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Massive Home Design Inspiration From This Tiny Home

By Avani Muley | Updated January 27, 2022
Massive Home Design Inspiration From This Tiny Home

We may have been acquainted with the idea of living in small spaces for generations. But the ‘Tiny Home living’ has attracted notable attention from millions across the globe. This house is giving us heavy inspiration for space management and styling our small house. This massive home design inspiration from this tiny house design has caught our eye & makes us believe that no space is ‘too tiny’ to live in, if you plan, design and execute well.

The Bela & Spencer Fishbeyn tiny home also known as the Tiny House in Boulder Creek or ‘Escher’ has caught a lot of eyes all over the world. This is due to its smart design and minimalist aesthetics. This small house design is a 300-square-foot structure located in California at a piece of land by the Santa Cruz Mountains. It has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a bathroom with a walk-in closet and shower. What really makes this tiny home appealing is the abundance of natural light and the fact that it doesn’t confine to the traditional indoor-outdoor boundaries.

The living room opens up to a patio with a Barbecue deck and outdoor seating. The couple has also assembled an additional dining area & a room to lounge outside the home for accommodating guests.

The Fishbeyn couple prefers to rent ‘Escher’ out on Airbnb as and when they are away on vacations at only 14-15000 per night! That being a far-fetched alternative, we feel it’s best to take inspiration and make-shift your own home spaces.

The mainstay idea of a massive home design inspiration for this ‘tiny home living’ is to downsize living and make the most out of available space. And that is the beauty of living in small spaces. Every nook & corner is given utmost attention to and styled to perfection, until it meets the taste of the home-owners. When the spaces are small and cosy, you can find inventive storage ideas to fit your needs and perfect them as you go.

Get a small peek into the tiny home

If you’re thinking about moving to a minimalistic home, these small modern house plans will give you all the inspiration you need to build the minimalistic home you’ve always wanted. According to all accounts, these tiny house interiors are everything but small. Each minimalistic home has the appearance of a small chateau, with a modern stylistic layout and elegant shading ranges.

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