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The Museum Behind The Astonishing Mass Of Cars

By 21centuryweb | Updated August 25, 2021
The Museum Behind The Astonishing Mass Of Cars

Expanding over an area of 35,000 m2 with an astonishing mass of cars. This museum consists of everything that a car lover is looking for. The museum behind the astonishing mass of cars exhibits over 1500 vehicles from the very beginning of the automobile era by Mercedes Benz to the vehicles of the future.

This place is the combination of a breathtaking structure and content. This museum with impressive architecture is located in Mercedes Strasse 100, Stuttgart, Germany. Mercedes Bendz is an automobile firm invented by Carl Benz in 1886. The main motive to construct this museum was to honor the inventor’s passion and show the contemporary history of Mercedes Benz to the people.

The architectural firm behind this peculiar museum is the UNStudio. In order to pursue an environment of automobiles around. This museum used materials such as aluminium and glass. The bright polished aluminium paneling has the appearance of intertwining bands, which allows the natural sunlight to penetrate through the glass in the morning. Whereas in the dawn, the external shell blends into the darkness allowing an enigmatic light to glow within.

The structure of the museum reflects the shape of a double helix with no right angles in the building. There are total nine floors in the building where there are two walkways to access them. The walkways around the museum give a feeling of walking on a highway to the visitors. Where cars of various ages and types surround them.

The museum consists of several rooms. One of them is the “legend “room. To show the evolution of the Mercedes Benz cars since 1886.

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