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Focal Experience Center – Best Focal Home Theater Speakers in Pune

By AHL Staff | Updated August 2, 2022
Focal Experience Center – Best Focal Home Theater Speakers in Pune

Pune, Maharashtra, Is Now Home to Focal’s Largest Experience Center in India. 

Audiophiles in India will be treated to the best by Focal’s first exclusive store in Pune, Maharashtra. The brand is set to take over the entire country with its exceptional products, outstanding services, and compelling offers.

Focal, one of the world’s leading audio equipment manufacturers, has finally opened a high-end store powered by Naim in India. As the largest audio store in Central India, it offers a complete range of high-fidelity speakers.

Focal Experience Center in Pune goes beyond traditional retail practices and offers a personalized and life-like audio experience through various specially designed spaces. Choosing the right speaker for your house or office is no longer a struggle. The unique concept of this showroom allows customers to sit back, relax and listen to the music from a variety of speakers before deciding what to buy.

At Focal Experience Center in Sangamwadi, Different rooms with distinct concepts and configurations allow you to tell the difference between speakers and how they would sound in a given space. If you’re looking for Focal speakers in India, you can visit a nearby focal speakers store or you can visit the website and browse the selection of speakers. The following rooms offer a demo of the entire range of focal speakers:

  • A Living room 
  • A dedicated room for home theatre 
  • An open space with acoustics

To ensure that all your dynamic needs are met, Focal speakers India has a wide variety of audio devices, including:

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Inside the store, you would find series ranging from Sopra to Chora, Aria, Kanta, Chorus, and soon-to-be-launched Utopia series.

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    From the best, get what you expect:

    • Undistorted sound
    • Refined audio
    • Naturally reproduced sound
    • Wide dispersion
    • HiFi performance
    • Intelligent power control
    • Low Resonance
    • Visually pleasing design
    • Detailed components
    • High durability

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    To discover more and feel what luxury shopping could be like, visit Focal’s experience store at
    Millenium Star, Shop No. 9, Dhole Patil Rd, near Ruby Hall Clinic, Sangamvadi, Pune, Maharashtra, 411001
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    About Focal

    Focal is one of the most prominent brands renowned globally for manufacturing world-class hi-fi audio equipment. Based in Saint-Étienne, France, the French brand was founded by Jacques Mahul in 1979.

    The brand has a forty-year history in the consumer electronics industry and has established itself as one of the leading audio equipment manufacturers. With ingenious features at a competitive Focal speakers price in Pune, it manufactures a wide range of audio devices with different designs, sizes, and shapes. Innovatively designed and factory-made in France, these devices deliver outstanding listening experiences with groundbreaking technology, expert mechanics, experienced engineers, and noble materials. The brand manufactures an array of high-quality speakers, soundbars, headphones, wireless speakers, monitors, audio accessories, etc.

    Focal’s working philosophy is based on the fusion of French craftsmanship, tradition, innovation, and industrialization to offer the best possible sound.


    Naim is one of the world’s best high-end audio equipment manufacturers. The British brand is now owned by Focal’s parent company Vervent Group. Located in Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom., Julian Vereker founded it in 1973.

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    With almost 50 years of experience, it operates on the principles based on superior engineering technology and highly effective production methods to achieve the best results. Every product is designed to reproduce sound naturally, which does justice to the original audio. Naim’s team of experienced engineers and experienced professionals crafts the products with an eye for detail and a deep understanding of music. It produces high-quality audio equipment such as speakers, amplifiers, CD players, digital-to-analog converters, turntables, etc. 

    The brand believes the exploration of sound is an adventure that rewards you with a sense of clarity and connection that grows stronger the deeper you go.

    Conclusion: With the Focal experience center at Dhole Patil Road and Focal’s first-ever experience center in Pune, Maharashtra, it is now easy for music enthusiasts to buy the best hi-fi devices in India. The store has it all, from exceptional audio devices to unique demo rooms, aesthetically pleasing interiors, interactive shopping, and fantastic customer assistance. In addition to Focal, customers can also buy Naim audio equipment. It aims to provide the most convenient online and offline services; you can visit the store or book online appointments.

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