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Frame Mirrors

Designer frame mirrors elevate the look of your rooms as opposed to hanging simple and plain mirrors on walls. All Home Living offers you exquisite design mirrors with wooden frames to adorn your walls.

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Give Your Home a New Look with Frame Mirrors

Have you bought a new apartment? Are you looking for ways to decorate your home? Well, we have got you covered. If you’re thinking of ways to fill your new home with the best aesthetics, then Decorative wall mirrors are something you need. Frame mirrors are the perfect and most pocket-friendly way of decorating your walls.

Frame mirrors give an edge and enhance the brightness of the house. Wall mirrors reflect and give an illusion of extra space and look stunning on the walls of any room.

Framed mirrors are in vogue currently. Placing an elegant mirror with a grand frame elevates the look of your room like no other. You can place the mirror in versatile ways, place it standing adjacent to your wall, hang it vertical or horizontal on your empty walls and you will instantly see the royal charm in your space.

Framing style and functionality together these mirrors come in various finishes. You can add a vintage touch by purchasing the carving frames or add the plain finish ones to your modern and contemporary interior styles. Use them in your bedroom for dressing up every day or in the bathroom. You can also position the mirror at the end of the passage or over the console in your entryway. Be it anywhere the mirror will widen your space and add grandeur effortlessly.

8 Mirror Ideas for Your Home

If you’re willing to transform your home with a simple and easy placement of mirrors, then we have some crazy ideas for you.

  1. Large Frame Mirrors: The easiest and quickest way to decorate your living room is by placing many large frame mirrors in different shapes. You can hang these mirrors above some simple furniture, so they grab all the attention. It will add a lot of fun to the living room and also amplify the space.
  2. Play Some Tricks: We all know the purpose of the mirror is not just restricted to look at our reflection. When placing wall mirrors, you can play some tricks to enhance the utility of the mirrors. You should place mirrors on the wall facing the window. You will get bright natural light and a fresh appeal. It will also make the room look spacious.
  3. Floor standing Frame Mirrors: Floor standing frame mirrors are preferred by every household today. These long and sleek mirrors are very useful and gorgeous. These mirrors are perfect to catch the look of your complete outfit. Also, they look like a nice decorative part of the room. So, you can place a floor standing mirror in any part of your house.
  4. Go Asymmetrical: Asymmetrical placement of mirrors is the trendiest style of decorating walls. Framed mirrors that form an asymmetric pattern bring dynamism to your room. It also creates a unique interior style on budget.
  5. Create a Custom Mirror Gallery: Almost every house has a sleek gallery that is an essential part of interiors, but you don’t know how to decorate it. Well, some antique frame mirrors of different sizes fit perfectly in the gallery walls. You can use some rustic look frames and complement the wall.
  6. Round MirrorsRound mirrors are apt to solve your decoration purposes. A round mirror always looks graceful and useful. You can place round mirrors of different styles and sizes to complete the look of any wall.
  7. Bohemian Style: Many people today are giving their homes a Bohemian look. The subtle interiors and easy arrangement make them the best option. Different size mirrors can be added to give a Bohemian aesthetic to your home.
  8. Enhance Utility: Frame mirrors can be very useful when placed in bathrooms and gyms. Large-sized frame mirrors solve the purpose of hanging a mirror, and also give the illusion of a bigger space.


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Decorating walls with mirrors has become a new trend. It is an easy and budget-friendly way of enhancing interiors. You can choose a mirror of your choice depending on the size, color, shape, and light in the room. Give your house a new look with a subtle frame mirror. You can also place this frame mirror as a Bedroom wall mirror.

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