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A chandelier has been an ideal solution to not only light your living room or dining room, but also to add class and elegance to your home. Decorate your home with LED Chandelier, antique Jhoomar, Led Wall lights, ceiling lamps, hanging lighting, and range of home decoration items. Buy Chandeliers online at the best prices in India.

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A Touch of Royalty with Exclusive Chandeliers

In the earlier times, people used to consider chandeliers as a sign of royalty that only rich people could afford. However, today almost all interior decorators add chandelier lights to enhance the aesthetics of your home. Almost every house has modern chandelier lights in the staircase or living rooms.

Not all chandeliers are swanky or extra. Some chandelier designs are sleek and sophisticated. The ceiling chandelier dazzles guests and offers perfect lighting to your rooms. If you think the interiors of your room are simple, you can add a chandelier light to dazzle up the room.

Where Can You Hang a Chandelier?

People used to hang chandeliers mostly in the living room. It presented a bold appeal to the primary room of the house. However, people now use ceiling chandeliers in different ways.

You cannot just pick a random chandelier for your home. The decision of buying a chandelier needs time and effort. You should know which room necessitates a chandelier. You may use chandelier light as the main lighting source or hang it just for fun.

Living room chandelier

The living room is the primary room of the home. It already has the pressure to look better than other rooms of the home. Modern chandelier lights combine design elements from traditional and contemporary styles. Chandeliers for the living room look great in chrome and satin touch. Also, the chandelier lights of the living room should complement your furniture and interiors. Chandeliers in the living room solve the purpose of the main lighting of the room.

Bedroom Chandelier

Chandeliers for bedrooms are decorative fixtures that impart style into the bedroom. A small bedroom chandelier looks great and enhances the ambiance. A modern chandelier light in the bedroom can be a primary light source. You may also use a sleek chandelier as a supplementary light source.

Chandelier for Dining Table

Dining table chandeliers are placed just above the table. These lights face downwards and throw light on the table. Dining table chandeliers are a perfect way of adding style and royalty. However, the size of the chandelier for the dining table should be appropriate. The chandelier should be half the size of the table. Also, ceiling height and chandelier height should be taken into consideration. It should be around 30”-36” from the top of your table. If your roof is very high, then you can go for a two-tier chandelier.

Chandelier for staircase

Chandeliers for staircase are one of the most common places for hanging a chandelier. These chandeliers are bigger and more elite than most other forms of lights. Designer chandeliers for the staircase come in a variety of colors and materials. Victorian era and vintage look chandeliers look best in staircases. You can find exquisite staircase chandeliers at All Home Living.

What to look for in a chandelier?

Many people look for the best style of chandelier for their home. However, there are some other critical factors you need to consider. The two main factors of choosing a chandelier are:

Size: You should be particular about the size of the chandelier that you want. The size will also depend on where the ceiling chandelier is to be placed. A staircase chandelier will be big while a bedroom chandelier should be small.

The direction of Light: The two main directions of chandelier lights are upwards or downwards. If the chandelier is placed in the living room as a supplementary light source, then an upward chandelier works great. For dining table chandeliers, the lights should face downwards.


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Overall Outlook

Chandelier lights look great in all rooms and complement all types of interiors. Crystal chandelier looks sleek and flashy in living rooms. If you are looking for a chandelier online, then All Home Living has some great options for you.

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