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KAIROS is the perfect combination of an essential design and the highest quality of craftsmanship. There is a clock for every corner of your house. Shop for latest Home Decor, Wall Clocks designed by Kairos at best prices in India from All Home Living.

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Kairos is a Korean brand that manufactures clocks with exceptional quality. The brand is one of the leading Clock manufacturers and has its distributors in various countries.

With years of experience, Kairos has maintained its image in the market for manufacturing stylish yet high-quality clocks. We all know that clocks help us manage our day-to-day routine, but have you ever wondered if they can also play an essential role in adding an extra touch to your interior space? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your clock has multi-functional properties? Kairos clocks are the best alternative to replace your decors and reduce the risk of collisions. Instead of filling up your rooms with different ornaments, add a visually appealing clock; it will also help you save money that you would spend buying other decorative items.

Types of Kairos’ Clocks

Kairos is renowned worldwide for making an unlimited range of clocks in various sizes, shapes, designs, styles, colors, materials, etc. The brand focuses on customers’ needs and requirements while manufacturing its products. Every clock has unique characteristics making it different from the rest.

If you are planning to buy clocks for every room of your house and want them to be unique and functional simultaneously, Kairos is the most suitable choice. Mentioned in the list are different types of clocks manufactured by Kairos:

Based on Style:

  • Retro Clocks
  • Classic Clocks
  • Vintage Clocks
  • Modern Clocks
  • Antique Clocks
  • Gear Clocks
  • Colossal Clocks
  • Flip Clocks
  • Cuckoo Clocks
  • Pendulum Clocks
  • Digital Clocks
  • World Time Clocks
  • LED Clocks, etc.

Based on Usage:

  • Alarm Clocks
  • Table Clocks
  • Wall Clocks
  • Kitchen Clocks
  • Children Clocks
  • Bedroom Clocks
  • Living Room Clocks
  • Dining Room Clocks
  • Office Clocks
  • Decorative Clocks, etc.

Based on Shapes:

  • Round Clocks
  • Square Clocks
  • Rectangle Clocks
  • Cube Clocks
  • Polygon Clocks
  • Airplane Clocks
  • Frying pan Clocks
  • Book shape Clocks
  • Brain gear Clocks
  • Bicycle Clocks
  • Photo Album Clocks
  • Jet Engine Clocks
  • Googly Eyes Clocks
  • Key-shaped Clocks
  • Pendulum Clocks
  • Telescopic Clocks
  • Automobile Clocks
  • Teapot Clocks, etc.

Based on Materials and Finishes:

  • Wooden Clocks
  • Glass Clocks
  • Mirror Clocks
  • Metal Clocks
  • Silver Clocks
  • Copper Clocks, etc.

Benefits of Choosing Kairos

Kairos has proven to be one of the most valuable brands till today. Choosing a Kairos Clock means adding grace to your home without compromising on quality. Every part of the clock is made with extra care and attention to achieve the best overall result. Each item is checked carefully before the product is assembled.

Kairos is loved by design enthusiasts, interior designers, interior decorators, and its customers. The demand for Kairos Clocks has increased over the last decade, for the same reason the brand has expanded its distributors in several countries. People frequently buy from Kairos as it provides them with a lot of options.

These high-grade clocks are a result of extensive research and development. Mentioned in the list are the Top 10 Benefits of choosing Kairos:

  1. Highly Durable
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Good Quality material
  4. Unique Design
  5. Multi-purpose
  6. Aesthetically Appealing
  7. Clean Finishes
  8. Accurate
  9. Well-made
  10. Refined Details

Kairos’ Aim

The meaning of the name Kairos is “Opportune Moment”. As its name suggests, Kairos aims to make clocks that are predominant. For the brand, customer satisfaction is foremost. It wants to make its products accessible to people all over the world and give them a delightful experience.

Why do we love Kairos?

We love Kairos for its quality and diverse range of clocks. The brand manufactures timepieces for every room of your house that may also serve as decor. Every item is made using skilled craftsmanship, innovative technology, accurate details, and superior materials. 


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