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A Powered subwoofer (or sub) is a woofer, or a complete loudspeaker, which is dedicated to the reproduction of low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass. The typical frequency range for a subwoofer is about 20–200 Hz for consumer products, below 100 Hz for professional live sound, and below 80 Hz in THX-approved systems.

Subwoofers are intended to augment the low-frequency range of loudspeakers covering higher frequency bands. Shop online for subwoofers at All Home Living, a leading eCommerce store with a great collection of subwoofers at the best prices in India. Great deals, cashback, discount offers, and more.
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About Subwoofers

Basically, subwoofers act as a loudspeaker to optimise the low-frequency range and high bass. And a powered subwoofer is a complete loudspeaker package that you need for various accommodations. Various categories of subwoofers come in and, the list is like for, Powered subwoofers for home, powered subwoofers for cars, powered subwoofers Dj system and so on. And if you are looking for subwoofers for any category listed above. You can find all these in All Home Living. It offers the best cheap powered subwoofers in the best quality with the best brands and top powered subwoofers that you will love for sure.

Sometimes, when it comes to the technical aspect, it’s normal to get kind of confused. You get confused about which powered subwoofer to opt for. And, All Home Living is here for you to clarify your confusion regarding the same as it offers the top 10 powered subwoofers.

Dimensions Of Buying Subwoofers

It is important to know how to pick the right subwoofer to before buying it without any research or something. So, here is all you need to know;


When it comes to buying powered subwoofers, the first thing you should consider is the location, as in where it is to be placed, as according to the room size, subwoofers vary. And, also where to place in the room. The corner of the room will give more volume and frequency bass as compared to when you place it against the walls. Apart from that in the smaller room, a 100 watts sub would fit fine. But, for the larger rooms, you need a big size. So yes, it differs accordingly. One of the best subwoofers is JBL Stage A 100P subwoofer as it offers 1’’ aluminum dome tweeters with 8’ woofers with signature JBL bass. You can count this under one of the best-powered subwoofers for music and movies. Perfect for your living room home theatre!


Next comes purpose for what purpose are you buying as there are different types of powered subwoofers available, but it varies for usages. Like high power car subwoofer, powered subwoofers car, powered subwoofers DJ, for home theatres, powered subwoofers for home audio, and so on. So, for what purpose it is for is all you need to figure it out. Also, for home theatres, there are specific ways and categories. So, again where you need to place that and with what sizes and everything.

Features and Functions

Again, an essential point to keep in mind, the features and sort of functions a right-powered subwoofer should consist of. Features and functions include;

  • A good sound quality
  • Perfect bass and frequency range
  • High power and volume
  • EQ and Room Calibration


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Q: Are All Subwoofers Powered?


Powered Subwoofers have basically improved the sound of your system in a certain way, where you can experience far better sound and bass quality than normal speakers. And all living provides you with the top powered subwoofers that you can experience the best.

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