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Ajay Arya Designs this Ritzy Nest in Kolkata with Panache

Spanning 2800 square feet 'A Square Designs' creation of the Ballygunge Park apartment in Kolkata, are all things grandiose. Ajay Arya invokes elegance and exquisiteness by a commix of contemporary, industrial, and modern styles. Meeting the style demands of its fashionista owners Aaditi and Tejini Osatwal this residence is a brilliant confluence of material, textures, [...]

This Abode by Croquis Interiors Adopts Ecological Elements to Create a Chic Vibe

Believing in "Less is more", the conceptualization of this home by Shivani has taken inspiration from the likes of California and Bali. The founder of Croquis interiors dotes on utilizing natural elements for her interiors. Elements like seagrass, cane, concrete, and wood bedeck this serene den. Imparting coastal hues with the help of wall accents, [...]

Beyond Designs goes Beyond Conventional to Create this Grandiose Space

The métier of Neha and Sachin Gupta is to create Luxuriant spaces. Spaces that reflect the personality of its inmates and are truly timeless. This three-bedroom apartment spreading across 7500 sq. ft. is festooned with meticulous home decor elements. The interior decor pieces are in-house creations of Beyond Designs Home. True to its location Udaipur [...]

The Bali Residence – A Calm Dwelling by The Design Chapel

Simplicity and sophistication rule The Bali Residence conceptualized by Preshita Shah of The Design Chapel. Taking inspiration from Scandinavian aesthetics this 800 square feet home has been tastefully designed to meet a young couple's Mumbai lifestyle. Minimalism is not a lack of something. It's simply the perfect amount of something. - Nicholas Burroughs Opening Doors [...]

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20 Best Living Room Ideas that you can Implement to Up Your Style Quotient

The Living Room is undoubtedly the nucleus of any home. It sets the first impression of your personality owing to its interior style. The Living Room is the space that guests, friends, and family most often pay a visit to and spend most of their time in. This selection of 20 Living Room decor ideas [...]

Give Your Dining Room a Facelift With These Top Tips

A few simple things can transform your dining area. Your dining room is one of the most important spaces in your home. It's where the family gathers to enjoy a good meal. Everyone catches up on each other's day. You talk, you laugh, you make memories. It's the one place that the entire family uses [...]

Make Your Home Super Cozy With These Hacks

Beautiful bedroom designed by Aparna Kaushik in South Delhi Take your comfort at home to the next level with these clever tips. During the stressful times of the pandemic, our homes are our comfort havens. We're spending more and more time at home. You've probably already made your home very comfortable. But we're here to [...]

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How To Clean Different Parts of Your Speakers

Over time, your speakers will gather dirt and dust. If you’ve got kids, their sticky hands could make your speakers grimy. And you want to clean them, but you have to be careful. They’re not like other items of furniture or decor in your home. You can’t ask the bai to pocha maro them. You […]

5 Top Picks of Focal Speakers, the French Hi-Fi Brand

All Home Living showcases the 5 top picks of Focal speakers.  For more than 40 years, Focal has been designing and manufacturing home audio loudspeakers, car audio speaker drivers and amplifiers, monitoring loudspeakers for recording studios, and more recently, headphones. Based in Saint-Étienne, France, Focal earned its place amongst the leaders of the audio industry […]

AHL Launch Exclusive Online Collection for Naim Mu-so – Bentley Special Edition

The best of the British audio brand, Naim Mu-so, now in India at All Home Living (AHL). AHL Launches Exclusive Online Collection for Naim Mu-so – Bentley Special Edition. A racing car driver from Britain. Who’s also a self-taught engineer. With a deep, deep passion for music.  He starts an audio brand.  It’s wildly successful.  […]

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Luxury Brand Ellementry Ties in with Foodhall to offer a Unique SIS Experience and Enthrall Consumers

Exemplifying simple luxury through ethereal and sustainably forward designs, home decor brand Ellementry is now a part of Foodhall’s flagship store in Mumbai. The gourmet superstore’s strategic partnership with the home decor and tableware brand, with a unique shop-in-shop (SIS) experience, has come as a pleasant surprise to its customers. Foodhall envisaged the shift in [...]

