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Gulmohar Bloom Lighting by Arjun Rathi Design

By Farida Khanbhadur | Updated April 1, 2023
Gulmohar Bloom Lighting by Arjun Rathi Design

Arjun Rathi Design is a multi-disciplinary studio that specialize in both Architecture and Lighting Design. We recognize that many of us spend majority of our time in environments that are illuminated by artificial light. Arjun Rathi Design studio aims to interpret these spaces through the lens of lighting design, creating fixtures and installations . All these elements capture the imagination and inspire us. Working across the design spectrum, they collaborate with craftsmen to create unique, one-of-a-kind  pieces. Henceforth they also work with manufacturers to develop mass-produced objects. 

A banquet hall decorated with Gulmohar Lighting from Arjun Rathi

Designing with Arjun Rathi

Eventually their studio is not defined by a particular style, but rather by a commitment to question objects and consider their context and cultural associations. The studio takes care of each phase of the design process. They range from on-site visits and exploratory studies to design and technical drawings, through to final production and creating a specific atmosphere in the space. Depending on the commission, they design with a specific space in mind or work detaching from it. This will result in a product that you can use in various spaces. All of their final products and accessories are their own production in their factory, ensuring they are of the highest quality.

Blending of colours and pattern given to each Gulmohar flower

Details of Gulmohar Bloom

Arjun Rathi Design, a Mumbai-based studio renowned for merging art, design, and function to create unique light collections. They have introduced their latest series of lights, the Gulmohar Bloom. This series showcases the studio’s extraordinary talent and creative designs and has been installed in a vast 25,000 sq ft space called Almond, in the Pre-function area. 

The complete lighting fixture comprises of casted brass branches with over 200 hand-blown glass roundels. These take inspiration from the Indian Gulmohar Tree. The blending of colours, like vermillion, Gulmohar-yellow, and orange, is in harmony with the marble-finished glass globes. All these creates an aesthetically pleasing lighting chandelier. 

The botanical installation spans across 1300 square feet of ceiling area, with two diagonally incremental branch systems and coloured glass that reflects a mixture of colours on the ceiling.

 The  inspiration comes from leaves, flowers, and natural elements, with a branch-like fixture on the entire ceiling. The Gulmohar Bloom series showcases Arjun Rathi Design’s exceptional artistry and inventive forms, with an edgy, sophisticated, and fun play of colours and designs that make it a unique series.

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