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On-Wall Speakers

On-Wall Speakers provide high-quality sound without cluttering up your decor. Almost everyone likes the idea of having access to music in every room of the house, but not everyone likes the idea of having a bookshelf or floor standing speakers in every room of the house.

That’s where On-wall speakers come into play. These speakers are meant to disappear into your space, whether that space is your home theater, your kitchen, and your bedroom. Buy On-Wall Speaker at the best prices in India with the Secure Payment method.
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On-Wall Speakers for Unparalleled Sound Experience

Wall-mounted speakers are the future, and we know why. On-wall speakers not only enhance the audio experience of any house but also saves space. If you are planning to set a home theatre for your room, then on-wall speakers are a great choice.

Many top brands are slowly shifting to wall-mounted speakers as they are more preferred by the customers. With the best on-wall speakers, it doesn’t matter if your room is big or small, you can enjoy the equally good sound quality. On-wall speakers need not match the interiors or anything and can be reused with changing interiors.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying On-wall Speakers

There are several things you need to evaluate before buying a pair of on-wall speakers. Building a home theatre is like a dream come true. After saving a lot of money, now that you’re hunting for the best on-wall speakers. We have some points that you must evaluate before spending your hard-earned money on speakers.

Sound Quality: On-wall speakers create a high-quality sound that any homeowner will be proud of. They have in-built features that provide perfect sound to your surround sound system. If you want to enhance sound quality, your wiring can make a big difference. You should use a thick wire which is short in length. Thick and short wires offer better sound than thin and long wires. You should evaluate the wiring beforehand.

Safety: As we said earlier, buy speakers that are meant for a specific purpose. Although you may try to interchange bookshelf speakers as wall speakers, it is not safe. You should use on-wall or wall-mount speakers to mount on the wall. They are safe and offer good quality sound. Again, wiring plays a critical role in meeting the building code regulations of a particular type of speaker.

Subwoofer: A subwoofer can enhance the power of sound numerous times. If you are using any speakers from in-ceiling to in-wall, a subwoofer is a must for home theatre. Speakers are unable to fill in the low frequencies. It is where subwoofers work and give a more realistic sound to the listener. Today, subwoofers are small in size and can be fitted anywhere. You can also save space by installing subwoofers on the wall for an easy solution.

Size: The size of on-wall speakers is usually minimal. It is because they need to hang and can’t be very heavy. The size of the speaker that you should buy depends mainly on the size of your room. For bigger rooms, you’ll need two pairs of on-wall speakers. However, for small rooms, a single pair would be enough.

Climate: The last factor you need to consider is the climate of your home. You might want to install on-wall speakers in the garden or open area. So, you’ll need outdoor speakers for the same. Indoor speakers are designed to work inside and can get damaged due to changing weather conditions.


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Overall Outlook

On the wall, speakers can solve all your audio problems and work better than your expectations. These provide excellent sound quality and enhance any room with a proper setup. With so many benefits, do not think twice before buying them. All Home Living has some great on-wall speakers of top brands.

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