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  • 13 Arms Crystal Candle Holder
    34% off

    13 Arms Crystal Candle Holder

    How about making yourselves feel like ancient king/queen staying a palatial rich-heritage property? You can feel the same grandeur with this 13 arm crystal candle holder!  Color: Clear Size: L...
    MRP: Rs. 145,000.00
    Deal Price: Rs. 95,000.00
    You Save:Rs. 50,000.00
  • Contemporary Crystal Candle Holder Contemporary Crystal Candle Holder
    34% off

    Contemporary Crystal Candle Holder

    Bring home this contemporary crystal candle holder and compliment any kind of décor in your living space.  Color: Clear Size: L 65 X  W 65 X  H 128 mmL 65 X...
    MRP: Rs. 4,500.00
    Deal Price: Rs. 2,950.00
    You Save:Rs. 1,550.00
  • 5 Holder Crystal Candelabra
    25% off

    5 Holder Crystal Candelabra

    This smartly contoured and elegantly designed candle holder can accentuate any home décor and give it a refreshing makeover!  Color: Clear Size: L 510 X  W  510 X  H 850 mm...
    MRP: Rs. 42,500.00
    Deal Price: Rs. 32,000.00
    You Save:Rs. 10,500.00
  • Tall-Design Crystal Candle Holder
    34% off

    Tall-Design Crystal Candle Holder

    The tall-design crystal candle holder will easily sync with your existing home décor and is sure to add a touch of elegance to your living area! Color: Clear Size: L...
    MRP: Rs. 4,500.00
    Deal Price: Rs. 2,950.00
    You Save:Rs. 1,550.00
  • 9 Arms Crystal Candle Holder
    25% off

    9 Arms Crystal Candle Holder

    Bring in that royal-heritage touch to your existing décor and see your living space transform completely with this amazingly designed crystal candle holder and its highly accommodating candle holding-capacity  Color:...
    MRP: Rs. 120,000.00
    Deal Price: Rs. 90,000.00
    You Save:Rs. 30,000.00
  • 7 Arms Crystal Candelabra
    24% off

    7 Arms Crystal Candelabra

    This smartly designed candle holder with its olden aura and elegance is a must-have if you love antiques. In addition to its stunning design, it also promises a good utility...
    MRP: Rs. 50,000.00
    Deal Price: Rs. 38,000.00
    You Save:Rs. 12,000.00
  • 3 Arms Crystal Candelabra
    23% off

    3 Arms Crystal Candelabra

    This royal-designed 3 Arms Crystal Candle Holder can easily gel with any kind of home décor and can be used at variety of spaces including living rooms/bedrooms. Be sure to...
    MRP: Rs. 32,500.00
    Deal Price: Rs. 25,000.00
    You Save:Rs. 7,500.00
  • Modern Crystal Candle Holder
    26% off

    Modern Crystal Candle Holder

    Grab this exquisitely designed modern crystal candle holder which can easily be used on the dining table for you to enjoy your private and calm candle-light dinner!  Color: Clear Size:...
    MRP: Rs. 15,500.00
    Deal Price: Rs. 11,500.00
    You Save:Rs. 4,000.00
  • Elegant Crystal Vase
    30% off

    Elegant Crystal Vase

    If you are someone who is very choosy and likes to pick up antique and unique artifacts for home décor, then we have got you covered! Check out this elegant...
    MRP: Rs. 8,500.00
    Deal Price: Rs. 5,990.00
    You Save:Rs. 2,510.00
  • Circular Crystal Vase
    24% off

    Circular Crystal Vase

    Spice up your living space with this cool circular crystal vase and take overall living room décor to a new level altogether as it is sure to grab a lot...
    MRP: Rs. 8,500.00
    Deal Price: Rs. 6,500.00
    You Save:Rs. 2,000.00
  • Rustic Crystal Vase
    37% off

    Rustic Crystal Vase

    If you love antiques, this thick and solid built vase can bring out the rustic charm and will seamlessly synchronize with your ancient decoration theme!  Color: Clear Size: L 85...
    MRP: Rs. 8,800.00
    Deal Price: Rs. 5,550.00
    You Save:Rs. 3,250.00
  • Stylish Crystal Vase
    25% off

    Stylish Crystal Vase

    This solidly built crystal vase is sure add a dash of plushness to your existing room décor and with a flower decoration in it, it is sure to turn heads!...
    MRP: Rs. 12,000.00
    Deal Price: Rs. 8,950.00
    You Save:Rs. 3,050.00
  • Multi-purpose Crystal Bowl
    31% off

    Multi-purpose Crystal Bowl

    Love for Crockery? You can take it a notch higher by adding this elegant and useful multipurpose crystal bowl to your dining table! Color: Clear Size: L 130 X  W 130...
    MRP: Rs. 6,500.00
    Deal Price: Rs. 4,500.00
    You Save:Rs. 2,000.00
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