Flower Vases By Casamotion

Designer Flower Vase: Buy Flower Vases Online at Best Price in India.

Casamotion is a brand of hand blown glass vases also known as mouth blown glass (Murano glass).  This is a technique which involves inflating molten glass into a bubble with the help of a blow pipe. This is the most ancient form of making things from glass. So the flower vases made from this technique are unique and you can easily distinguish them from their brightness in color and clarity. This is the specialty of murano glass.

The Casamotion Glass Vases available here are beautiful art pieces that instantly catch your eye. The creations are by a famous Danish designer, Frank Kerdil. Flower Vases is the most used in home decor. They can be used to style up a console table in a living area. They can also be placed in your bedroom at your bedside table and can be placed in the kitchen and the dining area.

Flower vases look very attractive when a flower is placed adding warmth to the room.


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