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In-Wall Speakers

In-wall speakers are easy to install and virtually invisible. Shop now for a range of In-Wall Speakers from DALI & Focal on All Home Living. Buy In-Wall Speaker online at the best prices in India with a Secure Payment method.

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In-Wall Speakers for Exclusive Audio Experience at Home

There was a time when people used to spend money on buying gigantic tower speakers. Today, people are shifting more towards sleek and stylish speakers. It is why in-wall speakers are becoming more popular each day. These speakers are fitted into the wall and occupy no extra space in your room.

So, you don’t need a big room to set your home theatre. Moreover, in-wall speakers do not need to match the interiors are furniture of your room, saving you a lot of money. In fact, many people buy in-wall speakers for home theatres as they are more affordable.

What should you know before buying in-wall speakers?

In-wall speakers for home need proper installation for working. You should always seek professional help to install and fit your speakers. However, there are certain installation factors to check before buying in-wall speakers.

Depth of Wall: Many in-wall speakers depend on the depth and width of the wall or cabinet. So, you need to know the insulation materials in the wall or the depth of the wall. It will give you an idea of the sound quality. In-wall speaker insulation decides the depth and quality of sound to a great extent.

Wiring: Most of the time, the wiring of in-wall speakers is quite easy. Most in-wall speakers wire up is done by cutting a hole in the wall to place the speaker. It provides ample space for the wire to run down or upwards for proper working.

Size: You should not pick huge in-wall speakers just because they look great. Big in-wall speakers do produce better sound, but room size also matters. Placing big speakers in a small room and sitting too close to the sound will spoil its quality.

Placement: In-wall speakers for home theatre are all about placement. If the in-wall speakers are placed at the right position and height, they’ll offer great sound. You should never mount your in-wall speakers above the height of the TV. Also, do not mount bookshelf speakers or center channel speakers. If you feel your room does not have any correct placement wall, you can buy in-ceiling speakers instead.

In-wall speakers surround sound system: You can use in-wall speakers as a part of your surround sound setup. These can be used as the front or rear speakers. However, you’ll have to add a subwoofer to boost the sound quality. But they will save space and money.

Installation tools: You should call professionals for the installation of in-wall speakers. However, if you wish to do it yourself, then you’ll need certain tools and machinery. It includes, utility knife, masking tape, wire stripper, drywall saw, etc.


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Overall Outlook

In-wall speakers for home offer a stunning movie and music experience. They transform your home into a theatre in no time. In-wall speakers for home theatre boost audio and take no extra space. All Home Living offers some top-rated in-wall speakers India from many brands like in-wall speakers Dali.

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