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NAD Electronics

NAD believes in refining electronic devices to simplify life and create a design that would change everything. NAD brand is a prominent name when it comes to audiophiles.

The team of NAD still works on the founding principles to deliver authentic sound to its listeners. The headquarters of NAD is located near Toronto, Canada. The team of engineers and enthusiasts carries the legacy of NAD devices. Today, NAD products are sold in more than 80 countries of the world. A truly dedicated audio company, NAD pushes boundaries to enhance the listening experience of audio lovers.

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NAD Electronics: Bringing Change to Your Home

Founded in 1972, NAD Electronics is a leading brand when it comes to electronic devices. NAD makes affordable and exclusive electronic devices to suit the needs of all customers.

The first amplifier built by NAD was based on four principles- innovation, performance, value, and simplicity. From that date till today, NAD has never changed its core values and deliver equally exclusive products.

NAD Series of Products

NAD Electronics has widely divided its products into four categories. Eas category is exclusive crafted for the customer.

  1. Master Series
  2. NAD understands your love for high-quality audio but also understands your budget. Most high-defined audio systems cost a fortune to the customers. However, NAD’s Master Series provides high fidelity audio, top technology, and high design at affordable prices.

    Technology: Two latest and advanced technologies have been featured in the NAD masters series. First, DirectDigital, which is the world’s first closed-loop digital amplification. This is a computer-controlled amplifier that compares and corrects the output to the input every 10 nanoseconds, producing pure and vivid sound quality. Second, HybridDigital, which blends analog and digital technology to create a perfect audio platform.

    Design: The masters series products have a fully programmable front panel. You can update new features and software any time you want.

  3. Classic Series
  4. NAD classic series comprises of its most celebrated products. Audiophiles love the sound of our classic series products. These are minimalistic in design and do not burn a hole in your pocket. Many incredible features come with this series to boost your audio experience.

    Technology: The Classic Series is designed to fit the budget of all customers. It is an affordable product category without compromising on technology. Our engineers look for ways to implement the best technologies on a limited budget.

    Design: NAD Classics have come a long way in design without losing the original touch. Our Modular Design Construction is simple yet classy when it comes to sound perfection.

  5. VISO
  6. VISA is a very special range of products where NAD shares its musical expertise in affordable and everyday plug-and-play products. VISO products are unique and enter new spaces. VISO audio products are designed for music lovers. From headphones to all-in-one music systems, the unmatched sound quality is always a hit.

  7. Custom Install
  8. The last range of products by NAD electronics offers a wireless multi-room streaming platform. These custom integrators fit with a wide range of audio products over a home network.

Exclusive NAD Must-Buy Products

  • NAD M33: NAD M33 is a BluOS enabled DAC amplifier. It has an ultra-high-performance amplifier and offers superior audiophile sound. You can combine the amplifier with another BluOS ecosystem wirelessly to set up your home theatre.
  • NAD M10: M10 BluOS streaming amplifier is a game-changer. High-quality music and audio delivered through the internet is the future. So, NAD has shifted to BluOS advanced network streaming and multi-room operating systems. M10 has a high-resolution touch screen interface that allows you to carry operations easily.
  • NAD T778: This AV Surround Sound Receiver will change your audio experience completely. It is a powerhouse for home theaters. It is simple to operate with cutting-edge technology.
  • NAD C658: The sleek BluOS streaming DAC by NAD is a unique type of stereo component. It offers a rich palette of the latest technologies. With features like Bluetooth aptX HD transmitter, you can pair your wireless headphones.

Core Principles of NAD Electronics

NAD audio and NAD amplifiers work on four core principles from the beginning. From 1972 till date, NAD amplifiers are built on these core working principles.

  • Innovation: NAD electronics bring new-age technology and stay open to innovation. With a track record of performance and affordable products, several major technology companies have worked closely with NAD audio. NAD stays open to change and brings new ideas when it comes to NAD audio.
  • Performance: Sound performance is our initial and final goal. From designs and features to components, everything is based on the performance of sound in NAD audio. We delay our innovations until we find the best performance solution.
  • Value: Let us be honest good audio, and sound quality has a lot of value in our lives. From music to movies, sound evokes emotions and brighten our life. NAD audio understands this value and makes sure everyone gets access to our high-quality audio experiences.
  • Simplicity: All NAD electronics are simple in design and classy in looks. NAD electronics have minimal and uncluttered technologies. Customers of all age groups can use and take advantage of NAD audio


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