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Unique Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom

The bedroom offers personal space to people. Your bedroom belongs to you and you can do anything personalized to it. Mostly, bedrooms are away from public view, and how you design and decorate them is your prerogative. Wardrobes for bedrooms play a critical role in any home.

We all know how useful and necessary a bedroom wardrobe is. From wardrobe for kids to wardrobe for a small bedroom, it keeps your room and clothes organized. Many people think that wardrobe means cupboards, but they are much more than that. With time, the trends change, and today, the wardrobe is a vital aspect of home furniture. Most interior designers and decorators put a lot of effort to build a wardrobe.

If you are baffled about selecting the best wardrobe design for your bedroom furniture, then we have some simple and easy ideas for you.

Types of wardrobe design for bedroom

  • Wooden Wardrobe: The most common types of wardrobes used by people are wooden wardrobes. 
    Pros: These wardrobes are spacious and durable. You can get a wooden wardrobe crafted according to your choice. Also, wooden wardrobes look graceful and elegant in bedrooms. 
    Cons: Wood is vulnerable to water, and wardrobes can get damp if there is a water source nearby. Also, scratches or damages can happen to these wardrobes.
  • Wardrobe with mirror: The latest trend and elegant mirror wardrobes look great in any room of the house.

    Pros: Mirror wardrobes give a luxurious and lively vibe to the room. They also reflect light and brighten up the room. Also, mirrors give an illusion of a larger room.

    Cons: Although a wardrobe with mirror looks great, but it is fragile. If you have kids at home, then the chance of breaking the mirror increases. Mirror wardrobes can also get visible scratches on their surface.

  • Sliding wardrobes: Sliding wardrobes offer unmatchable convenience and save a lot of space. They work well in all types of rooms.

    Pros: There are several finishes and designs available in sliding door wardrobes. They are quick and fast to access and are spacious. Also, these wardrobes take less space than a wardrobe that opens up-front.

    Cons: One disadvantage of a sliding door wardrobe is that you can only have a partial view of the contents. You cannot open the complete cupboard at once. Also, jamming can occur in sliding doors with constant use.

  • Wardrobe with dressing table: A wardrobe with a dressing table sounds just perfect. It solves two problems at once.

    Pros: A dressing table is a crucial part of a dressing room. A wardrobe that comes with an attached dressing table stores everything you need to get ready in one place. Also, it saves time, space, and cost by accumulating the two things together.

    Cons: A wardrobe with a table requires a spacious room to be placed. You cannot put it in a corner like regular wardrobes.


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