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Metal Mirrors

Metal Mirror accentuates the look of any space. Buy online a wide range of Decorative Metal Mirrors online at best prices in India from top brands on All Home Living, available in various designs, shapes, and colors.

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How to Beautify your Home with Metal Mirrors

Mirrors have a special place in homes. With decorative wall mirror sets, you can easily give your living a noticeable facelift. Remember the tale ‘Mirror on the wall? So, who is the fairest of them all” Although yours won’t reply, the function and decorative roles of mirrors in a room are irreplaceable? Interestingly, metal mirrors have become all the buzz lately and for this reason it important to know a thing or two before you get one.

Things You Should Keep in Mind When Buying a Metal Mirror

While hand-crafted art metal mirrors come in many designs, you want a design that would perfectly match as well as enhance your home’s beauty. Well, size, in reference to the target space is another aspect to keep in mind. Getting the size right the first time reduces the need to have to send back the item for replacement. Also, what color do you want your metal framed wall mirror to have, think of such, or simply share your room’s photo with the craftsman and discuss what fits the most!

Here are some tips to spice up your living space with metal mirrors:

  1. Consider Style

  2. Mirrors can give your space a modern, classic, vintage, or edgy look depending on the frame that comes with it. You can pick a wall mirror with lights to change or enhance your room’s looks. If you want to add life to your accent wall in the bedroom or living room, for instance, you can choose bold metal mirrors such as the Sunburst Accent Wall Mirror or the Gold Leaf Accent Wall Mirror.

  3. Placement is Key

  4. To harness the decorative side of mirrors, placement matters. Place mirrors across decorative pieces to beautify your space. Also, consider placing your mirror across a window to balance the natural light within a room. While placing your mirrors, consider the height of the space you will hang them. Mirror placement relies on what you want to be reflected. In fact, you can increase the effect you want with wall mirror stickers online in India. You can hang metal mirrors at eye level like the artwork but you can also go higher or lower depending on what works for your space.

  5. Create a Focal Point

  6. If you want to draw attention to a certain point in your living space, there’s no better way to do it than to hang a mirror. Place your designer metal mirror above mantels in the living room or dining buffets to create your focal point. You can take this idea to a bigger level by picking a large metal framed mirror and placing it behind the sofa. Not only will your space look expansive but also well-lit.

  7. Use Multiple Mirrors

  8. With mirrors, one is never enough especially if they are smaller in size. You can play with multiple metal mirrors to achieve the style you are looking for. Treat multiple mirrors as you would a picture gallery which is to treat them as a single unit. You can simply pull off this style by hanging wall mirrors in a row in a room with little clutter. For this style, the Frill Wall Mirrors Set of 3 is an impeccable choice.

  9. Hang Mirrors Properly

  10. Once you have picked out the style and trim of your metal mirror, all that remains is to hang it on your wall. Hammering a nail into the wall won’t work out because the mirror may fall or it may rest on an angle that distorts reflection. So, to hang your mirrors properly, purchase picture hangers or wall hooks to hold your mirror flat to the wall. Use two wall hooks, one at each end, for better results. If your mirror is very heavy, do not try to hang it yourself. Instead, seek professional help.


Q: What metal is used to make mirrors?

A: For mirror coating, metal plating is commonly used. Metals used to coat mirrors include; zinc, copper, and platinum. Silver and aluminum are the most popular mirror coatings.

Q: What are metal mirror frames made of?

A: Metal mirror frames are made of bronze, gold, or silver-colored metals that give the mirror a regal and polished look.

Q: Can metal mirrors be used in bathrooms?

A: Metal mirror frames are not water-resistant thus they do not make good choices for the moist and damp environment in the bathroom.

Metal Mirrors at All Home Living

You may be wondering where to get silver wall mirror rectangle, or metal mirrors in general, right. At All Home Living, we have metal mirrors of various styles, shapes, and materials. We have choices such as the Butterfly Wall Mirror, Copper Wall Mirror, Dimensional Wall Mirror, Foster Wall Mirror, and many more.

Apart from mirrors, we have a large collection of furniture, bedding & furnishing, home décor, and home technology. Whatever you are looking for, we have it so browse our extensive inventory today!

Final thoughts

Designing your home in a luxurious and stylish way is just a step away from All Home Living. We have the widest collection of designer wall mirrors if you are looking at purchasing mirrors online. Wall accents can dramatically change the look of a room. Metal mirrors are one amongst them and we have some classy metal mirror designs in all shapes and sizes. Round wall mirrors, rectangular mirrors are all available in the metal mirror collection.

You can adorn your living room by placing these metal mirrors on the wall behind your sofas, at your entryway, on the wall behind your bed, or as a vanity mirror, you can use them as bathroom mirrors as well to give a chic appeal. They also make for great gifts for housewarming or to just send in some love to your loved ones. Our packaging is done with the utmost care and you can be assured of break-free delivery.

You can choose from our other home decor products and furniture as well as beautiful bedding from our online store.

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