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Projector Screen

We offer a consortium of brands/products based on your budget without compromising the sound quality. Shop online for Projector Screen at the best prices in India! All Home Living is a one-stop shop for a genuine Projector Screen. Cash on delivery, Free shipping available.

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About Projection Screen

Projection Screen plays a vital and informative role in theatres. Home theatres that reflect the visualization to the reflection. Projection screens work in a way that gives a perfect frame to your movies or any TV show. Projection screen sizes vary according to the size of the room and other preferences. So are you someone who is looking to buy a Projection screen for any purpose, then All Home Living brings you the best brand at an affordable price without compromising quality?

When it comes to buying Projection Screens for home theatre, I understand that it may be a Lil rectifying as there are so many brands available, and choosing the right brand is what you need to do.

Dimensions of buying Projection Screen

When buying a projection screen there are many factors that have to be put on, so that you can collectively decide which projection screen to buy that you are looking for.


The purpose is essential to keep in mind when you are buying a projection screen. Purpose as in for what reason or, purpose do you want your projection screen, like for your home theatre, office purpose, for projection screens outdoor movie screens, and so on. As, various types and sizes are available for specific purposes, like large-format projection screens, draper projection screens, event projection screens, and so on. So, first, find out what you need a projection screen for, and then you can decide accordingly.

Functions and features

It specifically should have the following functions and features;

  • Tensioned screen
  • Plain matte and the versatile screen surface
  • Screen gain matters
  • Resolution, screen
  • Projection screen material
  • Brightness and so on

But again, features and functions vary according to the purpose and the type of projection screen you want or need for.

And when we talk about the best brands and best projection screens that offer exactly the best features and best functions you want. It is Milan 100’’ Fixed Projector Screen and Milan 100’’ Motorised Projection Screen. And all living offers it in the best budget as well.

Type of Screen and Material choice

Different types of screens come following preferences. But according to your purpose and connectivity, you need to choose the type. Like there are Front projection, rear projection, flexible projection, short distance, and so on.

In materials as well! There are Matte white, High light, Rear screen, Audio transparent, and so on.

About Categories, when we talk then there are the following categories;

Projection screens motorized, manual, fixed, variable aspect, Projection screens portable, and so on. According to the usage, purpose, and validity, you can choose.

And when we talk about the best brand for projection screens that offers exactly the features and best functions you want. It is Milan 100’’ Fixed Projector Screen and Milan 100’’ Motorised Projection Screen. And, all living offers it in the best budget as well.


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A projection screen plays a major role to experience the best visual experience. And All Home Living, make sure that you get the best projection screen on a commendable budget. Not, only with the best brands but also with the best quality and prices.

Why All Home Living?

Customer Satisfaction is our Top Priority, we at All Home Living offer our visitors over thousands of products in a world-class ambience and the list is growing every day.
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