Air Purifier Everything You Need To Know

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The alarming levels of pollution are bound to have a direct impact on our health. And let’s face it, we are headed to an age where pollution-induced climate change is not only real but inevitable! So, fighting pollution not just outside but even inside your home is a matter of survival. Enter- Air Purifiers, a modern-day trend turned mere necessity! Here’s why you need to get your hands on the best air purifier today-

What is the importance of an air purifier?

Most people today are unaware that it is not only the outdoor air quality. But also the air you breathe inside your house that affects your health. It is extremely essential to understand the importance of good quality air for homes as well. And that’s where the need for an air purifier arises.

This is a smart investment for a healthier future. This also steps towards smarter living with modern home technology. It is a device designed to cleanse your home of the contaminated air. So this keeps the indoor air quality in check. An air purifier is an efficient way to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses contaminants, and allergens from the air inside your home. So you can breathe better and avoid pollution induced diseases.

How does an air purifier work?

This usually works on multiple layers of filters and a fan that ideally sucks in air in your surroundings. This traps and releases the filtered air back into your living space.

There is a wide spectrum of types of air purifiers seen in the market today. Like the air cleaners- work on a filter system. Ozone generators- that generate free oxygen by altering the oxygen molecules. This turns them into Ozone molecules, adsorbents- that eliminate odor, fumes or chemicals in the air. UV light purifiers- that eliminate contaminant particles by UV radiations and  Ionizing purifiers. This attracts contaminants in air by forming an electrical field. This sends out charged molecular particles that attract contaminants and kill them.

How an  ionizing air purifier functions

Are air purifiers actually effective? How?

Yes, air purifiers are really effective in cleaning the surrounding air in your home. Especially, if one has a respiratory disease, they would understand the difference in living with a air purifier versus without. It is however noticed that there is a need for fresher and cleaner air now.

The quality of air you breathe eventually imapcts your health is numerous ways. Poor quality air can cause all types of respiratory diseases and health problems. Whether or not you have a respiratory illness. It is best and advisable to resort to the use of an air purifier. This gets rid of, bacteria, viruses, pet dander, dust, smoke, chemicals and allergens. This helps to breathe healthy and live happier and longer!


About the brand:

LifeAir is a young innovative Swedish brand that is challenging the traditional air-purification methods.


Their motto is to provide cleaner air, packaged in award-winning Scandinavian design, and minimizing the environmental footprint.

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