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Accessories & Cables

Accessories and Cables: Get all types of wires and cable accessories for industries, homes & commercial use online at the best discount prices in India.

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Accessories and cables

Accessories and cables are the most powerful weapon of any device or appliance. And if you are the one who is looking for TV accessories, DVD player, Car light accessories, speaker cables, connectorssubwoofer cables, then you are on the right page. All Home Living brings all these cables and accessories for you with an optimistic budget, quality, and brand.

Every individual preference is quite different when it comes to a brand in cables and accessories. But when you choose any brand for it, you need to be sure that it specifically works well with your device and systems.


Categories that come under accessories that All Home Living offers you with the best brands and prices.


Connectors are usually for signal transfer, usually to create an electrical circuit. One of the best brands for connectors is Monster Quick Lock. It is for connection termination, which prevents connections from breaking. It can be used in housing anywhere, for example, in Modern Kitchen Accessories and so on.

HDMI Cable

HDMI cables are in use everywhere! We can count them under computers accessories, mobile accessories, Tv accessories, pc gaming accessories. It connects with various sources but usually, it connects devices such as tv, DVD, Pc, etc. AudioQuest 4K HDMI cable counts as one of the best HDMI cables.

Optical Cable

These cables are used in lighting and car accessories, even for car decoration accessories as well. Apart from it, cable television, computer networking and, so on. For this, AudioQuest
Cinnamon optical cable is what works best these.

Speaker Cable

Speaker cables are a source of connection between speakers and amplifiers. And when we talk about speaker cables, resistance is what you look at! And, for that Monster cable, speaker cables are what you should go for as it offers the best properties.

Subwoofer cable

Subwoofer cables are in use for audio interface in any media device that supports coaxial (S/PDIF). It basically increases the audio quality. Subwoofer cables can also be where RCA cable accessories get coated.


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Cables and accessories are really useful in fact, it is necessary for any device, be it a computer, mobile phone, desktop and so on. And it becomes quite rectifying to choose, but All Home Living provides you with the best of all brands that work with your devices real quick and fast.

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Customer Satisfaction is our Top Priority, we at All Home Living offer our visitors over thousands of products in a world-class ambience and the list is growing every day.
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