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Choose from our range of Decorative Wall Mirrors for Fascinating Interior Spaces. Bring the ‘larger than life’ feel to your rooms by using beautiful mirror designs. Mirrors are a stylish way to add up space to your room. All Home Living not only offers mirrors in all shapes and sizes but we also customize them to fit the requirement of your homes and rooms. Full length mirrors for your dining room, mirrors in a round and rectangle forms for your bathroom, or simply decorative wall accents for your living room All Home Living has all the options to choose from.

Placement of mirrors is also an important aspect and our stylists help you with some great ideas for doing it right. Check out our mirror blog for more ideas. Apart from adding space large mirrors add lighting to a room when positioned right.

We are the leading providers of Wall Mirrors online in India. Our Venetian designed mirrors, metal wall mirrors, and framed mirrors are artsy pieces that are a striking feature of any room they are placed in. Check out our online store for other home decorative pieces, mirrored furniture, wall accents, beddings, lamps, and other gift options.

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Absolutely NOT! More than just decorative, wall mirrors are a practical and easy way to update most rooms in your home. Online shopping sites like All Home Living boast a wide range of decorative mirrors, which can be used to beautify your home.

Every room in your home deserves a decorative mirror because wall mirrors add more space to the room, especially if you have a small room. You can use them in the bedroom, living room, over your study desk, in the bathroom, the entryway is also an ideal spot for a new wall mirror.

Before you go shopping for decorative wall mirrors online, here are some common types of mirrors you may find: Hanging Mirrors, Floor Mirrors and Wall Mirrors.

When choosing wall mirrors, here are some things to keep in mind: Shape of the mirror, Size of the mirror, Style, & Purpose and Placement.

Wall mirrors come in so many different styles and materials that you’re never short of choices. They are also available in different shapes such as Full length mirrors, oval mirrors, rectangle mirrors, round mirror, square mirror & abstract shape mirrors. Explore our range, and find the perfect wall mirror for your home.

A mirror reflects the soul of a house. High end mirrors are made of quality Borosilicate glass or fused quartz or ULE materials or zero-expansion glass types, which can literally be 10-20X as expensive (and more).

Costs depend on the weight, design and size of the mirror. Avail exciting offers and discounts on your purchase while shopping online at All Home Living.

We want to make sure when you’re looking for where to buy Wall Mirrors online, you’re getting the one that’s exactly right for you! All Home Living is your #1 online website in India where you can buy the top-selling designs. Are you looking for a particular style? Contact our design experts for product recommendations at +91 9607929866. We’re here to help.

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Customer Diaries

Wall mirrors can be used in a variety of ways, as proven by our creative customers. Here are some ideas for how to use wall mirrors:

Please share with us your wall picture, so that we can help you to select the right mirror or design and customize your own mirrors or mirror furniture according to your preferences with us.
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  • Great for the price. These were so easy to hang since hooks are attached on the back and I used adhesives to fix them to the wall. It worked great.

  • The bronze wall mirror matched perfectly. I love the frame having an edge, not flat. Looks more expensive than it was. You need to use the hardware provided, it’s a narrow space to hang and didn’t work with other screws. Not worried about this falling or having any problems. So happy I found this one!

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