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Cotton Quilts

Cotton is one of the most used materials for quilting or making quilts. Cotton quilts are soft and easy to maintain. At Quilting Tree, we have carved a niche in the market by providing the best quality Cotton Comforters and Cotton Velvet Quilts. Buy Quilts Online at Best Prices in India for colorful quilts, patchwork quilts, and baby bedding sets, made from natural cotton, and eco-friendly vegetable dyes.

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All-Weather Cotton Quilts for Bedrooms

We all want a good night’s sleep. We visualize a super-soft bedding of bed, a warm bedsheet, and a snug cotton quilt. As the pre-winter season approaches, the hunt for the best cotton quilts has begun.

Many people are shifting to cotton quilts because of their convenience. All cotton quilts are durable, comfortable, and handy. The best thing about high-quality cotton quilts is that they can be used all year round. From summer AC rooms to cold winter nights, the best cotton quilts serve both purposes.

Types of Cotton Quilt

The most common types of quilt batting are Polyester, 100% Cotton, and Cotton/Poly Blend and each has its own pros and cons.

Cotton Quilt King Size

King size quilts, bed covers, and bedspreads are for huge beds which provide you with that extra space when you sleep. King-sized beds do look luxurious and glamorous in any bedroom. So this size of a bed requires an extra big bed cover, bedspreads, or quilts. We at Quilting Tree have King Size bed covers, quilts, and bedspreads available which are machine washable. All our quilts require minimum care. So choose the ones that are best for your bedroom. The cotton quilts are available in different designs and patterns. Choose from our exclusive quilt collection online.

Cotton Quilt Queen Size

Queen size quilts are the same size as a double bed. The Queen size beds are a bit smaller than the king-size beds. We at allhomeliving have a huge variety in the Queen Size option. You can choose from cotton bed covers ,bedspreads and quilts collection from Quilting Tree. The quilted bed covers, you get at Quilting Tree will make your room look attractive and glamorous just like you see in magazines. So choose the bedcover or bedspread that best suits your personality.

Bedrooms have to be the most comfortable and the most cosy place in your house. We have a wide range of quilted bedcovers, bedspreads, quilts, quilted bedsheets. You can choose from embroidery bedcovers, solid colour quilted bedcover and our luxury quilts which is our limited edition. We also cater to the kids room. We have exclusive and designer bedding sets for kids. Shop from our quilted kids bedcover. We also have baby play mats shop from our wide variety online. Shop online from our exclusive rug collection.

What should you consider before buying cotton quilts?

Buying the perfect cotton quilt can be a daunting task. It can lead to a lot of questions and doubts in the mind of the buyer. All Home Living has some elegant cotton quilts online that will grace your bedroom.

We have collected some important factors to consider before buying cotton bed quilts.

  • Purpose of the quilt: The first point you need to evaluate is your purpose of buying. You should decide the usage of the quilt. There are many cotton quilts for babies that are super-soft and light. If you are looking for cotton quilts for summer, then you should opt for thin cotton quilts. You need to know the purpose of buying before shopping.
  • Size and Casing: The size of the quilt is a critical factor. It will depend on your bed mainly. You should buy a quilt that is one size up from your bed.You can find many Indian cotton quilts king-size to cover the entire bed. You may even wish to buy two single-bed quilts instead of one double-bed quilt. The size and casing of the bed and quilt need to be checked.
  • Thickness: The thickness of cotton quilts varies according to their purpose and season of use. A thin quilt has a low loft and is perfect for the summer season or pre-winters. However, you’ll need heavy-weight cotton quilts for the winter season.
  • What’s Inside: Cotton quilts are comfortable and stylish on the outside. But it is not enough to choose the best quilt. You need to know the filling of the quilt.The stuffing of the quilt impacts the warmth and regulates our body temperature. The filling decides how well we sleep. Also, some people are allergic to a certain type of fillings. Therefore, it is safe and better to consider the filling beforehand.

    The cotton filling is lightweight and absorbs moisture to keep you dry. Cotton quilts are well-suited for people with allergies. It is also more durable and keeps you cool.


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Overall Outlook

Cotton quilts are meant to be used. They are not like other decorative quilts that you leave inside beds. Cotton quilts are packable, warm, and lightweight. They suit everyone, from children to the elderly. If you are looking for the best cotton quilts, All Home Living is the right choice for you. We have a wide range of cotton quilts to suit every bedroom.

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