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Home Theater

Complete Home Theatre and AV Solutions. We bring the best experience of Movie & Music for you.

Check our range of Home Theatre systems from top brands like DALI, Focal, Gallo Acoustic, Benq, Epson, Sony, JVC, Denon, Marantz, Q acoustic, Monitor Audio, Dynaudio, DNP, JBL, Devialet, Marshall, Bose, Milan, AudioQuest, HOC, Devialet etc. at All Home Living.

Buy Home theater system online at best price in India. Shop for home theaters and music systems of your favorite brand and avail of huge discounts.
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Home Theatre Systems Online

Are you looking for Home audio systems with the best system and sound technology? Then home living brings that for you. With the best home theater systems and AV solutions, home living brings the best experience of movies and music for you. With the wide range of leading brands like DALI, Focal, Denon and best features. The 5.1 channel home theater,7.1 home theater system proves to give the best basement home theatre speakers.

With the wide range of home theater systems, it is rectifying when it comes to purchasing home theatre, as you need to think about home theater design, home theater sound system, home theater offer, and much more.

When you are expanding amounts on purchasing a home theatre, you need to look that it delivers the full-fledged power pack package system. Look from home theatre box to Home theater amplifier design where you can experience the best movies at home.

Dimensions of Buying Home Theater

Well! There are some dimensions that a home theater must have in accordance to set it as a package and system. The best 7.1 home theater system in india has its own mark. The home theatre price plays a crucial role while buying a music system for home. So, let’s have a look and decide accordingly.


The most vital element of home theatre is Projector as it represents the picture and sound quality. Best Home Theatre Projector comes under various leads as per the screen sizes. All Home Living offers the best brands at budget-friendly prices that give you the best picture and sound quality. When it comes to the best home theatre for home then, Benq Home theater 4k projectors are the perfect fit for home entertainment. It comes with the best sound and picture essence, which gives you the best experience to feel by and entertainment to enjoy.


The Home Theatre Screen takes up the field of view as the screen is the one thing you are constantly looking at while watching a movie in the home theatre kit. It is very much important that the screen must deliver to represent the home theatre a full-fledged power show. Screen Sizes vary according to various aspects, so choose screen sizes according to the whole setup, home theater lighting, and so on.

Sub Woofers

Subwoofers do the work for Home theater box sound bass and the role of music systems. Home theatre music system speakers, home theater receivers come in a wide variety according to preferences and locations. These include home theater floor-standing speakers, home theater bookshelf speakers, wall-mounted speakers, in-wall speakers, home theater Bluetooth ceiling speakers, home theater wireless speakers, home theater in-ceiling speakers, and so on. Best home-theater speakers include DALI sub, Focal, JBL, and Marantz home theater speakers.


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It takes a lot of time and effort to choose the accurate home theater that would be fit for your home. And for that, All Home Living brings you the best home theater store with minimal home theatre rates with the best brands that you can choose according to your preferences.Buy home theatre online at All Home Living.

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Customer Satisfaction is our Top Priority, we at All Home Living offer our visitors over thousands of products in a world-class ambience and the list is growing every day.
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