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Toys and Clothing are not the only Gift Options for Kids

By 21centuryweb | Updated February 7, 2022
Toys and Clothing are not the only Gift Options for Kids

How many times have you and your spouse brainstormed on what gift to buy for your little niece or a gift for your 10 yr old nephew? Choosing birthday gifts for kids is not a childs play. Hasn’t “best gift for boys” or “creative gifts for girls” been a perpetual phrase on your Google search every time a birthday for kids pops up?

Toys and clothes are bromidic gifts and you might even end up buying something that the kids already possess. If not something they already have, there are chances of you and his best friend turning up with the same toy or dress. Although the kids are really excited to see toys as birthday presents the excitement doesn’t last too long. And the greater reason being that the love for the toy fades away in a day, a week, or maximum in a month.

There are several unique gifts for kids are available at online as well as at offline stores. How about gifts that are everlasting, and the kid will cherish them for a long long time. No, we ain’t asking you to rack your brains! Here we are listing out some of the best ideas for gifts for kids of all ages. Things that may not last a lifetime but unconventional gifts that are interesting, distinguished, and will be unforgettable for the child.

1. Quilts & Bedspreads

Img Alt

Football Quilt for Boys Room

Img Alt

Pretty Pink Bedspread for Girls Room

Quilts and Bedspreads happen to be the most thoughtful gift for kids as they are utilized every day. Apart from being purposive, these are long-lasting too. If you are seeking these vibrant and comfy kid’s quilts then you ought to look at the wide range of bedspreads and quilts at All Home Living. The mixed bag of quilts for boys and girls are a treat to the eyes. You can select an airplane quilt or a football quilt as a gift for boys. And for the girls go in for their castle patchwork quilt or the pretty fairy bedspread.

2. Playmats and Comforters as Newborn Gifts

Img Alt

Jungle Playmat

Img Alt

Pink Elephant Baby Comforter

Love for your new born baby can’t be put into words right? But, you can definitely show in your actions by buying lovely and useful gifts for them.  If you are hunting for a gift for an infant then playmats, comforters, and blankets are a great choice. In fact, you can buy neutral colors of the same even before the baby is born so that you surprise the Mommy with a beautiful and practical gift on the very first day of childbirth. Check out this attractive collection of baby playmats and comforters.

3. Cartoon Cushy Pillows

Img Alt

Creative Cartoon Cushions

Have you seen kids cuddling and snuggling their favorite soft-toy like a cartoon dog, doll, or pillow for years and years? Wouldn’t it be nice if that curl up partner was gifted by you? If you give them one of those cliched toys it might not turn out to be one of their favorites, but something which is enticing and eminent will surely become their hugging buddy. Pick some creatively striking pillow designs from AHL.

4. Bluetooth Speakers for Kids

Img Alt

Bluetooh Headphones and Speakers as Gifts for Kids

It is the generation of tech-savvy kids. And this gift befits all age groups. Gift the child a Bluetooth headphone or speaker which will not just excite them but also serve the purpose of reducing their screen time which the parents are trying hard but failing to achieve. Smart speakers have been turnred out like a friend to the kids. kids do plenty of things with them and have fun in their way. With wireless bluetooth speakers kids starts their personal party whenever they want. And watching them dancing on their favourite songs is makes every parents happy.

You can gift the kid with funky cartoon print headphones for their online classes, or the newly launched Saregama Carvaan Mini kids Speaker which is preloaded with rhymes and stories, or if the child is older then go for the electrifying color and design speakers stone 260 which will positively lift the child’s spirit. You can also go in for the best brand Bluetooth speakers if you are searching for a gift for your own child who is an ardent music lover.

5. Interesting Books


Bookworm Kids will love books as a birthday present

Books have always been a great gifting idea. Book reading can be a best habit for kids which will defitely be helpful in their mental growth. It will improve their intelectual thinking. But remember, not all kids are excited to unwrap books as their birthday present. Even for other occasions make sure that you buy books for a bibliophile and he will certainly love you for the thoughtful gift that he will cherish to pile up in his book library for years to come.

6. Offbeat Table Lamps for Kids

Img Alt

Unicorn Table Lamp

Img Alt

Spiderman Light Bulb

Funky Table Lamps can be a great gift option too. Lamps for kids are one of the best gift options, especially for that Bookworm kid whom you last gifted a book as a present and now want to pick something different. A wide range of creative Table Lamps are available in the market which will undoubtedly adorn a kid’s bedroom and the alluring designs will attract the kids too. Superhero for a boy or the girl’s favorite Unicorn Table Lamp will up your gifting game for sure.

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