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Whether you’re an audiophile on the hunt for the best possible sound quality you just need a cable to connect your TV to your receiver, our AES/EBU cables are perfect for connecting to sound cards, pro audio equipment, and other digital devices. These high-quality cables are shielded with nickel-plated connectors and feature PVC jackets for superior durability.

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Switch To AES/EBUTechnology For Flawless Sound

Establishing audio connections in a professional scenario such as recording studios obviously includes a sea of cables across an assortment of audio devices. In most situations, the input and output devices may be located at considerable distances. The challenge here is to transfer digital audio signals efficiently to the output devices with absolutely no loss in clarity due to distortion or inference. This is where AES EBU cable gains significance.

The audio cables used in home settings do not suffice to meet the high demands in professional studios. The AES EBU output cables here have to be specially crafted to transfer digital audio signals to output devices across long lengths of cabling. The best brands now offer top notch AES EBU interface with superior construction and shielding that guarantees flawless transmission of sound.

All Home Living offers you a meticulously selected range of AES EBU digital cable from the world’s most reputed audio brand – AudioQuest. Browse through our exquisite collection of AES EBU over cat5 cable and you are sure to find ones that meet your requirements and budget.

Buy Audioquest AES EBU Cable Online

The Carbon series of AES EBU XLR cables from AudioQuest are empowered with an advanced noise elimination technology and silver conductors to ensure that the quality of your sound signals are not compromised during transmission. In place of regular soldering, these AES EBU audio interface cables are cold welded to prevent interference. Hard cell foam insulation in these AES EBU analog converter cables with nitrogen-filled pockets amazingly contributes to keeping distortion to a minimum.

The Wel Signature series of AES EBU X32 cables from AudioQuest feature high-grade silver conductors and advanced spiral shield. Its most notable aspect is the 7-layer noise elimination system to prevent noise and enhance sound clarity. Like other AES EBU DAC cables from the brand, this series too comes with cold-welded copper terminations. The high-grade metals used in the creation of the AES EBU USB interface cables serve to upkeep the dynamic and vibrant quality of sound in both professional and domestic settings.

Make your purchase of AES EBU distributor amplifier cable now from All Home Living to avail our special offers. Buy AES EBU sound card cable for your audio system at the lowest rates in India and enjoy flawless music and realistic soundtracks.


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