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Cushion Cover

Quilting Tree, one of India’s most prestigious brands, offers a wide range of cushion covers. The brand is based in Pune, Maharashtra, and is renowned for its home furnishing.

Quilting Tree’s cushions are shipped all over India. No matter where you are, the brand makes sure that you get the best. The brand’s cushion covers are of exceptional quality and intriguing design. With creative thinking and design technology, it manufactures timeless furnishings that never go out of style.

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Designer Cushion Covers online only at All Home Living

Cushion Covers are a smallyet impactful way of creating style in your living Room and Bedroom. You can adorn your sofa with beautiful cushion covers and create a stylish seating. In your bedroom a vibrant cushion cover can create style and also bring in energetic and positive vibes. As for functionality the cushions create a soft and cushy space for you to sit and talking of style it all depends on the selection of your cushion cover. They are an easy way to revamp the look of your space. Bring in a mix of colorful and designer cushion covers for your sofa and you are set to create a beautiful new look for your home.

Mixed Bag of Cushion Covers

There are multifarious sizes and types of cushions available in the market today and cushion covers to fit those too. The square Cushion Covers which are available in Large size of 24″x24″ and the small square cushion cover in the size 16″x16″. While these are the common ones, you will find more varieties too in sizes of 12″x12″, 14″x14″, 20″x20″ etc. The square cushions are a must-have in every Living Room or seating space. They can be placed straight or diagonally and can look stylish either ways.

Rectangular Cushion Covers

The elongated Cushion Covers enhance the stylish look of otherwise lined up square cushions. Again these are available in various sizes and you can choose one that befits your seating.

Round Cushion Covers

While you might find a variety of the unconventional Round cushions finding covers for round cushions is not very common and they are usually upholstered in pretty fabrics themselves to add on for style. If not along with your square and rectangle ones these round cushions can be used for your rocking chairs, diwans or single seaters.

Styling your Cushion Covers

While there is no one way of styling your Cushions the appeal that your combination of cushion covers creates surely needs to be done right. Bundling up a lot of cushions always looks pretty and cushy but styling a rectangle with 2 squares in the corners, or bundling up 3 square in one corner of your seating, are all ways of styling them appropriately. Make sure what you choose is what appeals to you as afterall your home is the space you live in and it has to define your own style.

Buying Cushion Covers Online:

The variety of Cushion Covers available online are certainly amusing and confusing at the same time. The key things to consider are your sofa upholstery and bed linen colors for your living room and bedroom respectively. It need not be of the same color but contrasting to or complementing the colors of your sofa and bed.

You can also consider to buy a statement cushion cover to elevate the entire look and that also creates a powerful image like our Evil Eye Cushion covers from the Talisman Collection. They are a very stylish addition to your interiors along with spiritual benefits.

The Evil Eye Cushion Covers

Our Talisman Collection of Evil Eye Cushion covers are a sure way of providing the inmates with protection from envious looks. It is bound to ward off negative energy from your home and bring in positive vibes that will help you succeed without any hindrances. These pillows available in shades of blue are intricately embroidered by skilful Indian artisand. The beauty of these cushion covers is sure to enchant you and everyone visiting your home. Also these pillow covers will match with every pattern and style of upholstery and interiors so you dont have to think twice before purchasing one.Adding life to your interiors these cushion covers are available in various evil eye patterns.

We all love to create our dream home and adding these tiny bits of decor that enhance the glamor of your homes to make them a luxury abode are worth the penny. Buy the best cushion covers online from All Home Living and make your abode the most beautiful space to stay in.

Importance of Good Cushion Covers in Your Home

Cushion cover, a term to define a piece of fabric that covers the cushion to maintain the shape of the foam and make it look neat. In reality, cushion covers are more than that.

A cushion cover can make a huge difference in enhancing the interior of any space. It adds an extra touch by helping break the monotony and pulling the theme together by adding colors, patterns, and textures.

Here are a few points describing the importance of good cushion covers:

  • Act as a Decor
  • Provides Comfort
  • Intensify the Interior
  • Easily changeable
  • Add colors and texture
  • Keep the cushions clean
  • Cost-effective method of decoration
  • Increase Safety by maintaining hygiene
  • Protects the furniture fabric from abrasion
  • Helps in Creating an Effective Interior theme

Types of Cushion Covers by Quilting Tree

Quilting tree has achieved expertise in manufacturing high-grade cushion cover. It offers various covers with different patterns, textures, materials, shapes, and sizes based on the customer’s requirements.

In the list are mentioned different types of cushion covers by Quilting Tree:

Based on Materials

  • Cotton Cushion Covers
  • Chenille Cushion Covers
  • Polyester Cushion Covers
  • Suede Cushion Covers
  • Silk Cushion Covers
  • Taffeta Cushion Covers
  • Velvet Cushion Covers
  • Linen Cushion Covers
  • Jute Cushion Covers
  • Brocade Cushion Covers
  • Leather Cushion Covers

Based on Size

  • Big Cushion Covers
  • Small Cushion Covers
  • Long Cushion Covers
  • Square Cushion Covers
  • Round Cushion Covers
  • Rectangle Cushion Covers

Based on Design

  • Plain Cushion Covers
  • Floral Cushion Covers
  • Patterned Cushion Covers
  • Hand-knitted Cushion Covers
  • Colorful Cushion Covers
  • Evil eye Cushion Covers
  • Abstract Cushion Covers
  • Geometric Cushion Covers
  • Embroidered Cushion Covers
  • Modern Cushion Covers
  • Glitter Cushion Covers
  • Beaded Cushion Covers

Benefits of Choosing Quilting Tree

Without a doubt, Quilting Tree stands for quality. All its products are well maintained and are made using premium quality material and fine craftsmanship. The brand allows you to choose the cushion covers of desired design, shape, and material from endless options.

It is also the most cherished home furnishing brand in India and is loved by design enthusiasts, Interior designers, decorators, and experts.

Listed are the top 15 benefits of choosing Quilting Tree’s cushion covers:

  1. High Quality
  2. Fine Detailing
  3. Even Edges
  4. Well Knitted
  5. Fade Resistant
  6. Tough Fabric
  7. Breathable Fabric
  8. Versatile Design
  9. Visually Pleasing
  10. Lively Colors
  11. Finished Texture
  12. Easy to Wash
  13. Easy to Maintain
  14. Highly Durable
  15. Cost-effective

Quilting Tree’s Aim

Quilting Tree was founded to target the home furnishing industry and make it possible for people to buy items from one destination. The brand wants to make shopping easy and rewarding at the same time. It strives to provide the best to the customer and produce unique designs without compromising on quality.


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