10 Living Room Decor Items That You Will Instantly Fall in Love With

You never get a second chance to make a first impression and your Living Room styling can do wonders for creating one. The nucleus of our house, the Living Room is the most frequented by friends and family and mostly the first room one steps into.  There are many elements that attract attention in the [...]

The Most Expensive Homes in Mumbai that Redefine Luxury

Mumbai, the city of dreams and the wealthiest city in the country is home to the highest number of millionaires in India. Undeniably it is the land of the most expensive homes in the country, homes costing not less than a billion. Leaf through this post to discover the owners and specifics of these palatial [...]

AHL Lounge | AHL Brand Story

AHL Lounge presents to you amazing interviews of topmost Designers, Architects, and Stylists. AHL Brand Story is the journey of creative brands that will resonate with and inspire you.

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Jade Design House is Illuminating Abodes with Bespoke Lighting

Specialising in recherché and bespoke lighting, Jade Design House in Mumbai is a lighting studio established by Manasi Jade. Having a fervid interest in starting her own lighting design firm, this B.Arch student from Mumbai University went ahead to pursue her MA in Design: Product and Space from Kingston University London. Manasi strengthened her interest [...]

Exploring VAL Atelier’s Opulent Design of this Boutique Jewellery Store

Located in Hyderabad – the city of Nizams, here is an unconventional design of a boutique jewelry store. The ideation and conceptualization of this 3-floor luxury store by Vaishnavi of VAL Atelier is a quintessential example of exquisiteness. A design of refined taste, every fraction of this store spells grandeur. The outset of metallic gold, […]

AHL Lounge | Colloquy with Manish Dikshit of Aum Architects

Gestating eclectic designs with refinement and responsiveness irrespective of scale and domain, are key to the projects he builds. Featuring in top national and international magazines for his impeccable style of design, his projects range from sprawling townships to urban scale master plans. Bringing more than 460 projects to completion under his able tutelage, he […]

AHL Lounge | In Confab with Swati Goorha

Swati Goorha acquired the love for designing by dint of her travel diaries from an early age. Her creative work of aesthetically designed residences and commercial spaces are concentrated all over the US. A member of the prestigious American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), she actualized her goal by concluding her studies with an MS […]

AHL Lounge | Interview with Sailakshmi of SLA

Sailakshmi, an Architect & Interior Designer, is the founder of SLA. The studio based in Chennai was established in September 2019. She has earned her wings with a Bachelors in Architecture and a Masters in the same field from Florida International University, USA. She has been passionate about Spaces and Design from an early age. […]

AHL Lounge | Confabulation with Young & Talented Akshi

Meet Akshi – the Designer whose name truly defines her. Akshi means ‘Eye’ and her designs are a testament to her eye for beauty and detail. Akshi is a hodophile, she is truly passionate about travelling and loves to explore the beauty of our planet. Befittingly quoted “Heaven is under our feet as well as […]

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6 Vintage Home Decor Picks for That Retro Throwback

Find comfort in nostalgia with these classic pieces. Retro home decor is a throwback to the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. It’s charming and gives you a sense of comfort because of the nostalgia factor. The same can be said for traditional home decor. Furniture made from real wood and bamboo, thick rugs and pretty [...]

Why Cotton Bedding is The Best

When you choose bedding, make sure you choose cotton. Our sleep experts tell you why. It’s so frustrating when you’ve been tossing and turning all night. You wake up feeling groggy, stay groggy the entire day, make bad choices when it comes to food, and you ache to just get back to bed. An easy [...]

Top 5 Mirror Furniture Picks for S/S 2021

Add beauty and depth to your living space with these stunning mirror furniture pieces. There are so many reasons why mirror furniture is the best. It’s unique. It goes with everything. It brings better energy to your home. And with All Home Living, it’s customizable.  Here are our top 5 picks of stunning mirror furniture […]

Toys and Clothing are not the only Gift Options for Kids

How many times have you and your spouse brainstormed on what gift to buy for your little niece or a gift for your 10 yr old nephew? Hasn’t “best gift for boys” or “creative gifts for girls” been a perpetual phrase on your Google search every time a birthday for kids pops up? Toys and […]

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