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Door Mats

All Home Living’s original brand, Quilting Tree, offers a range of the highest quality Doormats. The brand is based in Pune, Maharashtra, and provides services across India.

Home furnishing is as essential as any other component of interior design and decoration. The furnishing you use reflects your taste and style. Quilting Tree offers premium quality home furnishings at a highly competitive price.

The brand has made it easy for people to decorate their homes like never before. It has every furnishing item for every part of your home.
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Door Mats from Quilting Tree are designed to keep the dirt and dust away from your carpet or floor area. So these door mats are perfect for keeping at the entrance of a doorway or in your bath area. They can be used at the entrance of bathroom. These can also be used at the kitchen entrance or in the kitchen as it absorbs water.

Few of our door mats are backed with a rubber or a latex backing so that they dont move and there is no slipping.These mats would be ideal for bath area.

You can select from our range according to your preference. Keep your floor clean and dust free from our wide range  from Quilting Tree. Keep the Dust away not your Guests or Children.

Importance of Good Door Mats in Your Home

We always keep doormats at the entrances of our house to make sure that the house remains clean but have we ever thought that a doormat could brighten up the interior of our space.

A study has shown that the way you decorate your home impacts the mood of the residents and visitors. Imagine a good quality and well-designed door mat lying at your entrance; what an impact it would have on guests or anyone who walks into your home. Quilting Tree makes sure that you get both design and quality.

Here are a few points to help describe the importance of good doormats in your home:

  • Lighten up the space
  • Increases the aesthetical quotient
  • Add colors, textures, and patterns
  • Helps complete an interior scheme
  • Protects the floor from dampness
  • Protects the floor from marks
  • Offers an inviting welcome
  • Maintains hygiene by stopping dirt and dust
  • Provides safety by preventing slipping
  • Creates a good impact on visitors

Types of Door Mats by Quilting Tree

Quilting Tree, known for its world-class home furnishings, offers a wide variety of doormats. Depending on the intended use, you can get doormats in numerous designs, textures, patterns, colors, materials, sizes, and shapes.

Here are the different types of Doormats by Quilting Tree:

  1. Indoor Doormats
  2. Outdoor Doormats
  3. Bathroom Doormats
  4. Kitchen Doormats
  5. Entrance Doormats
  6. Front Doormats
  7. Bedroom Doormats
  8. Cotton Doormats
  9. PVC Doormats
  10. Anti-skid Doormats
  11. 1Waterproof Doormats
  12. 1Stylish Doormats

Benefits of Choosing Quilting Tree

A customer always wants the product they buy to be long-lasting and visually appealing at the same time. Quilting Tree is very particular about material use and manufacturing; it takes exceptional care of every product.

The brand emphasizes both design and functionality, and all its products are frequently purchased by interior decorators, interior designers, and home design enthusiasts.

Here are the top 15 benefits of choosing Quilting Tree’s Doormats:

  1. Aesthetically appealing
  2. Top-notch material
  3. Timeless design
  4. Endless colors
  5. Anti-skid properties
  6. Fine edges
  7. Excellent detailing
  8. Even texture
  9. Finished surface
  10. Comfortable
  11. 1Easy maintenance
  12. 1Abrasion Resistance
  13. 1Free from Depreciation
  14. 1Durable
  15. 1Affordable price

Quilting Tree’s Objective

Whenever a brand is established, it always wants to provide its customers with the best. Not only does it help the brand build a reputation, but it also cultivates long-term relationships with its customers. Quilting Tree works on the same principle; its objective is to offer the best services possible and achieve a hundred per cent client satisfaction rate.


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Customer Satisfaction is our Top Priority, we at All Home Living offer our visitors over thousands of products in a world-class ambience and the list is growing every day.
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