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Mission Electronics: A Revolution in The Sound Industry

Mission Acoustics is a popular brand of audiophile quality home theatre speakers from the UK. The company was founded in 1977 and gained recognition in developing top-notch hi-fi surround sound speakers.

Mission Electronics speakers is a brand not unknown to many. The brand is to date known for its premium audio and electronics. The primary focus of the brand has always been audio products and it has been serving the audio industry for more than ten years now.The long experience and stability of the brand are enough to justify the quality and products it offers. From ID design and research to production and marketing, Mission has a hardworking team working behind it. If you’re an audiophile, you must be aware of their extensive range of products. They offer all types of speakers to satisfy all customer needs. Moreover, neckband headphones and wireless earphones come under their main products category.

The brand has made a reputation for itself, and to date maintains it. With a professional engineer team in the ID and electronic sound technology, Mission keeps on developing new subwoofers and speakers. Their only aim is to meet more customer requirements and stay creative and innovative.

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What Mission Electronics Offers?

Your search for the best home theatre sound system ends here. All Home Living offers some of the best collections of Mission speakers. These speakers are perfect to suit any home and audio-video system. Mission’s superior sonic performance will completely transform your audio listening experience. The brand offers a wide range of products and types of speakers. The main product categories of the brand are:

  • Standmount Speakers: Standmount speakers by Mission offer stunning sound quality. The speakers are designed to blend well with any interior. Most standmount speakers by Mission offer distinguishing features. The series of speakers is affordable and does not cut a hole in your pocket. The bookshelf speakers have a bass reflex and a two-way transducer. Standout speakers follow the Mission mantra of blending Hi-Fi heritage and contemporary designs.
  • Floorstanding Speakers: The 40 years of expertise of Mission is reflected in their all-new floor-standing speaker range. The QX series of floor-standing speakers have a stunning look and powerful performance. It offers both, Hi-Fi and AV setup. With advanced new designs and numerous listening, tests have evolved loudspeakers that offer amazing performance. No matter what is type of music you prefer, the five core hi-fi models with Mission subwoofer will create a professional home theatre setup for you.
  • Subwoofers: We all know that subwoofers can make or break your audio experience. Mission subwoofers are designed to boost your audio experience. The bass drivers of Mission subwoofers have a natural midrange quality. The superb bass impact provided by the seam-free curvilinear cone offers midrange clarity and lucidity. Everything about the subwoofers is concealed behind a unique trim design. It gives a highly technical look to the face of the speaker.
  • Centre Speakers: When setting up the home theatre, center speakers play a critical role. Mission center speakers come in a wide range of premium series. Mission offers some of the most technologically advanced loudspeakers in the Mission family. With a stunning exterior and detailed interior, it complements the finest electronics and décor. You’ll see how Mission center speakers overcome the problems faced by any other brands speakers. They use advanced technology and innovation to build prominent speakers.
  • 3D Surround Sound Speakers: One of the most unique and dynamic speaker range of Mission is its 3D surround, sound speakers. You will feel like dancing to your favorite music anytime you hear Mission 3D surround speaker. These speakers come with a surround system and fill the room with high-quality audio. The composite fibers are used to enhance the sound quality. The speakers have a very stylish design and look amazing in your room.

Top Products by Mission Electronics

  • Mission M-Cube+SE-5.1: Mission M-Cube series is the latest version of speakers to fulfill the requirements of any home user. The speakers produce cinema-like sound, and the installation is very simple.  
  • Mission LX-1 MKII- Bookshelf speaker: The LX MKII series by Mission offers the most distinguished loudspeakers. The inverted driver geometry design is optimized to offer clear sound The speakers look stunning in the room and are reasonable at price. You’’ be offered precision-toned crossover detailed sound.
  • Mission LX-10 Subwoofer: LX series of subwoofers are smart and a practical choice for your home theatre. The affordable and classic design offers performance to life. The mid-bass and treble units give a great sounding experience. These Mission subwoofers have a full frequency range and give detailed sound.
  • Mission LX-3D MKII- On-wall speaker: These on-wall speakers are one of the leading surround speakers that can be mounted on the wall. These speakers take no floor space and offer cinema-like audio at home. The treble clarity and improved resolution of these speakers make them a great choice.
  • Mission LX-5 MKII-Floor-standing: Mission has a long experience when it comes to floor-standing speakers. Each speaker is designed with a new innovative idea. The LX series incorporates driver response to improve the micro-dynamics of the audio.


Q: Are Mission speakers good?

Q: Where can I buy Mission speakers?

A: All Home Living has a range of speakers and subwoofers by Mission. You can buy Mission subwoofers at our online store.

Q: Are Mission speakers still in business?

A: Yes, Mission is now an international acoustic engineering company. It was founded in 1977 in the UK and still offers exclusive audio products.

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