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Bluetooth/WiFi Speakers

Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers online – Choose from the wide range of exclusive Bluetooth/WiFi Speakers from All Home Living at a great price. Shop branded Wireless Bluetooth Speakers online at best prices in India today and avail up to great discounts. *Free shipping *COD *Easy Return/ Replacement.

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High-Quality Sound with Extra Convenience

From our favorites bands to single artists, we all know how great music can enhance our lives. When it comes to music, all we can think about is speakers with a stunning audio experience. As technology advanced, wireless speakers became more popular than ever. 

With the best wireless Bluetooth speakers available today, it has become easier to carry your music with you. Your speakers and audio quality can move with you from home to work and trips.

There are two types of wireless- Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. WIFI speakers connect to your home network and run-on AC power. Bluetooth speakers can be paired directly with a device like a phone or a laptop. 

What is a Portable Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth wireless speakers portable are a handy accessory that connects with your smartphone or laptop. It can be a stressful affair to pick the best speaker from a wide variety. There are many specifications of wireless Bluetooth speakers that one should evaluate before buying them.

How is Bluetooth Speakers different from Wi-Fi Speakers?

  1. Bluetooth Speakers

  2. Bluetooth speakers are compact and mostly battery-operated. It makes them portable. Most portable or wireless speakers use Bluetooth wireless innovation to play music from other devices like phones or laptops. It is quite easy to connect a wireless Bluetooth speaker than a Wi-Fi speaker. Most Bluetooth speakers use an NFC, i.e, near-field communication technology. This technology enables two devices. One of these is a portable device like a smartphone to establish a connection with a single tap.

    • Bluetooth technology works with a wide range of smartphones and laptops.
    • From Apple to android, all smartphones come with Bluetooth connectivity features.

    • Also, Bluetooth speakers are less expensive than Wi-Fi speakers.


    • The range of Bluetooth connectivity is limited.
    • Only a single device can be connected to the speaker at one time.


  3. Wi-Fi Speakers

  4. Wi-Fi technology allows two devices to connect and talk with each other. For instance, your TV, iPhone, or iPod comes with built-in WiFi technology. This technology is used with wireless speakers. These speakers are more advanced and let you take the advantage of your home network. It has stronger connectivity and a stable signal. It is quite easy to set up a typical WiFi audio system. All you need to do is download an app and follow further steps. You’ll have to select a network ID and enter passwords as a part of the process.

    • The best part of wireless Wi-Fi speakers is that you can stream to multiple speakers at once. A single Wi-Fi network can be used to run different speakers in different rooms.
    • Wi-Fi technology has a larger range than Bluetooth. They can cover an area of up to 200 feet. The audio quality is best around 100-150 feet.


    • Bandwidth plays a crucial role in Wi-Fi speakers. The volume of traffic on your network can affect the audio streaming quality.
    • Not all sound systems are compatible when using Wi-Fi technology. You need to check your speaker’s features before buying one.


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    Speakers set the mood of the house. From weekend movies to Netflix marathons, good wireless Bluetooth speakers can boost your mood. The best part about wireless Bluetooth speakers with microphones is that you can carry them on your vacations. 

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