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Outré Use of Tiles Gives a Chic and Cohesive Look to this Home by Sarah Sham

By 21centuryweb | Updated January 21, 2022
Outré Use of Tiles Gives a Chic and Cohesive Look to this Home by Sarah Sham

The curation of this 3 BHK home by Sarah Sham of Eesajees Atelier is an elegant mix of style, texture, and pattern. A punch of custom-made Bharat Floorings is the highlight of this project and the redesigning of each room is uniquely utilizing these. Elemental and ethereal furniture coalesce well with the medley of tiles in this home.

Shahid Datawala Photograph adorning a sleek console – Click on Photo for Zoom

Greeting you at the entryway is a monochrome click by Shahid Datawala. The sleek black console and Photo frame fuse together to give a classic and artful appeal. Augmenting this appeal are fluted glass panels that serve as a partition to the dining area.

Living Room – An Artful Olio

Artsy decor selection by Sarah Sham makes for a tasteful Living Room – Click on Photo for Zoom

Terrazzo cast in-situ flooring leads you to the Living Room which is a mélange of tasteful decor. Adorning the textured wall is a photo series by Shahid Datawala. Against which is set an opulent white sofa with brass detailing from Eesajees Atelier. A cluster coffee table makes for a statement piece in this living room on a surreal rug.

Dining Room – Simple & Eclectic

Captivating elements of the Dining Room – bottle green sideboard with hive tiles art – Click on Photo for Zoom

Eclectic interior design is a term used for when an interior design piece is decorated with different materials, which is sometimes not one specific type of material. The terrazzo flooring continues into the dining room which includes a simple glass table with eclectic seating in black and white. A bottle green sideboard with a touch of brass is a captivating feature in the dining room. Adorning the walls is a vibrant hive shape art done on tiles by Thukral and Tagra that wonderfully unifies with the sideboard.

Master Bedroom – Eccentric Tile Play

Eccentric use of tiles on the wall in the Master Bedroom – Click on Photo for Zoom

The master bedroom ideas features an offbeat styling of the Terrazzo tiles. Innovatively using them on the wall Sarah Sham induces a striking aspect to this space. Custom bed and side with luxurious upholstery complete the look for a calm and fresh bedroom.

Daughter’s Room – A Fresh Visage

Pastel Tiles and a mint green head board giving a fresh vibe to this teenage room ideas girl – Click on Photo for Zoom

A beautiful pastel palette in the daughter’s room conveys a sense of serenity. Sham has made the small space to appear larger with a floating bed suspended from the ceiling and contiguous tall mirrors . Custom-made terrazzo lights by Jade studio adorn the bedside. Getting the pastel act together are the hexagonal pattern terrazzo tiles and fluted full-length mint green headboard. A hint of mint is also seen on the shelves above the sleek study accentuated with Eesajees scissor accessories.

Son’s Room – A Pop of Color

Nordic Tiles and elemental furniture with just the right pop of red for teenage bedroom ideas boy – Click on Photo for Zoom

You can’t miss the Nordic pattern tiles in the son’s bedroom that perfectly team up with the simple and clean furniture. The son’s love for red has been mindfully incorporated into the headboard and blueberry upholstery adding a dash of color across the light-hued room. A custom-built bookshelf and desk in a dark wood finish with a pendant light above add a functional zone to the room.

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