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Get Cosy and feel the warmth in winters with Blankets from Quilting Tree. Buy Blankets and Quilts Online @ discounted rates in India. Shop a wide range of Blankets Online from Quilting Tree such as Double Bed Blankets, Single Bed Blankets, King Size Blankets & more.

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In the peak winter, months of December and January blankets are the most required accessory for us to sleep comfortably at night. If we do not get the required warmth at night then we may not be able to sleep in the cold winter months. Therefore, from Quilting Tree we have special luxury collection of blankets for the winter seasons to provide you with the warmth.

The beautiful designs of these quilted blankets will also make your bedroom look luxurious and glamorous.

Below are few points to ponder while buying one for your bedroom.

  • Which colour combination is best suited in your bedroom?
  • Which fabric of blanket suits you? (As few material may cause allergy)
  • How often you wash your blanket and is it machine washable?
  • What size you require king size or queen size ?
  • Do you require blanket for kids?

Quilting Tree has the best luxury blankets available in India on AllHomeLiving. We guarantee you with the best quality products with timely delivery PAN India. Buy the best online with the best rates available online.

Buy Blankets Online on AllHomeLiving

AllHomeLiving is the one stop home decor store online. We at AllHomeLiving cater to exclusive products even our kids blankets from Quilting Tree are unique. Buy online at AllHomeLiving to get the best quality products. There are various varieties to choose from. Choose the right one for your self online.

Buy online and they will be shipped within 24 hrs. Best gift for your loved ones. Purchase it online and just write a note and we will gift wrap it and send it to your loved ones.

At Quilting Tree, we manufacture our products keeping in mind the comfort and design that a consumer looks for. We pay utmost importance to the quality of the products. However, each product has its own uniqueness. Few tips suggested by our experts:

  • Always keep your room color in mind when buying. You can either buy the same color to keep your bedroom subtle. Or you can buy a contrasting shade to create a vibrant-looking bedroom.
  • Take into consideration the weather of your place while buying a blanket. You may choose woolen or fur ones for winter and cotton and microfibre for summers or year-round.
  • This is the most important point to consider while buying a blanket. check its washing instructions. It’s always preferred to buy a machine washable one.

Soft Blankets to Keep You Warm Always

Cold winters are approaching. All we can think about is wrapping ourselves in warm blankets. Blankets are a critical part of the bedding. Many different types of blankets are available today.

Blankets solve almost all purposes. You can use summer cotton blankets or heavy winter blankets for winters. Not only do soft blankets keep you warm, but also, they look vibrant in bedrooms. They instantly add a new vibe to the room.

5 Main Types of Blankets You Must Have

Blankets are lovely to have around. There is no specific way of using blankets. Their versatility and functionality decide the different types of blankets.

  1. Blankets for babies
  2. Baby blankets are extremely useful and necessary. If you have a baby, you already know how much mothers depend on 10-12 baby blankets. A baby blanket set for a baby is a great choice as it keeps the baby warm and comfy. It allows the child to have some restful sleep. You can find baby blankets for summer and winter to wrap your bundle of joy. These blankets are extra soft and mostly organic.

  3. Blankets for winter
  4. We all crave blankets during the winter season to keep us warm. Heavy winter blankets keep you cozy when the temperature outside drops. These blankets are made of warm material like fleece blankets that keep the heat trapped inside. Also, winter blankets are available in many styles and colors. You can choose one according to your convenience.

  5. Blankets Quilt
  6. Many people don’t know this, but blanket quilts are very useful in all households. These are quilted blankets that are comfy and perfect for all seasons. All Home Living has some amazing quilted bedspreads and blankets in cotton that grace your bedroom in all seasons.

  7. Cotton blankets for Summer
  8. Cotton quilts and blankets for summer are perfect to keep you tucked-in in an air-conditioned room. These blankets give a snug feel and are neither too warm nor too cold. You can find summer cotton blankets in many designs and patterns.

  9. Throw Blankets
  10. Throw blankets are versatile and super-functional. You can use them anyways. You may simply throw them around your couch to enhance aesthetics. They are lightweight and keep you comfy during summers and warm during cold weather. Throw blankets are generally used outside the bedroom. They are perfect for movie nights on the couch.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How to wash blankets?

Q: How to soften a muslin blanket?

Q: How to freshen blankets without washing?

Q: How many blankets does a baby need?

Q: How to store blankets?

Q: How to get rid of dog hair on blankets?

Overall Outlook

Blankets are a necessity in each household. With so many types of blankets available in the market, it can get hard to choose the best one for you. All Home Living has some chic cotton blankets for summer that enhance the grace of your bedroom.

Why All Home Living?

Customer Satisfaction is our Top Priority, we at All Home Living offer our visitors over thousands of products in a world-class ambience and the list is growing every day.
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