall in love with the speakers at a glance. Here’s a list of the top 20 benefits of buying Gallo Acoustics’ speakers:

  1. Zero Distortion
  2. No Resonance
  3. No Internal diffraction
  4. Natural audio
  5. Hi-fi performance
  6. Expansive sound
  7. Wide dispersion
  8. Extended frequency range
  9. Effective power handling
  10. Deep bass
  11. Portable
  12. Modern design
  13. Lively Colors
  14. Clean Finishes
  15. Top-quality material
  16. Compact cabinets
  17. Solid Structure
  18. Easy Configuration
  19. Cost-friendly
  20. Extremely durable

Gallo Acoustics’ Aim

Gallo Acoustics aims to produce sound from a compact speaker, which is equivalent to big loudspeakers. The brand is committed to the satisfaction of its customers and makes speakers with easy integration systems and flawless design that blends with the interior of any space.

Why do we Love Gallo Acoustics?

Gallo Acoustics has a very concrete strategy for manufacturing its products. We love that instead of being competitive and focusing on what others do; Gallo’s focus has always been on producing something different of its own. The most impressive quality of the brand is that you automatically think of spherical speakers when you hear about Gallo Acoustics. The foundation of every speaker is based on a simplistic yet detail-oriented design, which makes it functional and aesthetically pleasing simultaneously.

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