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Bedding & Furnishing

Your bedroom is where you unwind and you want it to be a space of tranquility. Fill your room with warmth by using All Home Living’s line of beautifully designed quilts. Our brand Quilting Tree exhibits one of the largest collections of quilts in India. Bring comfort and flair to your bedroom effortlessly by spreading our bed covers and quilts. Our anti-slip rugs and doormats contribute to the elegance of your room. Shop from our wide range of Home Furnishings Products Online at All Home Living.

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Everything You Need to Know About Bedding & Furnishing

We all have wanted super comfy and luxury bedding, floor, and furnishing in our homes. Beds are the most relaxing place in the entire world. No matter how tired we are, we always seek a bed to relax and rejuvenate ourselves. When we know what value home furnishing items hold in our lives, it gets arduous to choose the perfect bedding for our rooms.

Many people do not know that bedding sets have glossary and items. There are many beddings and furnishing items that are available in the market. All Home Living has many accessories that will help you design your own bedding collection.

Uncomplicated Bedding Glossary

Let us first have a look at the various bedding items available in the market and understand the glossary.

  • Mattress: The most essential part of your bedding is the mattress. You should select a mattress that is comfortable and good for your back. Also, use a protector to protect your mattress from getting dirty.
  • Bed Sheets: Sheets determine the overall outlook of the bedding. Furnishing fabrics are available in many patterns and materials. BedSheets sets are classified into three main types- fitted or the first layer sheet, flat or the top layer sheet and pillowcases to protect pillows.
  • Quilts or Converters: You’ll get a wide variety of quilts and converters to choose from. From super-light coverlets for summers to snug quilts for winters, you can choose according to your needs.
  • Pillows: Pillows are a crucial part of bedding. You should buy pillows that are healthy for your neck and backbone.

How do I choose the right bedding?

With so many options available in the market, you must be wondering which bedding is the best for your room. Well, we are here to help you choose the ideal bedding for your bedroom.

While different rooms demand different styles of beddings, here are some tips that will help you design your bedroom.

  • Bedding Material: Different people prefer different bedding materials for their rooms. While plush cotton bedding works best for summer, soft velvet bedding works great for winters. Also, modern luxury bedding styles include royal materials like silk and satin.
  • Create A Mood: Since a bed is a place to relax, your bedding must reflect the same mood. Your bedding should match the interiors and walls and set light and rejuvenating mood. You can select color panels and swatches from the internet to look for the best color combinations.
  • Size of the Bedding: Another critical factor in deciding the perfect bedding is the style and layout of the bedding you need. It depends on the number of people living in the home and using the bed. You may select a double bedding set or a single bedding set based on your needs.
  • Eclectic or Complementing Styles: When you are choosing the complete set of bedding, you need to decide the style and color of all elements. You can either go for matching elements or pattern furnishing. Both the ideas have their own grace. You may also switch the styles to break the monotony.
  • Choose healthy options: Today, most bedding and furnishing items keep a special check on the customer’s health. Most bedding items come in organic materials to prevent allergies and health problems in people, mostly the kid’s bedding set is made up of organic material. Moreover, mattresses come with many medical benefits like orthopaedical or latex mattresses that keep your spine healthy.

Buy Home Furnishings Products Online at Best Prices in India

Pep up your interiors with the best home furnishings items online at an affordable price in India. These home furnishings products are ideal to add to your overall aesthetic theme and create a warm and lovely home. Shop extraordinary home-furnished quality products like bedding sets, cushion covers, quilt, and blankets, etc. at a reasonable price range.

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Wide Range of Home Furnishings Items at All Home Living

When you’re looking for home furnishings, look no further than All Home Living. We offer a wide range of designer furnishings, quilts & bedspreads for you to choose from. Take your pick from quirky kids designs, solid colors, prints, and patterns to the beautiful patchwork and embroidered ones. Pillows for kids and blankets and throws add on to our range of bedding when you’re looking for great living room furnishings. With our convenient payment options (COD, Mastercard, Visa, and Paypal), easy returns, and delivery, it’s no secret why we are the leading brand in India in the furnishings segment. You can also avail discounts & offers on a wide range of quilts and bedspreads, home decor, home and office furniture, decor items such as wall mirrors, venetian mirrors, wall clocks, furnishing products, home technology, home appliances online, home theater, speakers, hanging lights, that suit your need.

Final Thoughts

Bedding and furnishing are essential investments for any household. You can buy the best bed available, but if your bedding does not complement your room, it will not look good. Be selective about the furnishing store. You should always select the best bedding in terms of comfort, color, style, and matching home decor.

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