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Art Deco Mirrors

Art Deco mirrors brighten up any room. These ever-popular vintage style mirrors add that designer edge to your home. Shop Art déco mirrors online and other antique, vintage and modern accessories at All Home Living.

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Where to Find Art Deco Mirrors

Being able to shop for an Art Deco Mirror online and from the comfort of your living room allows you to choose the most fitting option. This way you have the room and the actual portrait of the prospective wall mirror you want all in one place.

With a variety and range of wall mirrors online, you are able to visualize how the item will look in your space, unlike a case where you visit a physical shop away from your room. All Home Living for instance is a great place to begin your search.

What Varieties are there for Art Deco Mirrors?

Different mirror designers give different names to their products, but they all come down to how good the handicraft work is done. In general, mirrors can be categorized into full-length wall mirrors, antique wall mirrors among others, sandwiched in the modern wall mirror design of your choice.

In a nutshell, below are some available fancy wall mirrors that top in the list of art deco mirrors;

  1. Art Deco Fan Mirror

  2. As the name suggests, this art deco mirror is impressive and fan. Besides being stylish it also styles up your space. If you’re after something that can add that feel of traditional art to space, then a deco mirror embodies all aspects of that. This particular piece is also unique in that the design is super simple, for instance, it can be made into a wall mirror with a shelf, providing classic and timeless art in one place.

  3. Art Deco Style Modern Mirror

  4. This deco mirror brings style and modernity together. It gives your walls that taste of traditionality and modernism. With this piece of decoration, every glimpse reminds of your great taste for art. The mirror itself has a stunning finish with sleek lines and is specifically a perfect choice for homeowners who want both a modern and traditional finish.

  5. Black Glass Art Deco Mirror

  6. This genre of art mirror brings in that striking design on your wall. It is a great option for any wall or space that demands attention. In precise if all you are looking for is a sleek, chic, stylish deco in the wall mirror, this is it. Talking of the framework, a wall mirror shop near me can use black decorative features, like for instance two black glass strips, an inside, and outer strip, with mitered glass edges.

  7. Full Length Art Deco Wall Mirror

  8. With this art deco wall mirror, you not only get the full reflection of yourself, but the piece offers a real centerpiece of attention on the space is mounted. In other words, this option offers your room a décor that won’t go unnoticed. Depending on whether go with the tall slim shape full-length mirror or the wide full-length art deco mirror, one thing is that this genre will brighten up your home decor.


Q: How Do you Know an Art Deco Mirror is Perfect for Your Space?

A: There are several aspects to focus on when you are choosing an art deco mirror. For one, since this is not an ordinary framed wall mirror and if what you want is something unique, everything needs to be unique. The sheet glass quality needs to be per with the quality you are after, which means it should be top-notch.

Talking of that, a good quality mirror should have a considerable thickness to make it hard to break. With prime sheet glass, a wall mirror would be hard to break. Ensure your art deco mirror’s reflective coat is resistant to wear and not just beautiful, though its beauty should be unquestioned.

Q: Are Expensive Art Deco Mirrors Worth the Money?

A: Art Deco Mirrors is an exceptional piece of decoration especially when placed in an easily viewable point. They add light and make a beauty statement. The good part with art deco mirrors is they are unique and come in various shapes.

Whether you want to spice up your dining space or bedroom with an art deco mirror, you can be sure this mirror species would look great. Well, that’s not all, you can pin one deco mirror at your home entrance to facelift the space. Besides, an entrance point deco mirror allows you to always check and ensure your makeup is in place, lipstick and hair before you move out.

Q: What are the Price Ranges for Art Deco Mirrors?

A: As such, it is common that they are more beautiful, much stylish, and even a bit expensive compared to similar-sized mirrors that are not decorated. The gap in price range may also be super huge and this will depend on the design and quality of the wall mirror in India. For instance, an Art Deco Fan Wall Mirror of dimensions 36″x 36″ costs around ₹16,000.00, while a similar one of 60″x 24″ inch costs around ₹20,000.00. The Jersey Modern Art Deco Wall Mirror on the other hand of dimensions 48″x 48″ currently costs ₹32,000.00 at All Home Living.

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somashekar shettigar
somashekar shettigar
Great product,I buying mu-so2 gen,it’s all happened by mr.Hussain Gandhi from All home living who guided me about the product,very good service from All home living.
Sandeep dalal
Sandeep dalal
Excellent rates found here , was initially wary about them but all good ...went for Dali Oberon 5 stereo speakers and marantz pm7000n amazing combination and packaging was also good received the consignment in proper shape ...did call a few more dealers but these guys were the cheapest ...thanks guys am having a wonderful time listening
Kartik Neelakantan
Kartik Neelakantan
I would say that buying my MuSo QB2 has been a pleasurable one with Hussain Gandhi who guided me all along with the product details as well as gave me a decent price. The whole process was seamless and I would recommend All Home Living for its fantastic range of luxury goods.
heena thadani
heena thadani
It just increased the elegance of my place. The mirror is just beautiful
Savio Fernandes
Savio Fernandes
Reliable service and excellent customer service provided. Very impressed.
Aditya Yvs
Aditya Yvs
Very Prompt service. Clear communication, smooth Process. Well packed. Overall, would recommend doing business with them. They offer very reasonable prices as well
anil kumar raparla Bobby
anil kumar raparla Bobby
Very Reasonable price and prompt service.
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