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Using Prints & Patterns for Home Interiors

Using Prints & Patterns for Home Interiors

Prints and patterns adorn this beautiful living room

Adding prints and patterns into your home is just as exciting, as it is challenging. Not everyone is extremely comfortable, or willing to experiment. But, with the right knowledge and tips, we’re sure you can do it right.

Printed Wallpapers & Patterned Walls

Repainting your walls with patterns can be a phenomenal way to add a refreshing touch to your interiors. However, if you aren’t willing to spend heavy bucks on renovating, wallpapers are a fuss-free and budget-friendly option. Heavily patterned or vibrant walls can be overwhelming for some, so you can even opt for low-key color schemes and balance the rest of the interiors with similar prints or solid color. Using wallpapers to create feature walls is an inexpensive way to change up the look of your interiors.

Prints and patterns on Tiles

Patterned flooring draws a vintage outlook when used with earthy colors. Even otherwise, for a more contemporary look, you can use patterned tiles in your living room, dining or kitchen or even bathrooms. Wall tiling with patterned tiles is another technique that can be used to give an old school or retro look to these rooms. Tiling is an easy budget-friendly option!

Printed Upholstery

For those who prefer monotone walls and like to keep the canvas clean, using printed upholstery is a perfect option. As opposed to regular furniture, the ones with printed upholstery make a statement and add a personal touch to your home. It is even user-friendly as it’s easier to change over the years. And it looks fabulous when paired with bright colors. Using patterned rugs and carpets with motifs is the easiest way to create an illusion of patterned flooring.

Bedding & Decor

Decor and Bedding that are patterned aren’t too much of heavy investment. They are easy to style in your home and are at the bottom of the maintenance spectrum of home interiors. They help add a character to your home. It can be your bed quilts, comforters or covers that are printed. You can also bring prints and patterns in the form of wall accents such as paintings and showpieces. These small ideas really add to the aesthetic appeal of your interiors.

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Adding prints is an interesting way to upgrade the rather mundane elements in a home. It is also believed to bring positivity and liveliness in home interiors and is a great way to experiment with new styles and is one of the simplest ways to refurbish the look of your interiors. So, we suggest starting small and gradually ascending as you get comfortable with the idea of patterned elements in your casa.

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