Center Table

The choice of your center table in the living room certainly accounts for the look and feel of the entire room. A coffee table that does not suit the furniture or style is a complete faux pas. The style of your homes, traditional, contemporary, or modern will help you in the design selection. Wooden center tables, when chosen, need to complement the rest of the furniture that adorns the room. All Home Livings mirrored furniture is a great choice as they match with every color and every furniture of the room.

The tables are available in beautiful designs that can glam up any space. Adorn these with a set of books, flower vase, a beautiful showpiece or just utilize them to place your tray or newspaper. These handcrafted center tables are customizable as we understand our customer’s requirements vary with the room size and design.

You can also have a look at our other mirrored furniture that will compliment your center table. And will spruce up the look of your room. Our best buys include Wall mirrors, wall accents, pendant lights, table lamps, quilts, and comforters.


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