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Minimalist Mirrors

What’s left when you pare away a mirror’s decorative frills? More of your beautiful room, of course. With sleek mirrored frames and geometric shapes, these styles will light up any space without stealing the spotlight. Shop All Home Living for the best minimalist wall mirror online in India. See more ideas about mirror designs, handmade pieces, minimalist mirrors.

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How to Choose the most Precise Minimalist Mirror

The right minimalist mirror will no doubt add a sense of uniqueness and life to your space. When considering wall mirror design for living room, wall mirror design for bathroom or wall mirror designs for bedrooms, there are things that a minimalist you want to do differently.

One guiding principle in minimalistic living is, less is more. This makes choosing this category of mirrors less hectic. For one, you may want to avoid framed wall mirrors and opt for frameless mirrors, or if the frame must be there, it should be simple and clean. In other words, you don’t want to change your space’s theme altogether.
Although simplicity is a key aspect when picking a minimalist wall mirror, the item must not always be a single piece of glass it can be a multiple-faced simple mirror, but simple. In addition, think of size. It should not be too small but fitting for the available space.

In precise, minimalistic styled wall mirrors not only reflect your beauty, but they also reflect your personality. When it comes to mounting your wall mirror with shelf it can be free-standing, which of cause means it will have a base to hold it. Or, can be hunged.

What is the Best Size for a Minimalist Mirror should be?

Mirror size in a minimalist world is a huge aspect. Overlooking this aspect can change your house’s focal point, which could be against your main intention. As such, go for not only a simple wall mirror design but also something considerably miniature in size. However, if changing your room’s focal point is not a thing you are concerned about, and simply designed minimalist mirror would do.

Hanging Multiple Mirrors

When it comes to hanging wall mirrors, you can decide to mount several small-sized minimalist mirrors, only that the shape should be consistent. This simply means either maintain oval-shaped minimalist mirrors, or rectangular wall mirrors on one wall and not a mixture of different shapes on one room.

Right from the material, size, the frame type, the good with minimalist art deco mirrors is that you are able to customize your mirror to fit into your requirements. Besides, if you are not really good with settling on exactly what you want, you can have an artist guide you on picking the mirror. You may want to send your room’s photo, which can easily be done from your phone. Then, the two of you can discuss, based on your wall colors, the available space, and the closest available designs you can order.


Q: Can I have Several Small Minimalist Mirrors?

A: Yes. The latest trend for minimalistic mirror lovers is to have a line of small, if not tinny mirrors on a space. This offers a sense of not only style but also insists on minimalism on a wall. Smaller modern wall mirror design mirrors in a raw or line can help catch the light for the room as well act as accents. Besides, if used in groups, on different walls, makes the whole home decor appear more unique. Well-arranged same-sized small mirrors can create a new focal point in the house.

Q: Should a Minimalist Mirror be Stylish?

A: Wall mirrors mounted on the right place reflect your room’s beauty. However, with decorative wall mirror sets, you get a chance to further enhance your space. When deciding on style it is important to settle on something not so shouty, that if you don’t intend to change your room’s theme. A carved or ornate frame on your minimalist mirror brings in that contrast sense in a modern house, while at the same time inspires a traditional feel.

Q: Can I Suggest the Shape, Frame, and Design for my Minimalist Mirror?

A: Customizable mirrors allow one to decide the exact end product that goes into space. So, yes, innovations in home design technology now allow glass wall mirror glasses to be cut into various shapes and size, and this allows you to discuss with your craftsman what you want. If your space is not that big to accommodate a full-length art deco mirror, you can have a smaller one with the same design.

On the other hand, a Round Sunburst Art Deco Wall Mirror can give you a better round-shape piece of decoration if your space allows. However, if pure beauty and modernity are what really matters to you, then a minimalistic Modern Art Deco Inspired Wall Mirror would be a perfect pick.

Q: Does a Personalized Minimalist Mirror Take Long Before it is Ready?

A: For the best fancy wall mirror work, it is important that a craftsman spends enough time on the mirror design they are working on. Nevertheless, if you are dealing with a specialist, you’ll get your order fast. In 5 to seven days your delivery should be at your doorstep. 

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