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Home Theater Packages

A Good sound makes your viewing and listening experience more engaging and lets you connect to whatever you want without being distracted. All you need is a high-fidelity home theater system packed with advanced engineering and intelligent technology to enjoy your favorite songs, music programs, movies, shows, sporting events, and gaming sessions.

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All Home Living provide India’s best collection of home theatre systems online in India. Shop for branded home theatre speaker system like Focal, Dali, Gallo Acoustics and more.

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5.1 Home Theater Packages Online at Best Price in India

For all the audiophiles, cinephiles, and home entertainment lovers, All Home Living offers a range of complete home theater packages. As one of India’s most dynamic stores, we have an exclusive collection of home theater systems from well-known international brands, namely Focal, Dali, Gallo Acoustics, and more.

You no longer need to struggle to find a home theater that suits your tastes and needs.

With All Home Living, you can easily choose whether to buy a new system or customize one. We help you find the right system according to your requirements, such as room size, personal preference, application, and budget.

Get the best 5.1 home theater system in India at a fair price with compelling offers, discounts, and convenient Shipping.

Let’s Take a Look at Our Best Selling Brands



Focal is one of the most famous brands and leading manufacturers of hi-fi audio equipment based in Saint-Étienne, France. It has been on the market for over 40 years now. The brands’ home theaters and other audio devices are manufactured in its factory in France with the help of innovative and advanced technology, experienced mechanics, professional engineers, and noble materials.

Apart from home theaters, you can also get loudspeakers, headphones, wireless speakers, audio monitors, soundbars, subwoofers, accessories and cables, AV processors, and amplifiers. These devices come in diverse designs, sizes, shapes, versatile functions, and exceptional aesthetics at a competitive price.

Focal: Packages Offered

Price Range: Focal’s home theaters can range from INR 1,00,000 to 9,50,0000

Customer Rating

Focal has received positive reviews and a five-star rating from audiophiles, experts, and professionals worldwide.

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Gallo Acoustics

Gallo Acoustics

Founded in Scotland, UK, Gallo Acoustics manufactures some of the world’s finest loudspeakers. With an experience of 20 years, it makes compact hi-fi spherical speakers with impeccable designs and high audio quality. The home theater packages are made using intelligent technologies and advanced engineering methods. The speakers give out the highest quality sound at an affordable price.

You can also get pendant speakers, weatherproof speakers, outdoor speakers, subwoofers, and accessories.

Gallo Acoustics: Packages Offered

Price Range: Gallo Acoustic’s home theaters can range from INR 1,00,000 to 7,00,0000

Customer Rating

Gallo Acoustics has received positive reviews and a five-star rating from audiophiles, experts, and professionals worldwide.

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Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries, also known as DALI, is one of the most renowned manufacturers and leading brands of premium quality loudspeakers. With over 38 years of experience, the brand has manufactured high- quality audio devices. It exports its products to more than 70 countries. The brand designed speaker drivers and passive filters with advanced technology to achieve precision through constant research and development.

DALI also pays close attention to the appearance of its products, in addition to their technical features.

Dali: Packages Offered

Price Range: Dali’s home theaters can range from INR 1,00,000 to 5,00,0000

Customer Rating

Dali has received positive reviews and a five-star rating from audiophiles, experts, and professionals worldwide.

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